Three Phase Rotor and Stator AC Motor in Shanghai

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Product Description:

Model: YE3 80 ~ 355

Installation: B3, B5, B35, V1
frame  Type: totally enclosed fan cooled
Structure: Three-phase asynchronous motors

pressors, conveyor belts and other general-purpose machinery and equipment

YE3 series of ultra-efficient motors
IEC Standard
Cooling method IC411, protection class IP55, F class insulation, Class B temperature rise.
Efficiency rating: IE3, efficient detection method based IEC60034-2-1, 2007 execution.
Australia AS / NZS 1359.5: 2004, HEFF-B, Test Method B
NEMA ultra-efficient level

Frame size: 80mm to 355mm. 

2, 4, 6-pole optional
Rated power: 0.75kw ~ 315kw, S1 duty.
Rated voltage: 220 / 380V, 380 / 660V, 230 / 400V, 400 / 690V.
Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz.
Ambient temperature: -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
Bearing Brand: SKF / C & U
Wiring: 0.75-3kw use star connection, 4-315kw use delta connection

Other Optional Specifications: 

1 Heat protection: windings and / or bearings installed PTC, PT100.
2 with tropical moisture.
3 Drive: may need to use roller bearings, angular contact bearings, insulated bearings.
4 Special Paint: provide the corresponding special paint process for the high humidity, high temperature and highly corrosive environments.
5 junction box: from the drive end direction, can be installed on motor top, left and right.

6 cable gland material can be used: plastic, metal. May provide extended the lead.
7 optional protection class: IP65.
8 Enhanced Power Factor: 1.0, 1.15, 1.25.
9 closed fanless cooling solution since: IC410.
10. H-class insulation and high temperature environments.

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Q:The difference between high voltage motor and general motors
The motor of a sliding bearing is not allowed to reverse, but can be reversed in a short time. The reversal brings a lot of problems, but the wind path is one of them, but not all of it. Sliding bearing of the bearing should be oil wedge, it is be from bearing lubricating oil entrance into bearing shell structure, if the reversal of the oil wedge also does not work, it is possible to process (estimate for such a big motor shall be equipped with bearing shell temperature measuring point, normal temperature is high?) It is. So let's make it positive. Only the blades can't solve the problem completely. Consider the following options: 1. Please modify the motor (axle, wind, etc.). Install the motor on the other side of the fan. Add a 1:1 gearbox and change the turn
Q:What is the difference between ordinary motor, step motor and servo?
Servo motor, construction is similar to synchronous motor! But the drive circuit is the feedback automatic correction digital servo control! High precision! High precision instrument and automatic control machine! Digital pulse drive!
Q:Are motors and motors a concept?
Motor is a general designation, because there are generators, motors, and dc motor, dc generator, etc., so the motor is a general designation, and the motor is not a concept.
Q:The difference between the frequency converter and the ordinary motor
There is no difference between the motor and the motor of the converter is the three-phase asynchronous motor. However, the speed of the machine can be adjusted to achieve energy saving and constant pressure.
Q:What is the difference between a carbon brush motor and a regular motor. Which machine is better
Normal asynchronous motor is good, the line will run normally, the carbon brush of the carbon brush will wear out frequently, very troublesome.
Q:What is the electric motor in the car seat?
The simple point is the signal line, and the seat motor is usually the synchronous motor.The two power lines are the control motors, and those three are the controllers that control the rotation and inversion of the motors
Q:Who is more powerful than the average motor and servo?
Electric power of the same motor, motor torque size is different, some torque, torque smaller. See motor iron core material permeability, high permeability of high efficiency, large torque. Servo motor iron core is rare earth materials, ordinary motor iron core is silicon steel material.
Q:How does a three-phase machine measure the electric charge
It is not accurate to calculate simply because you are not considering the load rate of the motor, and the load rate of the pump is less than 75%. The most accurate method is to install the meter.
Q:My electric car rides on the motor and doesn't turn
I thought the controller broke a new motor and didn't turn????????? It's strange that the controller has broken a new motor. Are you in the water?
Q:What is the difference between a general motor and a high-speed motor?
The bearing of high speed motor is wear-resisting, so some high-speed motor USES liquid bearing or air bearing, so that the rotor does not have direct contact with the stator.

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