Siemens Reducer Gear Motor

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Q:Replacement for AC condenser fan motor that gets noisy when wet.?
A condenser fan motor should not have a open frame. It should be a closed frame motor. To answer your question, yes you can relace the motor with a closed frame motor. Make certain the replacemsnt is the same frame size, rpm, horse power and rotation. You will also need a matching capacitor for the replacement motor. Before removing the fan blabe mark on the blade how far down it is located in the condensing unit. A fan blade which runs too deep will draw more amperage than the motor is rated for and it will also cause the head pressure to increase on the compressor
Q:Which standard rules the data that must be in a AC motor nameplate?
The USA standard (motors rated in horsepower) is NEMA MG1 International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 60034 covers motors rated in kilowatts.
Q:AC motor stator winding does not turn, why the back EMF?
According to the electromagnetic law, when the magnetic field changes, the nearby conductor will produce an induced electromotive force, which is in accordance with Faraday's law and Lenz's law, and the original voltage at the opposite end of the coil is reversed. This voltage is the back electromotive force.
Q:ac generator from ac motor?
AC motor sounds like the most logical choice to me..
Q:2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel AC fan motor runs loudly but very little air?
My Dodge Ram did the same thing remove the fan motor 3 screws passengers side under dash remove ele plug mine had foam inside it from the door that closes to divert the air. check and see if the door is broke or jammed with the motor out.
Q:Why does high-speed rail use AC traction motors in China?
I haven't seen anything special about high-speed rail, but it seems that the DC motor doesn't have such good performance. DC brush is very suitable for high power, brush aging is too fast, low efficiency. The essence of DC brushless or AC, is only square wave input, current, power and torque higher harmonic, electromagnetic environment is poor. Moreover, the most widely used brushless DC is still on the computer fan, high-speed rail is not enough power. For the moment, AC motor is the best characteristic. The result of superposition of three-phase sine wave current is a constant constant, without harmonic pollution.
Q:What advantage does an AC motor have over a DC motor?
AC induction motor don't require brushes and are extremely rugged. These motors operate at a RPM of 120* Frequency/ pole pairs minus the slip speed. An induction motor with one pole pair will operate just below 3600 RPM ( somewhere around 3400 RPM) at a line frequency of 60 hertz. The slip speed is usually about 150 RPM or so. It varies depended on how heavily loaded the motor is. DC motors require brushes and a commutator or some type of electronic control. This makes these motors more fragile. The speed is variable depending on load which may or may not be useful.
Q:What is RC Motor ? Is it AC or DC or Both ? What are its advantages & Disadvantages ? What are its application?
An RC motor is a d.c. motor used in radio controlled models.
Q:AC Direct Drive Motor question?
Q:The working principle of AC motor!
The single-phase AC motor has only one winding, and the rotor is squirrel cage. When a single-phase sinusoidal current through the stator windings, the motor generates an alternating magnetic field, the magnetic field strength and direction for sinusoidal variation with time, but the spatial position is fixed, so it is also called the magnetic field is alternating pulsating magnetic field. The alternating pulsating magnetic field can be divided into two with the same speed, the rotation direction of the rotating magnetic field are on the contrary, when the rotor is at rest, the two rotating magnetic field generating torque of two equal and opposite in the rotor, the synthetic torque is zero, so the motor rotation. When we use a force of the motor rotation to one direction (e.g., clockwise), the rotor and the clockwise rotation direction of the rotating magnetic field between the motion of cutting magnetic lines becomes smaller; the rotor and the counterclockwise rotation direction of the rotating magnetic field between the motion of cutting magnetic lines becomes large. Thus, the balance is broken, and the total electromagnetic torque generated by the rotor will no longer be zero, and the rotor will rotate in the direction of the push.

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