CAMC High pressure cleaning vehicle series Hanma H6

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Product Description:

First, a brief description

High pressure cleaning vehicle: also known as the pipeline dredge vehicle, pipeline pressure generated by high pressure water flow through the blocked. The main components of the tank, high-pressure pump, hydraulic system, etc.

1 water spray frame cleaning width 2.5m-3.5m, can be arbitrary control, when the telescopic boom of the contraction, the dual flow can be realized to strengthen the cleaning, suitable for cleaning the city road, square;

2 the left and right corner spray is suitable for cleaning the road edge, the guard rail isolation belt, the sidewalk;

3 high pressure spray gun cleaning;

4 spray system, can spray to reduce dust, adjust the air humidity and spraying air disinfectant;

5 low pressure irrigation and sprinkler cooling; unique front (water), then sprinkle device;

6 road marking cleaning mechanism for cleaning the road marking;

7 wall cleaning mechanism, which is suitable for cleaning the noise wall of urban elevated road;

8 guard rail cleaning brush, suitable for cleaning the highway and urban road;

9 hydraulic lifting platform, suitable for cleaning and maintenance of urban road and highway facilities;

10 push the snow shovel, used for road except snow.

11 self priming function, green watering and auxiliary fire protection function.

Two, product features

1, the world's leading technology: low fuel consumption, high reliability, high attendance, low maintenance costs.

2, Excellent performance: super high quality, super high efficiency, long life.

Three, quality pictures

CAMC  High pressure cleaning vehicle  series Hanma H6

CAMC  High pressure cleaning vehicle  series Hanma H6

CAMC  High pressure cleaning vehicle  series Hanma H6

CAMC  High pressure cleaning vehicle  series Hanma H6

Four, detailed parameters

Model: high pressure cleaning car

Drive type: 4x2

Engine: YC6J220 42

Transmission: 8SDK1981

Front axle: 7.5t

Middle and rear bridge: HL145 (4.875)

Wheelbase (mm): 4800

Five, plant introduction

CAMC  High pressure cleaning vehicle  series Hanma H6

CAMC  High pressure cleaning vehicle  series Hanma H6

CAMC  High pressure cleaning vehicle  series Hanma H6

CAMC  High pressure cleaning vehicle  series Hanma H6

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