Siemens ILE0001 Series Low Voltage AC Motor

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part namebrandmodelVoltageprotectioncooling
motorSiemens1LA81PQ8400V,690V,2.3KV,4.16KV,6KVIP55IC411 (1LA8,1LA4)
IC416 (1PQ8,1PQ4)

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Q:Car revs up when ac kicks on and now car is overheating?
I have 2004 Saturn Ion that when it runs idle and the AC is off it seems normal. However when I turn the AC on, and when I hear the AC motor/Compressor start up, the car revs up to about 1500 RPM and then comes back down. Any ideas on what it might be? ANSWER This is normal. The AC take a kick to get it going. The engine compensates for it by giving it a little more horse power. once running it does not take much to keep it going. Second issue started today. The car began to overheat, it almost got to the red gauge then came back down to middle as i was driving. When i got it home, I checked the engine, and the coolant reservoir is full, the oil is good because i recently changed the oil 3 days ago. I let it cool down and started it up again, and it started to climb again, but it did not get all the way to the top, it fluctuated between 3/4 and middle slowly. I noticed that the radiator fan did not kick on once, and i checked the top and bottom hoses running to the radiator. They were both hot. Any ideas? ANSWER All cars do this. It takes the car to heat up to the thermostat temp. before it opens. once opened the car temp comes down to about 175 - 190 degrees. But it does take about 200 - 210 degrees to open the thermostat. You just never noticed it before.
Q:What is a DC and AC induction motor used for?
AC induction motors are mostly higher power AC motors. DC motors cannot use induction. From about the half horsepower motors and up induction is the standard. Think in terms of air conditioners, pool pumps, and anything that makes your electric bill soar.
Q:speed of a six pole a.c motor?
Synchronous Speed of an AC Motor (Ns) = 120 x f / P where 120 is a constant, f the frequency and P the number of poles. In your case, Ns = (120 x 50)/6 = 1000 RPM Slip is the difference between synchronous speed and actual speed. So 6 % slip means (6 / 100) x 1000 = 60 RPM So actual speed is 1000 - 60 = 940 RPM Good luck
Q:My motor has been turning clockwise for decades, now sometime it turn anti-clockwise, WHY?
Electric motor? DC or AC? The direction of spin of an electric motor is determined by the polarity of the current used to drive it. In DC, if the motor is running off a circuit board and it is reversing spin the likely culprit is a burnt diode on the board. Otherwise a dead short in the motor. In an AC motor, 3 wires determine the direction of spin - 2 live wires and a neutral. Depending which wires are powered determines which way it spins. When weird stuff like this happens to equipment that has been running fine I always ask What changed recently
Q:Does a 1 HP motor draw more wattage than an AC one at the same EMF?
1 HP is 746 watts. It doesn't matter if it is a 120vac motor or a 240vac motor. A 120vac motor will draw 2x the current than a 240vac motor to develop the same HP. A 1 HP, 120v DC motor still draws 746 watts. But a DC motor can't run on AC power, nor can and AC motor run on DC power without some sort of inverter or converter. The matter of efficiency is something else. Some of that power used to develop 1 HP is lost to friction or heat.
Q:How can I control the speed of a small electric motor - hobby project?
Well its a small motor or else i would have recommened a motor-drive which gives you same amount of tourqe but less RPM. If you lower your voltage it will have less rpm but not as much torque only way to do this is to put a gear box in. or gears
Q:Are there Unordinary AC motors out there ?
Motors can be fitted with speed reducers to increase torque, but of course the speed goes down. Motors are motors; there is no such thing as an unordinary motor.
Q:Causes of insulation breakdown in AC motor voltage withstand test
For various reasons, the insulation parts are weak in AC motor, and the breakdown of the weak parts of the insulation in the withstand voltage test
Q:Tell me about AC Motor.............?
It depends what type of AC motor you have. There is one type called a universal motor which can be run on either AC or DC. You just have to get the voltage level right for whichever case. They have commutators and are commonly used in vacuum cleaners and electric drills.
Q:AC Fan Motor connection?
I know exactly the motor you have with the brown/black/ sure the shaft size /amp draw/ and rpm are a correct match or compatible..I will answer you/but you really need to get a tech out there(seriously)...if you have a four wire condensor motor...the two brown wires will go directly to its own run capacitor/don't rehook to the dual run capacitor in the unit/it will make life easier on you.all you have now is line voltage to hook up.look at the top of your contractor.there is no polarity on 230 single phase.take your yellow or white(motor power lead and go to one side(t-1) and then black will be opposite (t-2)...if you have a heat pump this will be fed off odf on the defrost Board. If its got a yellow and a orange small set of plugs they are your rotation plugs.also make sure you set your depth on your blade....and reomove moisture plug...good luck be careful.

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