Mobile Hydraulic Self-propelled Scissor Lift Platform

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Product Description:

Mobile hydraulic self-propelled scissor lift platform Mobile hydraulic self-propelled scissor lift platform Mobile hydraulic self-propelled scissor lift platform

Self-propelled scissor lifts can travel at slow speed and rapid speed self-propelled. Only one person is needed to lower, raise, forward, backward, steer the machine. It improves working efficiency and reduces man-power and labor intensity greatly. Ti is especially good for long time work at airport terminals, stations, docks, shopping markets, stadiums and workshops.

Application of self-propelled scissor lift
Feature of low noise is perfectly suitable for the noise-sensitive environment, such as office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, schools, etc. Most models are equipped with zero inside turning radius capability, can be easily and flexibly operated in crowded working conditions such as construction site, elevator, and narrow corridor. Lift-up, lift-down, turning, forward and backward movements can be exasperated by on person




Automatic pothole Protection System
Removable Platform Control Box
Proportional Controls
Slide-out Battery Trays
All Motion Alarm
Roll-out Deck Extension
Fork Lift Pockets, Lift from Side and Rear
Four 6V, 225Amp-hour Deep Cycle Batteries
Tilt Cut-off Safety System
Spring-Loaded Gate
LED Battery Condition Indicator



Technical Data:

Working height


Table height


D2 guardrail height


A side width


B side width


C side width


D1 side width


Dimension of table


Extension length of table


Wheel base-E


Ground clearance-F


Lifting weight


Table extension ability


Lifting time


Fall time


Max lifting height




Total pressure 



Running speed (unexpended)


Running speed (expended)km/h


Turning radium (inside/outside)/2.02


Climbing ability


Max angle of slope

Solid tire dimension






30A automatic

Hydraulic cylinder


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Q:Why does a crane have to have "lack of protection"?
The so-called missing phase is a normal three-phase power supply that breaks the path. The original three-phase device reduces output power and makes it unable to work properly. Or causes an accident. When the power supply of the line is missing, the current component of the negative sequence will be generated, and the three-phase current is unbalanced or too large, causing the electric motor to quickly burn down. In order to ensure the safe operation of the motor, which in the case of lack of phase operation timely stop the motor running, to avoid fire accidents caused by motor, general motors is associated with lack of protection device.
Q:How is the crane on the construction site built
To dismantle the tower crane, when building was completed in tower crane to a small crane onto the roof, then, is the contraction of jack will tower crane fell to the roof, and then decomposed into several segments, with a small crane, then small crane break down into smaller components, take the elevator down. When the tower is removed, the ground will be filled with the structure of the tower crane. There is another way is to own a jack will pillar elongation, reoccupy lets own boom lift a scape in, puckering up jack again, and so the scape is getting longer.
Q:Whether the lifting equipment belongs to the definition of special equipment
Overhead travelling crane Both ends of the bridge are supported directly on elevated rails by the operating device, which is suspended from the crane on the crane that can be run on the bridge. general purpose overhead crane General purpose bridge crane, which is one of two or three of the lifting hooks, clamps and electromagnetic suckers. Overhead crane for power station A bridge crane for power station.
Q:Safety management certificate of crane (crane) operation certificate
Is the crane operation card? Safety management certificate is the special management certificate? The special job certificate that belongs to the state, must pass the training and examination of relevant department, be qualified to be able to hold card to be on duty. The two certificates should be better taken, need the unit to issue an application for an examination. In general, there is a written test, and there is quite a bit of a computer exam.
Q:Which cranes are included in the driving
Row (hang) car Also known as the crown, the line belongs to the bridge crane Simple have electric single and double beam bridge crane, electric suspension bridge crane, explosion-proof bridge crane, metallurgical, foundry crane, power plant special crane, amphibious, three with crane, grab bridge crane, bridge crane for the aluminium smelter If segment is more There are hundreds of
Q:What is the range of the harbour crane, the extension, and the back stretch?
What is the range of the harbour crane, the extension, and the back stretch? The amplitude of R (stretch L) (the back stretch) is different from the crane. Swivel jib crane
Q:The difference between the electric gourd and the car on the bridge crane?
Generally speaking, the car is used to realize the horizontal motion function (beam direction), and the gourd is used to realize the lifting function. The hoist works the same as the gourd.
Q:What is the principle of crane hydraulic system?
That would be analyzed by the line, which is primarily controlled, controlling the direction and pressure of the oil.
Q:How to choose tower crane model according to the height of building?
Building eaves height within 50 m, each layer of floor area within 2500 m2 with 2500 kn. M self-lifting tower crane 1, each additional increases by + 1 at 2000 m2 of less than 1000 kn. M self-lifting tower crane; (3) building eaves height within 100 m, each layer of floor area within 3000 m2 with 3000 kn. M self-lifting tower crane 1, each additional increases by + 1 at 2500 m2 of less than 1500 kn. M self-lifting tower crane; (4) building eaves height above 100 m, each layer within a building area of 3500 m2 with 1 2000 kn. M self-lifting tower crane, each additional increases by + 1 at 3000 m2 of less than 2000 kn. M jack-up crane 1; The height above 25m is below 100 megabytes, and the hoistway crane with 1 unit for self-elevating tower crane is used, and the eaves height is above 100 megabytes and the elevator of the construction elevator of two single cages is constructed. When the skirt building is too large for each floor, the auxiliary tower crane can be added according to the above criteria.
Q:How many times does the crane take every year?
Article 5 the provisions of article 5 of the regular inspection rules for hoisting machinery issued by aqsiq: The periodic inspection period of the crane machine is as follows: (1) tower cranes, elevators and floating cranes are once a year; The wheel of the wheeled container crane is made up to 1 times every two years. (2) the small light lifting equipment, bridge crane, gantry crane, portal crane, cable crane, mast cranes, rail crane, jib crane, once every 2 years mechanical parking equipment, including the lifting of molten metal and hot metal crane 1 time every year. Performance test of the rated load test, static load test, the dynamic load test project, the first test and the first periodic inspection must be carried out, the rated load test program, after 1 inspection cycle 1 time intervals. Inspection process, for there is a significant risk of hoisting machinery, such as special operating environment, frequent accidents, etc.), the inspection institution approved by the provincial quality technical supervision department agree, can shorten the cycle of periodic inspection appropriately, but the shortest period of no less than 6 months.

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