Siemens ILE0001 Series Motor

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Q:Can you cycle a 480volt-AC motor On & Off 3,000 times a day and not destroy it?
It I got it right you are turning it on/off every 28.8 seconds which isn't very fast most motors should handle this.But What are you doing that requires this cycle rate?
Q:Do blenders use AC or DC motors?
Most blenders have brush-type motors that look like they could run on DC, but they can't; they run on AC only. Check the ratings on the bottom of the housing of any given blender to find out for certain. I would normally expect to see the words AC only there.
Q:In variable frequency drive why we control Dc why not directly control ac.?
An AC voltage is a series of pulses, not a continuous flow of current like DC. With 60Hz we have a positive and a negative pulse 60 times a second. If we want say 37 Hz output, we have to store the 60Hz pulses in capacitors and then use transistors to output pulses from that voltage store at the different rate. We do not have control of the 60 Hz power frequency because that is set at Hover dam etc for the entire nation and the power grid depends on it remaining synchronized with every other power plant.
Q:How can I slow down an AC motor and can it mount vertical?
It sounds like you need a 175 rpm motor, or there abouts. It is not practical to slow that motor that much, by supplying it with 6 hertz ac, or by cooling the motor. You need a gear motor or a pulley system; perhaps a worm gear. PWM = pulse width modulation is for DC motors. Neil
Q:How to measure the speed of a motor without using a speed sensor?
quite a lot depends on the motor in question. if you've even seen power company generators, they don't turn very fast, yet they generate millions of watts. your best bet is to get a brushed motor that has permanent magnets, and just test. induction motors won't work. motors with stators that are powered by the current, rather than permanent magnets won't work. and you'll need an ammeter that's appropriate to the current you're generating.
Q:Where is the ac motor and resister located in my 2001 Jeep Cher. Sport?
Check the fuses first.
Q:Is there normally a way to grease the bearings in the main motor on an AC?
LOL contactor?..women (shaking head). Sounds like this is your indoor blower motor. If its on the pulley you could grease in the center where it connects to the shaft. Other than that use wd40 like you did. If the bearings bad you're gonna have to get a new blower motor eventually. I say this because they don't sell the pulley/bearing seperate from the motor. Few hundred $ installed by ac tech. Only other thing it could be is where the motor mounts up. Could be vibrating. Wd40 would help or it may have vibrated loose over time needs to be tightened down. Sounds like the blower motor pulley from what you explained...
Q:1986 Buick Somerset AC Motor Stopped Working?
Blower resistor. It's not expensive.
Q:AC motor control chip
This motor is single-phase or three-phase, ah, second power, how big, these need to know.If it is a small single-phase or three-phase motor, AC motor can be controlled by solid-state relay or by small AC contactor control relay, if it is large, it is best to use the second scheme just said. It is so simple. What if there are special requirements that is another, I can talk.
Q:How do I convert an AC motor into a generator?
perhaps. It relies upon on the rotor. If the rotor is made up of permenant magnets, in simple terms rotating it is going to turn the motor right into a dynamo and create electric powered potential. in spite of if, many autos place self belief in electricity to create magnetic fields around the rotor, so there is going to must be some comments from the output back into the rotor circuit to generate the fields. in spite of if, this potential is going to be responcible for growing to be the output interior the 1st place. for this reason, this may well be an impossible layout, because of the fact it would be in reality a perpetual action gadget. The electricity imparting the rotor coils might must be enter from an independant circuit. perhaps linking a magnet pushed electric powered motor to the rotor of the coil pushed motor might artwork, in spite of if it would be surprisingly inefficient except the device grew to become into balanced precisely in terms of the potential flowing between the coil and the magnet based dynamo. yet another strategies-set may well be to apply image voltaic cells tocontinual the rotor coils. i've got not got any thought of ways effective this may well be, yet i've got self belief it is going to take particularly super sized cells tocontinual the rotor windings. of path one final element to concider is the fact dynamos and image voltaic cells generate direct contemporary. maximum coil pushed rotors function off alternating contemporary. The DC contemporary might must be switched over into AC contemporary at 60 cycles consistent with 2nd at a voltage adequate tocontinual the coils. DC to AC circuits are trouble-free to construct and if one may well be able to generate 60 cycles consistent with 2nd, the form of the coils on the rotor will shield the rest. 60 CPS (cycles/2nd) is a regular layout in means grids, and electric powered autos are designed around this familiar.

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