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Q:Why does the current in an AC Induction motor start to go up when the voltage is dropped off?
Because the induction motor is a constant power device. If the voltage goes down, the current goes up to maintain constant power.
Q:our central ac unit fan motor went out replaced it but now wont throw cold air give me any solution cuold be.?
Either your replacement fain is broken, you replaced it with the wrong fan or you hooked it up wrong.
Q:theory of operation of synchronous motors?
Q:speed of a six pole a.c motor?
n=120f/p =120(50)/6 =1000 slip speed=0.06(1000) = 60 Actual speed= 1000-60 =940 rpm
Q:Whenever I turn on the heat, I hear a whistling noise from time to time. Could the AC BLOWER MOTOR be bad?
If the motor is running (blower) and is quiet, it is not blower related. There could be a vacuum leak from a worn out switch.
Q:will an ac motor (air pump motor) generate electricity if turned manualy?
Probably not if its an ac induction motor as most are.
Q:AC Motor vs. DC Motor explanation?
This Site Might Help You. RE: AC Motor vs. DC Motor explanation? Can someone please explain to me the difference between an AC motor and a DC motor, but in a way that a non-technical person can understand? Not saying it has to be completely dumbed down - just want to have the light bulb go off. Thanks.
Q:AC blower motor?
It's more likely the blower motor it might be causing your resistor pack to over heat and ruin it to. the blower is under the hood I think with the resistor pack close by. If you got my first reply I'm sorry I miss read your vehicle and thought you had a Sierra pickup.
Q:How did the electric motor change the world?
When the electric motor Faraday invented is turned into a turbine; run by wind, water, steam, etc. it becomes a generator and produces alternating current. Thus his electrical motor design has a two-fold purpose. Many products have motors running on the same principle today - vacuum cleaners, power saws and so on - even heating and air conditioning units which force air through buildings and homes.
Q:AC motor - do they need constant frequency and voltage?
The Voltage and the Frequency are varied to adjust the speed. This method is incorporated in a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). If you want to run at a constant speed it is like any other motor. Variations in voltage, frequency and load cause speed variations, so a control system is required to compensate for these effects. In principle, a tachometer is used to measure actual speed, and the difference between this and the desired speed are used to adjust the speed, using a VFD.

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