355KW YE2 three-phase ASYNCHRONOUS AC motor for induction

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Packaging Details:   Carton/ Wooden box or according to customer's requirement

Delivery Detail:        Within 30 days after30% deposit

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  5. motor with ISO9002-2000, CCC


Brand Name            OEM

Model Number         YE2

Type                          Induction Motor

Frequency              50Hz

Output Power             2.2kw

Phase                     Three-phase

Certification     CCC, ISO9002

AC Voltage       230 to 720V

Efficiency             IE2, IE1

Frame                 Cast Iron

Poles                      2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Ambient temperature     -15° to +40°c

Altitude                      1000 Meters

Duty                            Continuous(S1)

Insulation Class        Class F

Protection Class       IP55

Cooling Method       IC 411

Temperature   3*PTC or 3*Bimetal in Winding

Vibration                           A

Price                                    USD or EUR,RMB

Minimum Order Quantity         10 Pieces

Packaging Details    Carton/ Wooden box or according to customer's requirement

Delivery Time  Within 30 days after30% deposit

Payment Terms        L/C,T/T,West Union

Supply Ability                     10,000 Piece/Pieces per Month


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Q:The difference between the permanent magnet motor and the permanent magnet synchronous motor
Motor is generally referred to as the motor and generator, because the word generator is only a few professionals involved, so people say that the motor is the motor, the electrical energy into mechanical energy. Permanent magnet motor has dc motor and permanent magnet ac synchronous motor.
Q:What does ac motor have to do with a carbon brush
Ac motor carbon brush: carbon brush can be used in dc motor or ac motor commutator or slip rings as export import current sliding contact, its conductive, thermal conductivity and good lubrication performance, and has certain mechanical strength and commutation spark instincts. Almost all electric motors use a carbon brush, which is an important component of an electric machine.
Q:Single phase single capacitance ac motor three wires wrong
The single phase motor is divided by the main winding and the starting winding, and the wrong turn can also be turned, but the electric opportunity quickly overheat and damage, the proposal to seek a professional to show you.
Q:Why should ac motors be used in parallel with capacitors
It is. The motor will not work. In order to be able to in the case of single phase can also produce a rotating magnetic field, the designers in multiple access a coil at the same time, through a capacitor on the coil, leading to join this coil phase voltage phase shift. So it's going to be a single phase in the outside and it's already going to be a double phase. The two phases produce a rotating magnetic field. The principle of connection is illustrated
Q:What is the general ac motor in electrical design?
Such as cooling fan, slurry pump and circulating pump units have special requirements, usually with a soft start and frequency converter (larger use 660 v, slightly smaller use 380 v) to control.
Q:Ac servo motor can be divided into synchronous ac servo motor and induction ac servo motor
Synchronous ac servo motor is more complicated than induction motor, but it is simpler than dc motor. Its stator and induction motor have a symmetrical three-phase winding on the stator. The rotor is different, and the different rotor structure is divided into two types: electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic. The non-electromagnetic type is divided into hysteresis, permanent magnet and reactive type. The magnetic hysteresis and reactive synchronous motor are inefficient, low power factor and small manufacturing capacity. The permanent magnet synchronous motor is used in nc machine tool. Compared with the electromagnetic type, the permanent magnet is simple, reliable and efficient. The disadvantages are large volume and poor launch features. But the permanent magnet synchronous motor with high remanence, high coercive force of rare earth magnets, than about 1/2, small dc electric dimension quality reduce 60 ﹪, rotor inertia reduced to 1/5 of the dc motor. Compared with asynchronous motors, the efficiency is high because of the use of permanent magnet excitation, which eliminates excitation loss and related stray loss
Q:Current ac motor has completely replaced dc motor
Ac permanent magnet synchronous speed adjustment is achieved by changing the frequency, requiring the frequency converter. Dc motors do not need other equipment to help speed the adjustment, but their own structure is complex and manufacturing costs are high. Before large power controllable thyristor is used in large quantities, dc motor is used for most speed adjustment.
Q:Why does a single motor have a series of capacitors
In a three-phase current, the current in each phase of the phase is in itself a phase difference. The capacitor induction motor has two winding, namely the starting winding and the running winding. The two windings vary by 90 degrees in space. String on the startup winding capacity of a large capacitor, when running and start the windings by single alternating current (ac), because of capacitor in the startup winding current on time than the running winding current advance Angle of 90 degrees, to reach the maximum value. In time and space form two of the same pulse magnetic field, make the air gap between the stator and the rotor produces a rotating magnetic field, under the effect of rotating magnetic field, the induced current in the motor rotor, current and rotating magnetic field interact to produce electromagnetic torque, motor rotation. This is why uniphase motors are connected to capacitors.
Q:There is a difference between ac frequency conversion and dc frequency conversion
To compare the differences, you must first understand the structure of the two. In order to realize the dc motor speed regulation, there are several ways: (1) in the winding internal series resistance, the method of reducing I increases the loss of the drag system, the mechanical performance is "soft", and now it is not necessary. (2) regulating the armature winding voltage U, which is by far the best method of regulating speed, has the following characteristics: A) the mechanical properties of the speed adjustment are constant, and the speed landing only changes with the armature voltage. B) to achieve stepless speed adjustment, zero speed adjustment C) because the main flux is constant, the motor rated current is constant, so the speed control process has a "constant torque" characteristic.
Q:How does ac motor winding be classified?
The 220-volt single-phase machine has no main winding and the starting winding. It is composed of two equal number of turns set of winding, it will be one end of the two windings and leads to a public side, both ends of the rest of the lead after receiving the ends of the capacitor. When the power is delivered to the end of the capacitor and the utility motor spins. To change the switch of the motor, you simply switch the power cord from one end of the capacitor to the other end of the capacitor. So, how do you know that this is a common thread? Method is: will the location of the multimeter to move it to the ohm file, measuring three end resistance, when one end of the multimeter (set it to black pens and) and other basic equal on both ends of the measured value, the black pens and the end is the public side, the rest of the two end is the end of the capacitor.

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