Siemens EX Series Motor

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Q:The difference between DC motor and AC motor in electric stacker
Disadvantages of DC motor1. direct current motor manufacturing is more expensive2. carbon brush
Q:How do I wire a 5-wire AC motor?
The yellow cord it to run the fan in a/c mode, so it plug on the defrost board the place the a/c terminal is, the black one is nuetral so it plugs on the place the uncomplicated or nuetral is and the pink cord plugs on for heat mode. those terminal are on the defrost board. you need to of have a wiring diagram in the container, if no longer then you certainly ought to work out it on the area of the motor. in case you don't be conscious of what you're doing i propose you get somebody who does. you're messing with 240 volts which could drop you ineffective in a heartbeat. good success, and please be careful
Q:2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel AC fan motor runs loudly but very little air?
the bushings in the blower motor are worn out,and there's no repairing them ,just replace the whole motor on it,advance now has them that come with a life time warranty on them,it will eventually start blowing fuses and you,ll start smelling a burnt smell coming from the vents on it,good luck.
Q:How can you convert a AC motor to run on a DC power supply?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How can you convert a AC motor to run on a DC power supply? I am trying to figure out how to make an bench grinder that has an AC motor with a DC power supply with out buying an expensive inverter. This is for class project and we are on a budget.
Q:what is a high speed motor ?
that would be like a nascar engine, built for high RPMs and High Speeds that will hold together for a longer period of time. Usually runs on a mix of gas and alchol or a 150 octane racing gas. they are built with forged and hardned parts along with lighter parts. a dragster motor is a good example. the engine is built with special parts and uses special fuel so it will hold together at 12000 RPM.
Q:3000 rpm ac 3 phase motor is good or 1500 rpm, for same kilowatt please explain?
Kilowatt output = torque(N-m) X speed(RPM) / 9549 A 1500 RPM motor producing twice as much torque as a 3000 RPM motor produces the same output power.
Q:what will be the power consumption by a motor when run at full load and partial load?
Typical ac motors draw about half as many volt-amps and about 1/3 as many watts at light load. The voltage changes very little. Neil
Q:how do electric motors work on the ff. devices and machines?
effency of any machine , input output work.input energy
Q:what are the two types of motors that are for a single phase multi-speed applications?
1--- A shaded-pole motor is a type of AC single-phase induction motor and needs a triac speed control to give multi speeds 2----A synchronous electric motor is an AC motor distinguished by a rotor spinning with coils passing magnets at the same rate as the alternating current and resulting magnetic field which drives it.
Q:How many lube points are on a Leeson AC motor? Cat# g140471.00. How much lube grease is to be applied?
If its less than 10 or 20 horsepower you'll probably cause more problems trying to lube electric motors than you'll prevent. Unless its in a very hot location its likely you'll have an electrical problem with the motor before the beaings ever fail. I've seen motors where the seals had been blown by over lubing and the windings were full of grease. Motors with good sealed bearings don't need a lot of attention for lubrication anyway.

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