Mobile Waste Compacting Station.Environmetal Sanitation Equipment

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Mobile Waste Compacting Station

Mobile waste compacting station is a product developed by our company in accordance with  advanced technology and process of waste disposal. The device is mainly composed of a back door assembly, box assembly, push part assembly, hydraulic PLC programming operation control system, charging hopper assembly, spray washing deodorization system and cleaning system (optional), air deodorization system (optional).

The mobile waste compacting station has high working pressure, the compression ratio is 1:3, and the waste density is 880Kg/m3 after compression, high loading efficiency, and the garbage is always closed in the process of compressing, storing and discharging. There is no waste shedding and sewage overflow, which reduces the overflow of garbage odor, makes equipment and field easy clean, and pollution impact little to the surrounding environment.

This product uses modular design, installation and maintenance easily, the main components are made by high strength high quality steel and steel plate, let the equipment has good strength. The compression mechanism is cross compression for occupies less space.

Adopting PLC automatic control mode, Set up protection of circuit including the overload, under-voltage, over-current and set double lock of software and hardware to ensure the safety and reliability of system.

All steel structures are subjected to shot blasting, rust removing and chemical antiseptic treatment, and the surface is sprayed with anti-corrosive paint, which can effectively resist the corrosion of landfill leach-ate, make the service life can be up to ten years.

The main hydraulic and electrical components are imported components, and related parts using quality products of domestic professional manufacturers, make it works reliably and superior performance.


Mobile Waste Compacting Station.Environmetal Sanitation Equipment

Mobile Waste Compacting Station.Environmetal Sanitation Equipment

Overall drawing

Mobile Waste Compacting Station.Environmetal Sanitation Equipment

1. Back Door Assembly  2. Box Assembly  3. Push Part Assembly  4. Garbage Hopper   5. Hydraulic Electric System

Technical characteristics

1. The mobile waste compacting station can be equipped with WTZ5250ZXX and WTZ5160ZXX trucks and removable garbage trucks

2. Compression form: horizontal compression, large compression ratio

3. The volume of the box is large and the loading capacity is large

4. The garbage tipping device has large capacity

5. The whole automatic electric control system is adopted in the operation system

6. The main components of the hydraulic system adopt internationally famous brand products

7. The back door of the garbage can is sealed and opened with hydraulic action and mechanical locking

Technical specification 




Overall Dimensionsmm



Most Condensation Force



Compression Method

Horizontal Compaction

Horizontal Compaction

Hydraulic System PressureMPa



Hopper Volume



Garbage Weightkg



Magnetic Exchange Valve Manufacture



ABB ABB Motor Power






PLC Programmer



Water Source

Domestic Water

Domestic Water

Mobile Waste Compacting Station.Environmetal Sanitation Equipment

Mobile Waste Compacting Station.Environmetal Sanitation Equipment


- Mobile waste compacting station can be used alone. According to the amount of garbage, use about 10-20 boxes are equipped with a special trailer, which greatly reduces the cost of hardware acquisition.

- With crushing, compression function, reduce the number of garbage removal capacity, can directly reduce the removal cost.

- Closed and deodorization; no mosquitoes, pests and bacteria infection.

- Simple operation, fully automated for garbage compression, storage, discharge process, staff do not need to touch the waste, safety and sanitation.

- Twenty-four hours automatic control, do not need specially-assigned person to manage, save labor costs.

- Adopt airtight storage to avoid fire hazard.

- The equipment can be located at any place for effective using space.

- The cleaning and transportation process is quick and convenient, and the driver can operate it by himself.

- Less floor area, equipment only needs 10 - 16 square meters, and without construction cost.

Necessity of mobile waste compacting station

With the development of urban construction and the improvement of people's living standard, the urban sanitation has been greatly improved, providing a better and better living environment for people. At present, the city garbage collection, transportation and treatment technology is still in the initial stage of development, large numbers of waste generated through garbage cans or garbage bins centralized to store, and then transported through the garbage truck to dump; but the above garbage disposal methods can not meet the urban construction, management and environmental protection, it still exist the following deficiencies

The garbage bin and the garbage bucket which are arranged in the residential area are in an opening condition, and the content is too small. If the cleaning is not in time, the garbage overflows from the garbage bin or the garbage bucket, and the odor is scattered, causing environmental pollution. It will increase the amount of cleaning work and cleaning difficulty.

Most of used garbage truck is opening type, the garbage poured without compression, and the storage capacity is limited, and small transportation amount, high transportation costs in the process of delivery of garbage, makes garbage odor spread, through the wind blowing up, it will bring pollution again.

Fixed garbage facilities needs large area, with high infrastructure and staff costs.

In the process of garbage procedure, the staff has no safety and sanitation protection , the harmful gas and bacteria pollution produced by the long storage of garbage will endanger the health of the staff and the surrounding masses.

At present, most garbage truck used that is one car for one box, fixed special, it increased the purchase costs for equipment.

Mobile Waste Compacting Station.Environmetal Sanitation Equipment

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