Siemens EX Series Motor

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Q:How is electrical energy generated in Dynamic Braking when using AC induction motors?
If the load were to make the motor operate above 100% speed, such as could occur when an electric locomotive is going down hill, the motor operation moves into the red part of the curve. As operation moves from the green part to the red part of the curve, the torque produced by the motor drops to zero and becomes negative.
Q:Are there Unordinary AC motors out there (PART2)?
My previous answer should have been: Mechanical Power (kilowatts) = Torque (newton-meters) X Speed (RPM) / 9549 or Mechanical Power (watts) = Torque (newton-meters) X Speed (RPM) / 9.549 Using the correct units/decimal location Power at peak torque = 55 X 500 / 9.549 = 2880 watts Torque at rated power = 735 X 9.549 / 500 = 14 N-m Torque for 1500 RPM connection = 2035 X 9.549 / 1500 = 12.95 N-m
Q:I want to run an AC motor submerged in hydraulic oil. What do I need to do?
Motors designed for this are sealed, you don't have to do anything. If not sealed and not brushless the brushes will get coated and the motor will not run.
Q:what is the advantage of DC servo motor over the AC one for robotic application?
Why do human beings use servo rather of DC motor?.. The precise answer is, it easily relies upon on the utility that the motor's controlling. as an occasion, you desire the robotic arm to flow at an actual attitude of 37degrees..than servo motor is the single. in case you in basic terms desire the robotic arm to easily rotate then use DC motor.. attitude controlling could be finished in 2 techniques, by capacity of utilising servo motor or stepper motor..yet regularly eople could choose for servo because it provide extra precise output. to comprehend how servo works is a few thing that isn't ordinary to describe right here at Y!A as a results of dilemma of area to write down, so, you are able to google PWM = Pulse Width Modulation..that provide you the final concept of ways servo works.. p:s/ if u desire extra explanation on servo, be at liberty to digital mail me.
Q:What is ac servo motor?
its a vacuum canister with a diaphragm inside it, the vehicles vacuum pulls the diaphragm back. usually the diaphragm is connected to something that moves, like a door in the heater or ac system or even an arm on a heater control valve or on the cruse control system that pulls the throttle back and holds it there. the old corvettes has this type system to open and close the headlights. other vehicles had the same type lights, mercury and olds. this system may be called something else in different areas.
Q:Is it true that only DC motors can be used as generators and not AC motors ? if so why ?
My guess is No. Both can be used to generate current. From my understanding generators produce electricity which can be used to run DC and AC motors. Once you have the running electric motor it would be a waste to use it to produce electricity. The motors are used to produce mechanical energy, which can do things like make a car move. I would guess that rpm affects the voltage. The current would increase as well with rpm but, it depends on the amount of load on the motor and if the load is varying. And frequency would increase as well since the rpm is a unit for frequency.
Q:how much does it cost to replace a ac blower motor?
I don't now all these prices but these sites always can help you with these questions :) US: UK:
Q:ac fan motor is not turning?
If it is just the fan, I would guess that the motor is seized. Turn the power off, and try spinning the fan blade. It should turn freely. If not, it is seized. Its possible, but not probable that the capacitor is faulty, because generally they are dual caps for both Fan/compressor. You can also check for a wire which might have burnt/broke of the contactor, or capacitor.
Q:How long do Signle AC phrase motors last?
A high quality should last 10s of thousands of hours.
Q:what is the size of the AC SR Conductor at 11 KV for 150 HP motors at ambient temparature of 45 deg C max?
150 HP motors has a full load current of 180 amperes at 460 Volts. This is 7 plus amperes at 11 kv. Cm = 1.732(22)8(3,000)(3.28)/.03*11000 Cir Mils =9984 You will need a 1/0 ACSR as supply conductor.

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