Siemens 1PQ Series AC Motor

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Q:what might be the sypmtoms if theres a problem with brusehs or/and slip rings of a DC motot and of an AC motor?
If you isolate your question only to the rings or brushes, you can narrow possible problems down to corroded/worn parts, overheated parts, or poorly installed parts. The symptoms will most likely be the motor not functioning at all, refusing to start itself but will run with a little helper push, noises from the end with the parts, or a completely locked up motor. The solution to the problem is most always replace the worn parts. In most cases ive seen tho, if the rings or brushes have worn naturally (without the help of careless operator), other parts are getting ready to go out (bearings, coils, and such). The symptoms can differ between the types of motors as well and always check the input power source and controller before you pull the motor apart.
Q:How much does 15kw power AC power consume per hour?
15kw power AC motor depends on the specific load rateIf the load rate is 100%, with the load of 15KW, 1 hours is 15kW.h, 15 degree electricity,If the load rate is 80%, with the load of 12KW, 1 hours is 12kW.h, 12 degree electricity,If there is no load, 20% to 30%, 1 hours is about 4kW.h, about 4 degrees of electricity,
Q:does a 3 phase ac electric motor used as a generator create 3 phase ac power?
Q:What is the difference between the excitation winding and armature winding of AC motor?
The motor defines the armature as the main power loop of the motor. You just have to think about the power of the stator circuit or the power of the rotor circuit. That big one is the armature". Power is voltage X current. Only synchronous generator and synchronous motor have excitation winding and armature winding. In general, AC induction motors do not have field windings. The asynchronous motor is divided into two major categories, squirrel cage and winding. The stator winding structure is the same. The squirrel cage rotor is a squirrel cage, and the winding rotor is a coil (which can be changed by an external device to change the rotor impedance). The so-called armature winding is the main power circuit of the motor". Rotor and stator coil which power is larger, which is "armature", needless to say, most of the stator coil is armature winding".
Q:Transfer function from AC motor?
Yes. When you switch the power on it takes a certain time for the motor to accelerate. The shaft inertia is an integration time constant, which levels off after a while, and becomes a first-order TF. The time constant of the winding can be disregarded, i.e., assumed small, relative to the inertia TC, but it also is a first-order TF, with an estimated TC of 0.1 sec. Then, there is a viscous friction TC, which can also be disregarded, unless some sort of braking is involved. Therefore, in short: rpm (s) / power-in (s) = 1 / 1 + s T s: Laplace operator T: shaft inertia time constant, in time units, = moment-of-inertia / nominal (nameplate) power The moment of inertia must include the motor shaft PLUS the inertia of the load driven by it. To determine the inertia, you´ll have to do a test, measuring the acceleration under a certain force. .
Q:What is An AC Motor In A Hair Dryer?
AC is alternating current, this means it runs on the power from your wall outlet.They all use ac motors, it's just such a standard thing most people wouldn't even mention it. It's like saying your car runs on a gas motor. True, but most of them do.
Q:AC Motor vs. DC Motor explanation?
Dc Vs Ac Motor
Q:98 acura tl heat/ac blower motor?
If, when it is running, it is not noisy; would infer the bearings may not be bad The three most likely culprits are 1. The brushes in the motor are nearly worn out.. 2. The contacts in the fan switch are getting dirty or worn. 3. The motor speed resistors are going bad. No. 2 is easier. If it is a mechanical switch, you might be able to take it apart, clean the contacts with fine grit wet dry sandpaper or steel wool, and reassemble it. If it is a sealed switch, you need to hunt a replacement. No. 3 would be indicated if you began to lose some of the fan speeds but not all of them. There is a circuit board or module that needs replaced. If the brushes are bad, the motor needs to come out. You maybe able to find a replacement brushes at a electric motor repair shop, but that's unlikely, you are probably back to a big dissembly and motor replacement.
Q:i want to replace a gas motor with an electric one?
It is more fuel efficient to just connect the gas engine running the generator to the wheels.
Q:Causes of insulation breakdown in AC motor voltage withstand test
In the withstand test, the test voltage is too high and exceeds the specified value.

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