SVC-B Series Hanging-style High Accuracy AC voltage stabilizer

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Principle & Characteristics

This series product is developed on the base of TND series high accuracy full-automatic AC voltage stabilizer; It forms the control system with linear integrated circuit, and drive the contact voltage regulator to start regulating by controlling the servo motor, it is provided with delay、over-voltage、under-voltage、over-current and so on protection function to ensure the safety of the power supply; It has the advantage of high efficiency、no waveform distortion、stable output voltage、less electric consumption and can work continuously.

Scope of Application

\It is available in the power supply of thee electric equipment and facilities in housing、factory、school、shop、office、precision instrument for science experiment.

Main Advantage

a.Excellent quality of output voltage、no transient electricity lost phenomenon when the electricity supply is not interrupted, which ensure the domestic computer and the electric appliance with memory function can work safely and reliably.
b.Wide input voltage range、strong load adaptability, the 220V and 110V can bee regulated output at same time, which is convenient for these families with 110V imported electric appliance.
c.With the over-current protection when input, and the under-voltage、over-voltage protection when output, it can work normally no matter it is attended or not.
d. With two indicating for input and output voltage.
e. Novel style、elegant appearance、hanging installed、convenient usage、with two output choice of voltage regulating or direct output; Users can set the voltage stabilizer in direct output state when it is in the season of stable electric supply, the voltage stabilizer will not consume electricity at this time, which is economic and convenient.

Main Technical Parameter
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Sounds like a loom problem (wiring) , you could start by tracing the wiring back from the tail lights and look for any broken wiring and any wiring that should b bolted to the chassis. Hope this helps
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If a 25 cent fuse was all it needed the seller would have already replaced themthink about it. I would run awayfast.
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NO, turning the subs around will not produce a better sound(vibration) unless the subs front wall is completely cealed off from the trunk which means you would have to have a custom box. but in most cases like yours it will actually reduce the sound. the trunk is basically a expansion area.bass extension comes from space within the trunk. the trunks surface area resonates the subs movement and redirects it into the cabinet. that's why you lose sound pressure when you open the trunk. this fundamental is quite complex actually and requires tuning of the box and subwoofer. a good way to increase sound pressure and extend the subs motion into the cabinet is by making a port into the cabinet for example letting a seat down or if you have a armrest that has a trunk opening area, that can be used as a port to allow the sub woofer to resonate the area within the cabinet but this can also allow more subwoofer distortion to be heard aswell. it requires alot a padding and dampening material to reduce the amount of sounds leakage and rattle distortion. you have an improper amp for sub woofers is probably the reason why you might not feel proper lows. the humming sound can be from a variety of reasons. but the sound itself is distortion from either improper filtering, or a lack of energy to the amp, if you have the gains set high on the amp you are over the distortion limit and are probably under powering the amp to produce a proper wattage and normal levels. OR you are getting distortion from your head unit, which is not uncommon. what type of subwoofer and amplifier do you have by the way.
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Did you know (true story) when microwaves first came out the companies selling them employed a scientist to do a report on them to see if they were safe. He tested them thoroughly, and announced that yes, they were safe. Then went home and threw out his microwave. This is a true story.
Q:Speaker drops out after replacing blown fuse, how do I fix it permanently?
That fuse blew to protect your amplifier. Normally it will blow when the speaker circuit opens and that is what I would be troubleshooting if I was working the problem. In my opinion you have an intermittently loose connection; probably either where the wire enters the speaker enclosure or inside the enclosure. It's a remote possibility that the speaker wire is damaged but that is very remote. A thorough inspection of the speaker wire, from the point where it begins to move when you bump the speaker right up to the enclosure. If that exposes nothing the problem is in the enclosure itself. High quality enclosures are a specific size, and ported with carefully designed holes. Most of the time the only way to access the guts is to remove the speaker itself. Do so carefully and inspect every connection. Pay special attention to any small/fine wire connections especially the ones to the voice coil and cone. Now here's the secret, if you don't understand exactly what I am saying in the above you probably aren't qualified to open the cabinet and you would be well served to seek out someone who is. It isn't difficult to damage things in a speaker housing, frequently without even knowing that you did cause more trouble. Good Luck GIMP EDIT: Have you swapped the channels, i.e. run the left speaker off the right channel and vice verse?? Anytime you have something broke and an identical something working that working unit will become your best friend. Keep talking to me, I'll keep listening and adding EDITs. Cheers
Q:A 3a device run with 13a fuse, has this been harmed?
it depends whether or not the radio received more 3 amps. if it did it is most likely ruined as normally the fuse will have stopped this happening. my only advice is to put the correct fuse in the radio and try it then if it still does not work it was ruined.
Q:Where can I buy fuses for an old rotel amplifier. It's 20 years old but in great condition.?
I repair these - it is never just the fuse! I urge you to not attempt to just replace the fuse. Fuses do not go out due to age, they blow to protect other components from further damage and/or fire (no, I am not kidding). The amplifier requires service by a qualified technician. There are no user replaceable parts inside. Those Rotels were good units and worth the repair. Your best bet will be a stereo/home theater store that does repairs, although you may find a TV repair shop that has an tech that knows vintage audio. Now put that screw-driver away before you hurt yourself.

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