Rubber tyre special carrier capacity 900 tons

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900 ton tyre special carrier is fabricated to lift 900 ton concrete pre-cast box beam from the mold to transport and place the box beam in the casting yard or to carry box beam to the proper position to load on the tyre trolley.

1.1 Working conditions    

·Surmountable slope 2 %
·Besides normal longitudinal movement, all tyre groups can be 90 degree rotated for transversal movement.
·Wind speed: 72km/h with load, 144km/h without load

1.2 Main technical characteristics

·Convenient and fast transversal and longitudinal moving ensure a high working efficiency.
·Greatly reduce the workload on the roadbed in the casting yard, and decrease the cost for casting yard. The main structure of special carrier can be designed according to the customer’s different requirements with single supporting column or two supporting column on one side of the machine.
·Both the two types of special carrier can satisfy the need of the casting yard efficiently.(single column one and gantry column one )

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Q:What is the difference between the class a and b
Basis: the national quality inspection pot [2003] 251. Crane installation modification maintenance license certificate is special equipment quality supervision department, is a qualification certificate, and the business license is mainly daily business scope, has the certificate also have to add in business projects to undertake related business. It can't be run on a scale.
Q:The principle of magnetic cranes helps
There is a magnetic field in the magnet. When the metal is adsorbed it will also be magnetized and magnetic and magnetic field, and its magnetic field lines are in the same direction as permanent magnets. According to this principle, we can move another magnet near it, and make their magnetic field go in the opposite direction of repulsion, thus leaving the metal out.
Q:What's the difference between a crane and a crane?
The biggest difference between a bridge crane is here. The main beam bridge is the same design thought as the gantry and the bridge crane.
Q:How long will the lifting machine be inspected regularly?
Lifting machinery safety supervision regulations "article 24 in regular lifting machinery safety supervision and inspection cycle for two years, the elevator and manned elevator safety, regular monitoring and inspection cycle is one year. Article 18 hoisting machinery shall inspect the lifting machinery regularly, including annual inspection, monthly inspection and daily inspection: At least once a year, the lifting machine shall be inspected at least once every year. The load test can be combined with lifting is equal to the rated lifting weight, weight of and hoisting, run according to the rated speed, slewing, luffing institutions such as safety inspection. After more than one year of suspended lifting machinery, complete inspection should be done before use. Hoisting machinery in earthquakes or major equipment accident, more than four open operation of hoisting machinery has nine magnitude of wind, should make full inspection before use.
Q:What effect is the cord in the crane wire rope?
New hemp rope core generally contain 12% ~ 15% of the oil, and scrap steel wire rope in the loss of the largest part only contains 2.4% of fat, on the same piece of wire rope, even without pulley still oil containing 12.7% ~ 14.5%. The experiment shows that the broken wire of the coated steel wire rope is about half of the non-oil. The initial oil content of a wire rope can only last 40 percent of the life span, and then it increases dramatically if not refueling. The second is the use of the steel wire rope with poor environment and relatively low relative motion, which can choose the special wire rope such as galvanized and aluminized aluminum. These cables are exposed in the atmosphere to galvanized or coated with aluminum hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide films, which effectively prevent corrosion of wire rope
Q:What is the difference between a crane machine and a lifting machine
Hoisting machinery is a wide range of words, many of which include suspension machinery, but lifting machinery is not always a lifting machine
Q:What are the methods for the use of crane machinery
boot For crane transmission, closed all the safety limit, merger all emergency switches and control handle to zero, and then close the switch control box, after turn on the main contactor, to begin to work.
Q:What wind protection devices should be set when working in the open air?
The windbreaker should be able to ensure that the crane does not run in the wind when it is not working. The effect of the brake and wheel rim on the side of the rail side of the rail is to be ignored when determining the resistance of the windbreaker.
Q:What is the distance between the bridge crane
The A5 working class crane allows you to do 240 beats per hour. Other A4 is 180 times; A6 is 300 times; A7 and A8 are 360 times per hour. So you can figure out the average interval.
Q:What is the difference between an electric hoist and an electric single-beam crane?
In fact, the difference is very large: the running direction: the electric hoist is running on and down and left and right. Track: electric block of electric block with a beam of steel and the electric single-beam suspension crane with two beams of steel. Conductive system: electric single-girder suspension crane need to increase a conductive system (such as safety sliding contact line) institutions: single beam suspension crane more than a set of supporting agencies; Category: electric gourd is a light and small crane, and single beam crane is a crane

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