Multi-Speed Motors With YS Three Series

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Product Description:

Product Specifications:
YD series multi-speed motors
IEC Standard
Cooling method IC411, protection class IP55, F class insulation, Class B temperature rise.
Efficiency rating: IE1 (Eff2).
Frame size: 80mm to 315mm.
Poles Optional: 2 / 4p, 4 / 8p, 4 / 6p, 6 / 8p
Rated power: 0.55kw ~ 160kw, S1 duty.
Rated voltage: 220 / 380V, 380 / 660V, 230 / 400V, 400 / 690V.
Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz.
Ambient temperature: -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
Bearing Brand: SKF / C & U
Wiring: 0.55-3kw use star connection 4-160kw use delta connection

Other Optional Specifications:
1. Heat protection: windings and / or bearings installed PTC, PT100.
2. with tropical moisture.
3. Drive: may need to use roller bearings, angular contact bearings, insulated bearings.
4. Special Paint: provide the corresponding special paint process for the high humidity, high temperature and highly corrosive environments.
6. junction box: from the drive end direction, can be installed on motor top, left and right.
7. cable gland material can be used: plastic, metal.

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Q:What is the difference between explosion-proof motor and ordinary motor
Both sides (1) the motor end cover bolts grooves dark and slot 5 times deeper than the ordinary motor (still need to add asbestos washer as required), mainly for internal winding burned one thousand, gap with the spark will not up to the outside. (2) of the motor terminal box added gasket sealing with excellent structure, internal pinout of windings is sealed lead to the terminal, and in order to reduce the generated sparks link only commonly lead to three points (normal is six, connection piece). (3) terminal block access of the external power source, is to extend the ten centimetres, movable connection, both ends with airtight fire tube thread interface, can join explosion-proof motor reliably threading pipe, so that the motor and the input power cord meet all closed fire prevention requirements
Q:Is there any difference between motor and motor? A positive answer
Electric motors include motors and generators. The general term for generators and motors is that they are conceptually different. However, certain motors, such as synchronous motors, are generally more used as generators, but can also be used directly as motors. Asynchronous motors are more used for motors, but by adding simple peripheral components, they can also be used as generators.
Q:Speed regulating motor is not adjusted
The governor has changed a new one, but the motor is still turning! This is basic rule out the problem of speed governor, the problem may be broken in speed resistance speed governor is set to zero, maximum resistance should be in, or associated feedback signal input lines (including feedback coil winding) local open circuit or short circuit. This self should have a multimeter check.
Q:The difference between the frequency converter and the ordinary motor
Electromagnetic design 'for common asynchronous motors, the main considerations in redesigning are overload capacity, startup performance, efficiency, and power factor. And frequency conversion motor, because of the critical slip inverse ratio at power frequency, you can directly start when critical slip is close to 1, therefore, overload capacity and startup performance is not need to think too much, and to solve the key problem is how to improve the ability to adapt the motor of the non sine wave power. Here's how it works: Minimize stator and rotor resistance as much as possible. Reducing the stator resistance can reduce the copper consumption of the base wave to compensate for the increase in the copper consumption caused by higher harmonic waves." In order to suppress the high harmonics in the current, the inductance of the motor is needed. However, the main effect of the rotor slot leakage resistance is large, and the high frequency harmonic copper consumption increases. Therefore, the size of the leakage resistance of the motor should be adjusted to the rationality of the impedance matching within the entire speed limit. ; 3) the main magnetic circuit of frequency conversion motor generally designed to unsaturated state, one is to consider will deepen higher harmonic magnetic circuit saturation, 2 it is to consider at low frequency, in order to improve the output torque and appropriate to increase the output voltage of inverter.
Q:What's the difference between an excited motor and an ordinary motor?
The motor is a magnetic field that is generated by the ac input motor stator coil, which drives the rotor rotation, so don't confuse the two.
Q:What is the main difference between the step motor and the ordinary motor?
Stepper motor is relatively better control of the motor rotating an Angle, and often only ordinary motor speed control, but it doesn't like stepping motor can be according to your requirements and a relative distance.
Q:What is induction motor? What is the difference between ordinary motors?
He doesn't say two to: no matter what motor (motor generator... servo. Linear motor) are all electromagnetic induction principle. Called induction motor. Ordinary asynchronous motor of motor is usually used. Is the squirrel cage.
Q:Who is more powerful than the average motor and servo?
Electric power of the same motor, motor torque size is different, some torque, torque smaller. See motor iron core material permeability, high permeability of high efficiency, large torque. Servo motor iron core is rare earth materials, ordinary motor iron core is silicon steel material.
Q:Does the frequency conversion machine speak louder than the ordinary motor?
This is not necessarily, the power of the motor size, also related to the noise of the motor itself, but in the case of the same parameters, the inverter will make voice be larger than ordinary motor, because through the inverter output waveform directly contains a large number of higher harmonic,
Q:What is the difference between the brake step motor and the step motor?
Stepping motor and servo motor with brake and not with two kinds of brakes, belt brake is a brake on stepper motor, motor sports when it relaxed, it lock motor does not move. The aim is to improve the control accuracy and safety factor for some of the more inertial motion.

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