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Brand Name:TECOModel Number:HXR 400 SeriesType:Squirre Cage Motor
Frequency:50.2 HzOutput Power:350 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:how to turn an AC motor by using a microcontroller?
I'd first put an opto-isolator between the output of your controller and the relay. You can probably find an opto-isolator / relay combination that will work with just one relay, or you might need two relays. Opto-22 makes output relay modules that might suit your need.
Q:4.5amp ac motor-120volt-60hz:how much of rpm produced?
Dear, Thank you, am also fine like you then dear please for your remind the winding will get burn only when exceeding prescribed current so you can get double the rpm when you use in 240 instead of specified 120 only when current limited drive for this application.
Q:Will a large AC motor work with a car battery and DC to AC adapter? (Electric Go-Kart)?
depends on the size(wattage output) of your inverter. you'd be better of staying DC
Q:Blower motor in Home AC unit grinds to a halt.?
You could try oiling it. The HVAC industry uses Zoomspout oil for motors. Zoomspout oil is a high temp resistant non flamable oil that is specially formulated for sleeve bearing type motors. Buy it at any Ace hardware for $2. You can easily purchase a motor at any HVAC or appliance parts store. It is better to buy a motor based on amp draw than HP rating. Most parts stores will be glad to assist you in getting the rotation right, etc. The typical 1/3rd hp motor will run around $100 bucks. A good product to have is rust buster. A little on the screws will really help out.
Q:Can cat hair burn an AC Motor in a home?
it might be possible the HVAC engineer is having trouble diagnosting the actual trouble and he may be stalling and working to find the actual cause - he can't tell you directly that he doesnt know what's happening - because you may not hire him again. so the tricks. if the lights are dimming - it means AC is drawing too much current at start - For example, 3KW AC should draw appx 27 amps(@ 110 volt). Cat hair in the filter shouldnot make the motor to overdraw current. if that was the problem - half of the American and Australian A.Cs should have the same problem. Sometimes motors/compressors/starting capacitor develop snag - perhaps you should try consulting someone else.
Q:What kinds of AC motors are divided into?
The AC motor can be divided into squirrel cage AC asynchronous motor and winding AC asynchronous motor according to the rotor difference
Q:what is dc injection braking for ac motors and how does it work ? can i replace ac drives braking ?
I have seen some in Elevators Main Motor controller DC Braking features when the Power contact or drop out , Dc will be applied thro a Timed contact or to the stator Winding with spl circuitry with protection.( braking supply will be Injected for a fraction of sec.) other one i have seen in soft start controller ( thyristor controlled power adjuster DC will be injected thro Spl circuitry for Stopping the Drive motor) Try ur best ,Best of luck
Q:What's the purpose of thyristor stack on ac motors?
To control motor speed.
Q:Split phase or Capacitor start motor at variable speeds?
most of these motors have a start winding that is disconnected by a centrifugal switch near operating speed. If the desired speed is less than the speed needed to keep the switch open the start winding would then be reconnected and soon burn out. The starting capacitor would most likley burn out first. Shaded pole motors can have multi speeds by varying voltage but are limited to smaller outputs like fans ...The shaded pole motor has many positive features, but it also has several disadvantages. Its low starting torque is typically 25 to 75% of full load torque. It is a high slip motor with running speed 7 to 10% below synchronous speed. Also, it is very inefficient, usually below 20%... at second link Depending on application it may be possible to use a variable speed pully such as the one at the 3rd link (tb woods)
Q:what is id and iq in electric motor terms?
In AC motors, say induction motor, the stator field is rotating at synchronous speed, and induces rotating currents in the rotor, at a little less than synchronous speed. To study these currents one needs to know how the magnitude varies as well as the angle with respect to some reference. Because these are time-varying currents, it is helpful to choose a rotating frame of reference - a pair of axes called d and q at an arbitrary position on the stator rotating field. All currents can be referred to this reference frame, and would appear stationary (duh! you are rotating at synchronous speed - everything looks stationary). These currents are referred to as id and iq.

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