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will a brushless dc motor work underwater if you just varnished/sealed/coated the windings?
Underwater Dc Motor
what is the connection of single phase AC motor rew and fwd?
In AC single phase motors to reverse the direction of rotation of motor, you have to reverse the direction of the magnetic field. To reverse the direction of magnetic field interchange the winding wires.
Ok basicly the harddrive motor i have has 4 contacts... I attached 2 wires to the most likely contacts i thought would make it spin but all it does is spin for like 2-3 seconds then it stops?? How can i make the motor spin? INeed it for a project because of its high rpm.
There are several types of motors. Torque motor, induction motor, stepping motor… That one is a stepping motor. You will learn how it works here www.google.ca/search?hl=enq=how+... It’s a bit complicated, not for beginners. But if the PCB is still alive, it may still work. It needs +12V and +5V, and they don’t spin very fast in that application. I would suggest you go to an electronic store (surplus is best) or model shop like air plane or cars models, they have a variety or small DC motors, radio-shack… Much, much easier to get to operate. Hope this properly answers your question
what is induction motor?
An induction motor is a motor whose stator is fed by AC supply, and the rotor gets supply by mutual induction from stator. selectrical.blogspot.in/2014/02/working-principle-and-types-of.html
Can we test all the types of motors brushless, AC single phase, 3 phase, DC Motors, Servo motors etc with Megger ?thanks in advance
Only one type cannot.....the low voltage DC brushless motor like the cooling fan in computer. It has low voltage power converter module, Megger high voltage shall kill it. =======================================... Additional email reply to asker How to test motor with ohm-mter...... 3 phase motor -test all six leads between motor body, all show infinitive ohm. Use mega do the same test by setting it into 250v. Reading show 10M ohm or higher. Test resistance between two individual coils with mega, it should read 10M or higher. Use ohm-meter measure resistance of 3 coils, three reading show very close resistance. Compare the resistance from a good motor or from pass trouble shooting experience to determine it is a good motor. If one winding is much less resistance than other two or one winding is much higher than other two. This motor could be defective. If insulation test show under 1M ohm,its insulation is no more good,has electrical leaking. DC series motor: mega test between ground and leads, resistance test on both leads and compare the good motor reading. Rotate the rotor very slowly while doing resistance test,reading shall be change a bit (use analog type meter is better for this test). But resistance should not swing up and down very much. That tell how good is the brushes contact to rotor and what is the condition of several rotor coils. If at one position,resistance goes down into very small (zero) or jumps up very high. rotor needs clean or section of coil defective. Understand the construction of different type shall help you how to test it with simple ohm-meter.
How is the speed of an AC motor varied? How is the speed of a DC motor varied?
The most effective way to vary the speed of an AC motor is to change the frequency using a variable frequency drive (VFD). Speed is proportional to frequency. If the frequency is reduced below the normal frequency, the voltage must be reduced proportionally. If the optimum voltage is maintained as frequency is reduced, constant torque can be maintained to a very low speed. The frequency can be increased somewhat above the normal frequency at constant voltage with loss of torque to maintain constant power. The speed of a DC motor is varied by changing the armature voltage. Speed is proportional to armature voltage. If the field is maintained by a separate power supply or by using permanent magnets, constant torque can be maintained. Speed can also be controlled by changing the field current. Reducing the field increases the speed.
How Do I combine several AC fans, that I removed from old microwaves together to generate more electricity? can I simply wire the alike wires together? my other question is other than using a multimeter is there something I can purchase that will tell me how much voltage is currently being made, and lastly is it as simple as wiring an outlet into these fans to plug into?
I imagine your AC fans have inductive motors, that is, the windings in the stationary part of the motor induce a voltage in the rotating part to give it it a magnetic field to push against and cause the rotation. You cannot use these motors as generators as is, you can rotate them all day long and they will not produce voltage. If you did have motors that could be turned into generators, you would need a voltage controller to make sure the output voltage stayed at the voltage of what you plug into, otherwise, you will have motors! Even big power company generators have protection to prevent this called anti-motoring circuits.
Just replaced the outside condenser units fan motor and it turns the opposite direction than the old one. Wires are correct. Switched the leads on the running capacitor and it didn't help. Any suggestions??
Reverse the start windings on the motor. #5 #8.