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Q:Name two different types of ac motors?
(a) Synchronous Motors. 1. Plain 2. Super (b) Asynchronous Motors. 1. Induction Motors: (a) Squirrel Cage (b) Slip-Ring (external resistance). 2. Commutator Motors: (a) Series (b) Compensated (c) Shunt (d) Repulsion (e) Repulsion-start induction (f) Repulsion induction
Q:My AC has a problem will not come on replace compressor fan motor my phone with that has the white wire not ha?
1. What type of AC are you working on ?? 2. What's the model number of the AC ?? 3. Find out the above and search Google !!!
Q:What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous motor?
I really like teressa's answer - very long and complete. In short synchronous motor's run in lock step with the rotating magnetic field produced by the AC field winding. There may be a phase difference - lead or lag, however the frequency with which the rotor spins is locked to the frequency of the AC power. Asynchronous motors run at a frequency not locked to the AC power, either faster or slower depending on whether power is being generated or used.
Q:3phase AC Induction Motor derating or Upgrading the Insl class, according to ambient temperature rise?
by no potential typical this to be authentic. although, did you recognize what variety of motor? The automobiles own inner termperatures might want to exceed 40C and ambient might want to do not have any more something to do with motor operation. 40C is basically really is quite some circumstances a common temp contained in the summer season outdoors or in a cupboard. automobiles might want to no longer replace a lot in this manner of ambient. will be quite a few issues in my adventure: a million. issues have a tendency to develop as they warmth up...perchance binding of a few variety? 2. will be that the ambient from the elements affected the source frequency from the capacity plant replacing the motor speed? although no longer certain how. 3. Line voltages feeding the automobiles will be decrease simply by call for contained in the summer season months? Making the motor weaker and accordingly mutually slower even as operating at load? 4. perchance your persons has worked at in reality one position in his life and the a lot would get better because the temperature rose, causing the automobiles to decelerate? 5. it will be that the automobiles get better resistive with better temps, accordingly getting weaker and slowing down. yet having reported that, 104F(40C) isn't all that warm for an AC is a temperature in Arizona contained in the summer season. there are quite some approaches that a motor can perceptively decelerate throughout the time of severe ambient...yet they don't look to be designed or behave that way commonly. would want to seek for suggestion from consisting of your persons to get a better precise clarification. i think the burden is what differences. yet no...they ought to no longer decelerate.
Q:how to know the hp of an ac electric motor?
1 horsepower (hp) = 745.699872 Watts Therefore, 580 Watts = 0.777792812 hp.
Q:Outside AC Fan not turning - How to lubricating ac motor?
Even it is written permanent lubricated,the shaft bushes became dry.Also the dust accumulated in the shaft near to the bush or bearing of the motor increases the friction and makes heat the shaft and bushing will make the blower to stop after a period of working. So try to put one or two drops of any lubricating oil. Use a syringe to pump oil to the shaft near to the bushing. if the problem reduces add more oil in intervals of weeks so the wick around the bush will absorb more oil for future lubrication
Q:Im building a formula hybrid vehicle, and Im wondering what would be the difference from using AC and DC motor
Compared to DC motor controls, early AC motor controls were more complicated, larger, less reliable, less efficient, and more expensive. Early AC motor controls did not provide very high starting torque or stable and accurate control at low speeds. Compared to DC motors, AC motors are smaller, lighter, less complicated, more efficient, less expensive, more reliable, and easier to maintain. That has provided great incentive to develop better electronic controls for AC motors. With the introduction of integrated circuits, surface mount technology, microprocessors and high power isolated gate bipolar transistors, AC drives steadily overcame many of the advantages of DC drives. The development of flux vector control techniques has provided AC drives with performance capabilities equal to DC drives. AC drives now also provide equal or better efficiency and reliability. Since AC motors are much less expensive than DC motors the AC motor and controller packages are less expensive than the DC drive packages. AC drives now have all of the advantages except that DC packages may be smaller and less expensive in the smallest sizes such as for small appliances and portable tools. If you are working on an amateur project, what you should use will be determined by what you can understand and economically obtain.
Q:I want speed range from 800 rpm to 5000rpm ....for that i m using ac motor ...can you help me how to use it?
I think you would be better off using a dc motor. but not knowing what your trying to do (how much torque/ Hp or application ) , it is near impossible to suggest anything..
Q:how can i calculate the no load power and no load current of a ac/dc motor from nameplate data?
In my opinion if we want to calculate (repeat, to calculate) the no load current, etc than we should be able find out all the required parameters for the development of no-load equivalent circuit of AC motor or DC motors For instance in case of AC Induction motor I suppose ,we should be able to determine the following parameters to make the equivalent circuit.:- (a) Primary and Secondary resistances (b) Primary and Secondary leakage reactances (c) Magnetizing loss resistance and magnetizing equivalent impedance (d) No load slip and equivalent representative load resistance In case of DC motor , I suppose we should be able to determine the field resistance, armature resistance, back EMF at no load speed, No load magnetic and friction losses Even though some of them may not be very difficult , however it would not also be a very easy task to map all these parameters. After 4 days some general corrections in sentences
Q:Motor and control information for 1890 braiding mach.1/3 to1/2 hp .?
or if there are any manufacturing plants near you, someone might be ripping one out [or reducing spares inventory] and you could get it free.

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