AC-DC Inverter DC24V to AC110-220V

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1. Application

AC/DC inverter is designed for switching DC24V to AC110-220V. They can be usedoutdoors or on home appliance as emergency power. Usually, cord with AC powersocket and the DC power cord with DC battery. When the load connects to the DCpower cord with DC power, if the commercial power falls, the inverter will convert thebatttery voltage to AC voltage and go on supplying. When the commercial power restall,the inverter will switch to charge the battery by itself. When the battery is fully charged,it will stop automatically.

2. Feature
AC voltage available for AC 100V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V or 240V at request.Each unit contains two AC sockets available for two pin plugs.Automatic function change for inverter or batttery charge.Selective 4 AC voltage for each unit, such as when AC 110V, it will be available for AC110V, 120V, 130V and 140V.Different led indicator for function of inverter and charger.Each unit contain a AC cord for AC input voltage besides.Model ZUP-300 and ZUP-300A unit contains an extra power cord for DC battery.Products applicable for:
A. Personal computer.
B. Various video/audio equipment. (TV, casset, tape record, etc.)
C. Small motor equipment.
D. Various lighting equipment. Protection:
a. Protection for short circuit and polarity reverse of battery.
b. Overload fuse protection for charging current, input voltage and output voltage.

3. Specification

TypeDC VoltageCapacityCharging Current
ZUP-300VADC12V, 24Vmax.300Wmax.25A
ZUP-500VADC12V, 24Vmax.500Wmax.35A
ZUP-1000VADC12V, 24Vmax.1000Wmax.35A
ZUP-1500VADC12V, 24Vmax.1500Wmax.45A
ZUP-2000VADC12V, 24Vmax.2000Wmax.60A
ZUP-3000VADC24V, 48Vmax.3000Wmax.90A
ZUP-5000VADC24V, 48Vmax.5000Wmax.150A
Two outlets are incorporated for the simultaneous use of both the 110V and 220V outlets.The sockets are of a type that is capable of accepting two different types of plugsprongsand blades of two different forms.Built-in overload protection circuit and overdischarge protection circuit.

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Assuming 100% efficiency in the transformer: If the razor draws 0.15 amps at 110 volts, current on the 230-volt (primary) side of the transformer would be: 0.15(110/230) 0.072 amperes (72 milli-amperes).
Q:Do you know where I can find a transformer?
well if you use a step down transformer in reverse, it might work. most power blocks will have it, the big heavy cube things you plug into a wall then into some device. a 12 volt power supply should in theory have a 10:1 step down take that in reverse and you'll have 1:10 step up 6-12 volt output block transformer is what you should look for (assuming your wall power is 115-120 AC).
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Q:changing halogen light bulb contacts/transformer?
Pull a light from one that you know is working and try that, also if your not using sealed bulbs don't touch the lamp. It depends on the type transformer if that is your problem, turn off the power, remove it and order the replacement part
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