Siemens High Low Voltage Motor 1PQ Series

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part namebrandmodelVoltageprotectioncooling
motorSiemens1LA81PQ8400V,690V,2.3KV,4.16KV,6KVIP55IC411 (1LA8,1LA4)
IC416 (1PQ8,1PQ4)

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Q:Likely source of AC motor trouble (diagnosis)?
There are many case for non operation of ac machine.This trouble shoot will help to find the answer 1.Find the air circulation holes block age 2.Find the carbon brush position and condition. The second point may be the Solution for your problem
That is not going to work. It sounds like an induction motor. The speed is controlled by the frequency of the supply. To get a speed less than 1/10 of normal, you would need to generate a frequency less than 5 Hz. If you did that, the efficiency of the motor would be horrible. Even if you managed with that, you would still have problems. Most A.C. single phase motors rated at more than a few tens of watts use a 'centrifugal switch' to disconnect the starting windings when the motor is running. It certainly would not operate at that speed. Your motor would cook. Sorry.
Q:Electric motor with 40HP and 500RPM?
AC motors in that HP range are usually available as three phase, at RPM's of 1200, 1800, 3600. 1800 RPM is standard speed, so that will be the cheapest. To get down to 500 RPM, you have several options: Reduce the speed using pulley ratios. This is the cheapest if your application will accept it. Use a bolt on gear reducer. This is the best and most popular solution if you only need one output speed. Both the solutions above give you the advantage of reducing the motor HP to around 15 HP since you are reducing the speed but tripling the torque to that of above 40 HP. At 15 HP, you can switch to single phase if you have too, but stick with 3 phase if you can because they are much more efficient motors. Other options which give you variable output speed are an AC motor speed control (very expensive), or switch to a DC motor and controller (very, very expensive, if they even make them that big.) Search Baldor, Emerson, Lincoln or Grainger for motors. See Emerson, Grove or Boston for gear reducers, pulleys. See Gates for belts.
Q:DC Motor Question?
DC motors use a permanent magnet, making the motor reversible, and the speed adjustable. AC motors use fixed windings, making the direction and speed fixed. The split rings provide a contact surface for the brushes, allow polarity reversal, and a low friction non corrosive wear surface.
Q:The direction of the flow in the pump with DC/AC motor?
If there is not any circulate out from the pump, then the impellers are only rotating the liquid around the impeller chamber. The artwork achieved is only to triumph over the resistance of the liquid led to via friction with the surfaces of the chamber. If the hole is open then the liquid might desire to go out the impeller chamber and new liquid will enter. The artwork the impeller now has to do is conquer the circulate resistance of the the entering and exiting liquid, which would be greater advantageous than the artwork interior the above, closed venture. that's genuine for the two centrifugal pumps and followers. so which you hear a vacuum air purifier's fan speed advance while the inlet is blocked.
Q:Why do electric motors have the copper coils spin rather than the magnets?
Will a spinning Neodymium Magnet induce a current in the copper coil which surrounds it? Yes, if the coil is oriented in such a way that it cuts the magnetic field lines. I am doing an experiment where i have a magnet inside of a copper coil which is connected to a voltage meter, and I am wondering if when the magnet is spun on its axis if it will induce a current in the coil. Does the axis on which it spins affect this or not? Yes, the axis is crucial. It is not really practical to set up a spin such that there is no current induced, but the orientation is important to get optimum results. Imagine that the Earth is a perfect magnet with north and south poles and perfectly aligned field lines, rotating as the Earth actually does. A coil of wire going around the equator would likely not have current induced, due to the fact that the coil would not be effectively cutting field lines. Making the earth rotate such that the poles went end over end would be an optimal orientation. Does the coil have to be bare wire or can it be insulated? It does not matter, but it helps to have lacquered wire and many loops of wire (instead of just one loop). The gauge of the wire does not really affect the result, but thinner wire is easier to loop multiple times in a small volume of space. I suppose that if you are generating high enough currents, the resistance in thinner wire and the heat generated may become a problem (generator windings usually breakdown because of overheating). Good luck!
Q:so servo motor is series wound or compound wound?
If you are using a DC motor, it will be shunt or compound, not series wound, because you have to have a fine control of the rpm. Any motor can be converted into a servo motor with a positioning control system. AC motors can also be used. Wound rotor induction motors are the best, because they allow good speed control. For low power applications, such as printers and disk drives, stepper motors are used, which allow very precise position control by counting steps. There is no general equation for a servo motor. Perhaps you are looking for the transfer function of a motor, which normally is first order, with a time constant proportional to the mechanical inertia. rpm(s) / power_in(s) = 1 / (1 + s T) s : Laplace operator T = inertia time constant Inductance time constants are usually neglected. .
Q:Why AC motor speed control system will replace DC motor speed regulation system?
At present has been put forward and the practical application of the PWM control scheme is more than a dozen kinds, about PWM control technology in the power of many famous international conferences, such as PESC, IECON, EPE annual meeting has formed a special. Especially the microprocessor used in PWM technology and the digital pattern, is constantly changing, from the initial pursuit of sinusoidal voltage waveform, sine to current waveforms, then to sinusoidal flux; from the optimal efficiency, minimum torque ripple, to eliminate noise, PWM control technology development has experienced a continuous innovation and the continuous improvement process. So far, new proposals have been put forward, which further proves that the research of this technology is in the ascendant.
Q:My wifes 1999 GMC Safari's AC blower motor runs but it seems the passageway is somehow not opening.?
There is a door that is controlled by either a vacuum line or a motor. (Likely a vacuum line) The line may have a leak or the valve is stuck. You have to take out the glove box and go in the big black box behind that to free the door. Look under the hood for a vacuum line chart and inspect for leaky hoses or missing lines.
Q:Why are DC motors more powerful than AC motors of the same power?
Because the motor armature circuit resistance and inductance are small, and the rotating body has certain mechanical inertia, so when the motor is switched on, starting the beginning of the armature speed and anti electromotive force of the corresponding small starting current, large. Up to 15~20 times the rated current. This current will disturb the power grid, the unit will be subjected to mechanical shocks, and the commutator will spark. Therefore, the direct closing start is only applicable to motors with power not greater than 4 kW (starting current is 6~8 times the rated current).

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