• 300KG Flexible Lifting Robot Intelligent Handling Robots Material Handling Equipment System 1
  • 300KG Flexible Lifting Robot Intelligent Handling Robots Material Handling Equipment System 2
300KG Flexible Lifting Robot Intelligent Handling Robots Material Handling Equipment

300KG Flexible Lifting Robot Intelligent Handling Robots Material Handling Equipment

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1000 unit/month

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Easily automate intralogistics for narrow manufacturing spaces with cost-effective solution.
➢ Lifting module raises trolleys, pallets, shelves, and more.
➢ Secure autonomous navigation for safe and effective transport.
➢ Meets industry compliance standards.

300KG Flexible Lifting Robot Intelligent Handling Robots Material Handling Equipment

300KG Flexible Lifting Robot Intelligent Handling Robots Material Handling Equipment

300KG Flexible Lifting Robot Intelligent Handling

Full enclosure security enables real-time human-robot collaboration.

Custom audio and lighting for various scenarios with notifications.

Humane emergency stop design and safety bumpers ensure safety in urgent situations.

Concealed debugging panel improves quick troubleshooting convenience.

Stable center of gravity guarantees the safety of the goods during transportation.

Compact but Agile AMR

The L300 is a Autonomous Mobile Robot designed to improve internal transportation efficiency in the manufacturing industry. The agile body is equipped with a high capacity 30Ah battery,providing at least 8 hours of uninterrupted operation. This allows for production schedules to be met between shift changes, resulting in virtually uninterrupted production and increased productivity. With the L300, companies can move towards achieving Industry 4.0 and reap the benefits of advanced automation technology.

Flexible Deployment for Quick Start-up

With a highly integrated control system featuring proprietary functionality, the L300 is a top-of-the-line robot. It can achieve a high level of accuracy of ±10mm using only SLAM navigation and ±5mm when combining SLAM and QR navigation. The intelligent control system can also correct for small derailments, while the BMS battery control system enables real-time monitoring of the battery level and automatic charging when necessary. The L300 is a reliable and efficient solution for material handling in manufacturing.

Powerful Rotating Lifting Module

The L300 drive chassis remains the same size even with the integration of the rotary lifting module. The module can handle loads up to 300KG and is calibrated for optimal performance. The integrated control system features a lifting platform posture-follow function, enabling smooth turns and precise placement in tight spaces while maintaining carrier orientation and posture. The module also features a simple and reliable pin design to ensure load stability and prevent falls, as well as a rubber pad on the upper layer to reduce vibration and minimize material damage during handling.

300KG Flexible Lifting Robot Intelligent Handling Robots Material Handling Equipment

Q:The principle of material handling
The principle of the effectiveness of the handling operation: the cost of carrying the unit to determine the performance of the transport. Safety principle: provide proper means and equipment to enhance handling safety.
Q:The function of material handling
The logistics of mechanical products are very broad and the principle of improving the logistics system is: It enhances the operational training and safety of the handling personnel and increases the efficiency of labor.
Q:The development of material handling
The material handling equipment manufacturing industry provides various kinds of modern transportation equipment for the national economy, major construction projects and national defense security. Basic formed a comprehensive product range, good technical system and large enterprise groups, become an independent industry, machinery industry in the service of national economy in all walks of life, including for the second and the third industry provides a huge number, a great variety of products, can independently or with foreign cooperation for national key project to provide large lifting transportation machinery and complete sets of equipment system, and have a certain amount of exports. In 2011, there were 1,580 enterprises in the manufacturing industry of material handling equipment in China (RMB 20 million), and more than 400 000 employees. The industry realized sales revenue of 4723.47 billion yuan, with an industrial output value of 4712.23 billion yuan, with a total profit of 34.50 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of over 20%. With the expanding of the scale of production, improve degree of automation, material handling equipment manufacturing industry is more and more widely used in the process of modern production, function more and more big.
Q:What is the proof of working in mechanical design?
The spatial imagination is good (the drawing is stronger), the logical mind is better (the brain needs to be able to simulate some movement, find out the insufficient); To be able to eat bitterness, to work overtime is a must, don't try to be fat, no more than two or three years of accumulation, nothing will be done, you will not be able to learn to be active.
Q:The beneficial effect of material handling machinery
Material handling machinery is serving the production, its design and type selection should be subject to the needs of the production process, new material handling machinery but also often leads to the change and improvement of the manufacturing process. For example, the emergence of bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, formed the bucket wheel stacker reclaimer for heart, belt conveyor for blood vessels, the electronic computer is the nerve center of automation of large bulk material handling system, which changes the ports, mines and the layout of the power plant and so on of the bulk yard; It can simplify the structure of the factory and reduce the cost of construction.
Q:What are the requirements for the science of loading and unloading
Use material handling activities to improve control of production, inventory and order processing. Use the transport equipment to improve the production capacity. The cost of moving the unit to determine the performance of the transport. Provide appropriate means and equipment to enhance the handling safety.
Q:Material handling system in the factory
The machinery factory's internal logistics system involves the production plan, process flow, moving operation, warehouse management, information system and so on.
Q:What are the potential defects of the automated material handling system?
Stacker crane Automatic stacker crane is a machine, electrical integration of high-tech products, products mainly to the (box, bag, barrel), through a continuous mechanical action, according to certain order stack to the corresponding empty tray, to facilitate the batch product handling and transportation, so as to improve the efficiency of the production. According to the height of the entry, different stacker machine is divided into high and low stack.
Q:What is a forklift? Forklifts are special equipment
Project code: N2 See the general administration of quality inspection (aqsiq) for the announcement of the "special equipment catalogue" in 2014 Definition of special motor vehicle in field (factory) : Special motor vehicles, in the field (factory) is refers to besides the road traffic, agricultural vehicles in the plant, scenic spots, only used in certain area such as amusement places of special motor vehicles.
Q:What is the carrying equipment of the container cargo
Shockproof and vacuum packaging, equipment hoisting, lower layer, translation, adjustment level, container (container), import crane, forklift professional service.

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