Siemens ILG Series Motor

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Q:What is the difference b/w stepper and ac motor?
Q:How does IGBT works in frequency inverter for ac motor control?
change motor to a 3 phase motor (very cheap) , buy an ac tech drive
Q:ao mith 1/2 hp ac motor need wiring help majorly?
Ao Smith Motors Wiring Diagram
Q:Can the speed of a 110volt motor , be changed without the use of a gear box?
Hi sorry but a lot more engineering is involved here the gearbox would not be the issue or slowing down the motor as a floor polisher has such a low powered motor. to bend metal requires a lot of torque especially cold and what sort of thickness is involved. hence why two things are usually done when bending metal a heat it up till it's cherry read hot makes it easier to shape and the second is done by hand as a blacksmith would do it. in industrial processes a hydraulic ram is used so it can control the amount of bend and increase in pressure can be done with a lager Ram. the reduction in motor speed with electric motors also tends to decrease the power in the torque of the motor. the most common method used with Ac motors is phase control which reduces speed and power and reduces power consumed as well.
Q:How to run an ac motor by an alarm clock?
You amplify the AC from the speaker drive. Rectify, low pass and threshold. This forms a trigger for a monostable, for example, which drives a power device such as a relay, IGBT, SCR/triac etc and switches the AC onto the load for a set duration. Or you could just use digital timer device, the type you plug into a wall socket and set up several running periods per day as required. Some have little pegs for you to set the start and stop times. The completely digital ones are even better. Or you could wake up and switch it on yourself.
Q:What makes an AC motor superior to a DC motor?
OD gave you a very good advantage disadvantage list as for hair dryer! HMMM! AC motors are 3600 RPM maximum, for sure it will last much longer than DC motor that can go 10 000 RPM or more but would not be able to deliver the air flow Anita
Q:How can i reduce the single phase AC motor 1440 rpm to 20 rpm speed? Which size gear arrangements are need?
* I presume that you do not want to procure standard Reduction gear box which are normally available in engineering market.Are available in various reduction ratios. * If you intend to built your own reduction gear box then I would suggest to use Worm and Worm gear. You will have to do calculation for determining dimensions, number of teeths, pitch of thread in worm etc Midhat Luqman
Q:What does permanent magnet brushless motor and brushless DC motor mean?
The permanent magnet synchronous motor rotor adopts permanent magnet, so that the rotor magnetic field in space distribution can be divided into sinusoidal and trapezoidal wave two kinds: one is sinusoidal waveform; the other is trapezoidal wave.
Q:Different types of electrical motors?
Q:How do you energize windings of an AC motor? (or generator)?
The 'windings' are the coils of insulated copper wire. They are only 'energized' during operation of the device (either as a motor, or as a generator). If the device is operating as a motor, a voltage difference across the wire pushes current through it. The flowing electric charge creates a magnetic field, which pushes on the permanent magnets, spinning the shaft. If the device is operating as a generator, the permanent magnets on the spinning shaft create a changing magnetic field which induces a voltage in the coils of wire. This voltage can then be utilized to run other devices.

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