Siemens ILE0001 Series Motor

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Q:What about a single phase AC motor reversing?
Landlord is not the end of the motor cover installed, or change the end of the motor cover, or change the location of secondary winding joints, you can achieve the steering transform
Q:2000 Accord V6, changed motor mounts, AC not working now?
sure. regrettably you do, yet barely adequate to feed the belt through. carry the engine up and be careful the place you develop it up at. Can injury the oil pan. it is solid aluminum.
Q:Outside AC Fan not turning - How to lubricating ac motor?
Yep you need a new capacitor. unfortunatly who ever you hire will charge around $150 to change it, 80 just to look at it
Q:can you run a brushed ac motor on dc current?
Brushed AC motors are in fact serial DC motors. So, the answer is YES, you can. But you must do some maths not to overload it so it burns out. And (as in AC) it will not be a reversible motor! (i.e. if you reverse the poles, it will still rotate in the same sense).
Q:theory of operation of synchronous motors?
Q:I want to convert a car to electric. Which is better? AC motor or DC, and why?
Alternating Current. Direct Current has a history of being dangerous.
Q:how do ac motor cap work and how to size them?
The starting cap is sized to provide a phase shift to the start winding. Capacitance and voltage will depend on motor design, voltage, frequency, required starting torque, HP, and the design current of the start winding. You'll need to know alot more about your motor before doing the calculations. Your motor manufacturer has already done the work. Look 'em up. Don
Q:Central AC unit fan was humming and not spinning. Capacitor or fan motor or both?
If the humming has stopped then the motor has died. Either that or a fuse or relay on the control board has overloaded and blown. Best to get a tech in to check it out BEFORE more heat comes your way. Today we're expecting 99 degrees, but come Wednesday 104. Yikes. Sorry. (
Q:what are the applications of ac dynamic braking?
Do you mean vehicle braking? Not as good as DC dynamic braking, which for vehicles, means you can recover the energy and store it in a battery. AC, you have to dissipate it in a resistor or in the generator itself.
Q:What are the advantages of DC motor over AC motor???????
DC motors are also used where controlling speed and torque are important. Also the starter motor in a car runs off a (DC) battery and the DC motors that operate windows and seat positions in a car are small and powerful because they use compact powerful permanent magnets. The battery driven electric DC motors in many forklift trucks permit portable power (no power cables). Golf carts use portable DC batteries too.

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