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I want to replace a water pump for my friend. I can't find any books on this car. I'm not sure how to replace this pump. Looking at new water pumps there lookes like 10 bolts, but on my chevy truck there was only 4. I don't know if all holes take a bolt or not, or if I need to take something out before I take the water pump out.Anyone ever changed a water pump on this car? or know what book or website I can look at which will give me an idea.
I have done many of these water pumps. I would say if you dont know what you are doing, have your friend take it to a reputable repair facility to have the work done properly. The two websites I use you need to subscribe to but they are alldata and mitchell on demand, good luck.
TDH what units are present in the pump parameters?
Answer: TDH stands for single pole double suction horizontal chemical process pump, suitable for conveying clean or containing micro solid particles of ultra low temperature or high temperature liquid medium, is also particularly suitable for conveying strong corrosive medium. All facilities for horizontal installation are available.Mainly used:Petroleum smelting plant, petroleum conveying equipment and pump used in petroleum deep processing devicePump for coal chemical processPumps for water and desalination systemsPumps for fuel coal fired power generation equipmentSewage treatment and environmental protection pumpStructure characteristics:Pump in the horizontal opening, suction and discharge pipeline is located in the lower half of the pump body. The disassembly and replacement of the wearing parts and the replacement of the rotor parts can be performed without disassembly of the pipe.Double suction impeller, high efficiency, good cavitation performance, axial force is basically balanced.Rigid axle shaft and bearing, double end support, small deflection, small vibration, low noise, oil lubrication of rolling bearings with oil ring, constant level oiler automatic control level, and can get automatic compensation, radial thrust ball bearings back-to-back bear residual axial force.The sealing ring of the shell is provided with a stop and a step, and is arranged on the pump body and the pump cover, so that the assembly and disassembly are convenient.
1998 BMW 328i : to replace water pump, thermostat and gaskets, brake flush, fuel system cleaning with tune up,drive belt for 90k serivce; totally how much bucks?thx a lot !
You will be lucky if you pay only $500. Plan on a GRAND...
PROline Dishwasher has Broken down, after a detailed Examination of the appliance we have managed to conclude it is the Water Pump, I'm looking to find a new one to repair it myself but would like to know if any make one would fit, as Finding a PROline Water Pump has proven Great Difficulty, Any Knowledge of the matter would be greatly appreciated, Thank you
Before you replace the pump, make sure that the hose to the pump is not blocked with food. This is a common problem. You probably have to match pump for pump. Google the part on line, they will mail it to you. OR check the yellow pages for dishwasher parts, they will answer you questions, and usually tell you how to fix it if you buy the part from them.
How much solar energy would you need to generate and run a small water pump? Say one that is big enough to extract water from a bucket that is 1 ft wide x 2 ft deep? What size solar panel would you need to accomplish this?
The key is, as 96sentra says, where does the water have to go. We would need to know how high above bucket (minimum) water level will the other end of the hose be, and how fast (Liter or gallon per minute) shall the water flow. This determines the pump type, which in turn determines the solar panel size.
my heater in my 94 ford ranger went out about a month ago today i flushed the heater core and it worked for a while and started going out again after i was driving for 15 to 20 mins. the hose going into the heater core was warm but coming out wasnt. could it have gotten clogged again or could it be something else.
your right on the problem so to really figure it out take the hose off or lose enough to make a mess and see it flowing. Take it off at the water pump thats where it comes out at. the water pump pumps water into the radiator or up, not the other way around.
I intend to construct a DIY base camp shower and dish sprayer. I have been searching for an appropriate submersible water pump to plug into a small inverter to a 12-volt cigarette lighter power pack (car jump starter). I need to attach adapters for a hose with a shower head and think that approximately 1+ gallons of draw per minute is practical. I would possibly use a five to six-gallon reservoir, heating water on a car-camping propane stove. My biggest concern is amp draw. Maxi-Jet NJ-400 Submersible Utility Pump, $21, is a powerful aquarium pump with an adjustable flow up to 1.8 gpm.
Have been camping on daughters property in upper Michigan for a few years. No water (unless hauled in) no electric, and no gas. We use the shower bags that you fill and heat in the sun. We get two showers out of each 5 gallon bag. Sometimes the water is too hot to use. Check this out before you go spending money on something else.
1997 Caravelle 1900BR3.0L HO Volvo PentaSX Cobra OutdriveI have a small leak coming from my raw water pump, it is not a continuous stream just a drop every now and then. The best I can tell it is coming from between the shaft and water pump housing. Is there just a small o-ring there? How can this be fixed?We're going to the lake for Memorial Day Weekend. Will I be alright with the small drip for over the weekend? Then I'll fix it when I can get the parts.
Usual answer is to look for the flats of the gland on the shaft on tighten up with a spanner,as this will compress the packing a bit more. A small drip is not very bad but you are right to check.