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                                                          Amphibious Marine Hoist 70 ton

Marine Hoist is suitable for handling any kind of big boats of yachts according to customers’ requirements through a simple water channel. With the boat dry docked maintenance, repairs or manufacture can be easily carried out or into water with a subsequent decrease in costs. The soft but strong sling plastic belts undertake evenly the force from the boat and never harm the fragile surface of the boat, yacht or wood one. The Marine Hoist can take the boats and stock them side by side, leaving as little space as possible between the boats with no waste of time. The different types of movements of the machine just like steering diagonal, steering 90° or carrousel are free to position the boat on anywhere as the customer required.
Marine Hoist with variable track can be applied indistinctly to different width of the boat or vessel, his severing weight based on his different sizes can be designed in range from 10 tons to 1700 tons.

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Q:How does the crane remote receiver connect to the control cabinet line?
Should do this: receiver 380, black and brown to take the public line, red will take the control line of total stop to answer!!!! The building Lord consider
Q:What is the difference between the class a and b
Basis: the national quality inspection pot [2003] 251. Crane installation modification maintenance license certificate is special equipment quality supervision department, is a qualification certificate, and the business license is mainly daily business scope, has the certificate also have to add in business projects to undertake related business. It can't be run on a scale.
Q:What is the safety device in the tower crane?
Torque limiting moment Weight limit of weight The car is limited to a small car The rise is to be capped The turning limit is limited to rotation
Q:What are the procedures for the installation of hoisting machinery?
Engaged in hoisting machinery installation, modification, major service units shall be notified to the local geological supervision department before the start, fill out the notice in quadruplicate, in the book told the seal of the unit, and submit the relevant qualification certificates and technical data (factory), the construction unit of qualification certificates and technical data provided by the authenticity. Told that includes unit name, license number and contact information, use the unit name and contact information, the construction project, proposed the construction hoisting machinery and its basic parameters, manufacturing supervision and inspection certificate number (when required), type test certificate number, date of construction site, construction plan, construction, accredited homework personnel list, etc
Q:How do the crane of the grand theft auto SAN andreas do
It's very simple. The owner didn't play the chinese-style version. You know what other people say you don't know
Q:Where do you need a crane
The metallurgical enterprises of steel market steel mills are mainly used for cranes only if they are not moving
Q:How do the grand theft auto SAN andreas hoist
The A5 working class crane allows you to do 240 beats per hour. Other A4 is 180 times; A6 is 300 times; A7 and A8 are 360 times per hour. So you can figure out the average interval.
Q:What are the specific points of crane A5? How to work?
The level of work is the amount of time you spend on a crane. This level is commonly calculated according to the usage frequency of the usage. Make cranes according to the work level, avoid waste of materials, and use the waste of doing work, more reasonable to meet the requirement of use. Writing so many hopes the landlord see... If you don't understand, you can check the work level of the crane online.
Q:The weight of the crane is the weight of the lifting and the lifting of the weight.
Rated lifting weight refers to crane allowed to lift heavy objects or materials, together with the spreader (or with) can be divided into the sum of quality (for floating crane, including fixed on the crane hook). Known crane rated lifting weight, by definition, is that kind of situation, depends on whether the crane design allows the main lifting and work at the same time, if allowed, and can lift the two (not the whole machine) and rated lifting weight, is rated lifting weight of the machine is the two together, if not allowed, the crane is the main lifting rated lifting weight. Of course, it's usually the latter. Downstairs said is right, but sometimes, double car bridge crane, for example, if a car rated lifting weight is less than another, you can think is one of the vice hook, such as a 20 t, the other is a 10 t, its representation is 20 + 10, the somebody else, the inspection, as 30 t to consider. I'm thinking about that.
Q:What are the categories of cranes?
Bridge crane Can be above the rectangle area and its operation, used in the place such as workshop, warehouse, open storage of goods loading and unloading, a beam cranes, gantry cranes, cable crane, vehicle bridge, etc. (1) beam crane: beam crane mainly includes single beam bridge crane and double beam bridge crane (2) bridge crane: The bridge crane is a kind of bridge crane which is operated by a bridge in elevated orbit. Bridge crane bridge along the laid on on both sides of the elevated rail longitudinal operation, lifting trolley along the bridge is laid on the orbits of the horizontal run, constitute a rectangular scope of work, can make full use of bridge the space below the lifting materials, from the ground equipment obstacles. In the form of the main beam structure

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