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900 ton tyre special carrier is fabricated to lift 900 ton concrete pre-cast box beam from the mold to transport and place the box beam in the casting yard or to carry box beam to the proper position to load on the tyre trolley.

1.1 Working conditions    

·Surmountable slope 2 %
·Besides normal longitudinal movement, all tyre groups can be 90 degree rotated for transversal movement.
·Wind speed: 72km/h with load, 144km/h without load

1.2 Main technical characteristics

·Convenient and fast transversal and longitudinal moving ensure a high working efficiency.
·Greatly reduce the workload on the roadbed in the casting yard, and decrease the cost for casting yard. The main structure of special carrier can be designed according to the customer’s different requirements with single supporting column or two supporting column on one side of the machine.
·Both the two types of special carrier can satisfy the need of the casting yard efficiently.(single column one and gantry column one )

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Q:What is the difference between tower crane and tower crane?
Usually [the tower crane] is known as a tower crane.
Q:Why do prefabricated components need tower cranes
Patent technology production of phosphating coating steel wire rope, preferred department or zinc manganese phosphating, compared with smooth steel wire rope production process, only increased the final wear-resisting phosphating process, the wire rope greatly improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance, using phosphating steel twist wire rope directly. The fatigue test data show that the phosphating coating is smooth with structure wire rope fatigue life of wire rope around 3-4 times (lab) under the condition of comparable with the study of wear resistant phosphating formula, there is the possibility of significantly increase.
Q:Does the double beam crane main beam two web butt welded seam weld can be in a straight line?
Only the upper flange and the lower flanged flange are at least more than 200mm, and the flange plate and the abdominal plate are more than 200mm. There is no rule that the two boards should be staggered, and the upstairs answer is a monorail.
Q:The lifting equipment will be monitored once
Inspection process, for there is a significant risk of hoisting machinery, such as special operating environment, frequent accidents, etc.), the inspection institution approved by the provincial quality technical supervision department agree, can shorten the cycle of periodic inspection appropriately, but the shortest period of no less than 6 months.
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Lifting weight Lorry-mounted crane is installed on the chassis, the vehicle is mainly used to transport goods, and the crane is used for the carriage of the goods on the unloaded, usually installed in the car cabin and carriage, lifting capacity biggest only 3 tons. And truck crane is designed chassis, mainly to lift heavy objects, and boom range is big, much bigger than the lorry crane lifting weight.
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2. Maintenance. The allied, shengyang car factory, the airport, the shipyard have the function of maintenance, can repair the vehicle in the range. The Soviet car factory and other unserviced functions, the crushing crane is the only building in the Soviet union that can be repaired, and the only one that can remove a terrorist robot. But the crane's maintenance is larger than that of the other two countries.
Q:Daily maintenance of crane equipment
(2) check the drum and wire rope winding on the pulley is normal, the presence of groove, channeling, knot, the phenomenon such as distortion, wire rope clamp bolt fastening, whether is there a double nut locking device. (3) check the safety protection switch and the limit switch to be accurate, flexible and reliable, especially if the rising limit is reliable. (4) check for good lubrication of all lubricants.
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Lifting machinery is a kind of of weight can perform vertical and horizontal moving machinery, in industrial and civil construction projects as the main construction machinery and widely used. There are many different kinds of hoisting machinery, commonly used for mobile crane in construction, including: tower crane, auto crane, wheeled cranes, crawler cranes, etc., as well as the most basic of vertical transport hoisting machinery, hoist and high-rise building construction lifter. Commonly used crane characteristics and applicable scope of below: tower crane 1. Advantages: (1) the multi-usage models (e.g., mobile, fixed and attached type, etc.), and can meet the need of construction of different; (2) the rise of attachment shall be up to 100 megabytes; (3) the effective operation shall be 80% of the total amount; (4) you can walk in position with the load. (5) the power is motor, reliability, maintainability is good, the running cost is extremely low.
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