TECO High Low Voltage AC Motor

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Q:AC runs but doesn't blow air and I was told the motor needs replaced, is this true?
What do you mean runs? Change the filter, and take a look at the air handler. If the fan runs but the squirrel cage isn't grabbing air and pushing it,you may need to replace the fan capsule. The hub may have failed and is no longer mounted to the fan shaft. It also could have a fan capacitor problem. If the cap failed a certain way the fan will run backwards. If that is the case then yeah, you will not keel any air being pushed..
Q:Is the 380V single-phase AC motor the same as that of the 220V AC motor?
The single-phase motor has two windings, that is, the starting winding and the running winding. The two windings are 90 degrees apart in space. On a starting winding connected in series with a large capacity capacitor, when running and starting winding winding by single-phase alternating current, because the capacitor make the starting current in the winding in time than the current running winding advance angle of 90 degrees, the first to reach the maximum.
Q:How do I wire an AC reversible motor?
You have not given enough firm info to give a safe answer. There are a number of motor configurations that are produced and bad advice is worse than no advice. Maybe you could call the manufacturer and get some details about that set. Please be careful. Maybe just replace the controller. Or maybe turn the motor shaft by hand for now with the power disconnected.
Q:Using AC microwave fans to generate energy?
h r is appropriate,, that little fan will pull in warm exterior air or basically pass the room air!! leaving your AC on will guard a temperature which you would be able to fairly alter once you come back.. i.e. set the thermastat at seventy six stages then the AC won't would desire to paintings so perplexing to get the temperature right down to a cushty point returned!! letting a house get actual warm then making use of the AC will fee greater effective than preserving it!!!! the little followers in the AC are actually not I REPEAT not comparable to working a prevalent fan!!
Q:The difference between a direct current motor and an alternating current motor
The principle of AC motor is complex, but the structure is relatively simple, and it is easier to maintain than the direct current motor. The direct current motor introduces the current into the rotor armature through the brush and commutator, so that the rotor is forced in the stator magnetic field to rotate. AC motor (AC asynchronous motor to commonly used as an example) is the alternating current into the stator winding, resulting in a rotating magnetic field in stator and rotor air gap, rotating magnetic field induced current in the rotor winding, the rotor stress in the stator magnetic field generated in the rotation. DC motor speed control is simple, but the use of limited occasions. AC motor speed control is relatively complicated, but it is widely used due to the use of AC power supply.
Q:Running a 240v AC motor from the mains?
In the US you have 115 volts, the 240 v motor will run but will not have it's full power at the shaft. When a load is connected up to the rated load it will overload the motor and it will burn out.
Q:Why does AC wall fan slow down when voltage drops?
AC motors as the name implies is run using AC/alternating current.. this is best represented by a sinusoidal graph with time in the horizontal axis and voltage or current in the vertical axis.. motors uses the current to produce power which drives whatever it is that's attached to the motor.. power is directly proportional to either voltage or current.. because of this, low voltage/current produces low power and vice versa.. this is the reason why your fan slows down when voltage drops..
Q:do conveyors use induction ac motors?
Yes, with variable frequency drives (VFD) there is a higher level of control of speed, acceleration and torque, so they can be used as well as any motor.
Q:Bicycle with electric lawnmower motor?
Most ac motors will not run on DC. You could borrow some extension cords from the neighbors and hopefully make it to the end of the block.
Q:How heavy is a 20 amp motor and what is it rated at in horsepower?
For typical 115 volt single phase AC motors, a 1 Hp motor would require 16 amps and a 1-1/2 Hp motor would require 20 amps. A 230 volt 3 Hp motor would typically require 17 amps. With a simple ventilated, rolled steel housing, a 1 Hp motor would weigh about 40 pounds and a 1-1/2 Hp motor would weigh about 45 pounds. Cast iron motors and motors that run at 1200 RPM or less would be heavier.

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