Four Post Lift-auto lift-automotive service

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 Four Post hydraulic  is a Hydraulic Lift/Car Lift/Four Post Lift, max lifting weight 4500 kgs, height 2000mm.

It's perfect choice for those customers who demand the most lifting capacity at the lowest possible price.

 auto lifts are designed with the features you need to be productive, no matter what type of shop you have


Main Features                                             

1. Single hydraulic cylinder drive.                                           

2. Manual release from one side.                                             

3. Mechanical safety latch in four columns' back                                               

4. Adjustable distance between two platforms can be well applicable to vehicles of different width.                                           

5. Automatic stop in the highest position.                                             

6. Anti-surge valve that equipped in hydraulic joint ensures no danger in case of oil hose broken.

7. Relief valve protect against overloading.                                          

8. Valid protection system for steel cable broken.                                               

9. Front and rear positioning wheel stop.                                              

10. Suitable for four-wheel alignment.                                           

11. "UP" "DOWN" "EMERGENCY " button on control panel,simply operation.    

12. 24V low-voltage safe control keeps customers away from enexpected injury.    

13. CE Certificated.       


Item No.


Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Overall height


Overall length


Width between columns


Overall width


Runway width




Lifting time


Lowering time



220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph

Four Post Lift-auto lift-automotive service

Four Post Lift-auto lift-automotive service

Four Post Lift-auto lift-automotive service


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Q:my mom called she lives about 30 minutes away. and she told me our german shepherd will walk a few steps then fall over. i dont have a car, my brothers away to college so my mom cannot take her to the vet tonight because she cant lift her into the car. about 2 years ago my dog wouldnt get up at all so we took her to the vet and she had a UTI. she was treated. she also has incontinence but from what my mom is telling me the dog will try to walk then fall. she is about 7 years old, pls does anyone know what this sounds like, or anything my mom can do overnight to help her.
Q:How is the double column of the double lift lifter synchronized?
Two specifications of the same cylinder to achieve synchronization, it is necessary to ensure that the flow into the two cylinders equal. Ordinary synchronization as long as the oil is divided into two oil into the two hydraulic cylinders, to be precise, then it will use the diversion of the collector valve; a higher level, then rely on a proportional valve or servo valve to achieve.
Q:If the output piston (the one the car is sitting on) has an area of 70 square inches, how much force must be applied to the 0.5 square inch input piston to lift the car?
The hydraulics give you a mechanical advantage of 70/0.5 140 so you have to supply 3000/140 21.4 pounds Didn't I answer this already? .
Q:Can you lift cars with telekinesis?
No, never happened. After reading reports for decades, I have not read of any cases of TK moving anything heavier than a wineglass-----poltergeists, on the other hand, have been known to move heavy dressers and furniture--about 500 pounds or so, but researchers cannot agree if poltergeists are entities unto themselves or a form of PK. 500 pounds is nothing like the weight of a car though.Might be the price of a used car in the UK though. ;)
Q:Working on a car?Landscaping work?Lifting weights?Using power tools?
Car work, when a guy is playing sports
Q:car force exerted on an angle of 60 with the horizontal be able to lift an object?
Of course, but as the angle gets smaller so does the lifting force.
Q:to feed, burp, change, etc also taking her in car seat to the doctor appointment i live on a upstairs apartment so i have no choice but to use stairs. i just posted the other Q about taking her on a walk and everyone is saying tkae it easy. am i doing to much now? I have no choice though. I live alone and her dad isnt in the picture ? so is it ok? she weighs 9 pounds. i just have to lift her and she gets fussy so i have to hold her and carry her around, but the heaviest part is carrying her up and down the stiars in the car seat, but i have no choice becuase she has jaundice and we have to go get her blood drawn at the doctors. is this going to rip open my incision? sorry if it sounds like the last Q but its not, the last Q made me think of this Q , thanks :)
Just be sure to rest as often as you can. Try to sleep when baby sleeps, or at least lay down and rest. maybe you can leave the car seat in the car and only carry the baby, so you're not lifting too much. You are probably doing a bit too much , so only do what you have to and ask for help, from friends and family. I know sometimes you have to do what you have to do, but this little baby is also counting on you, so its really important that you take care of yourself so you can take care of the baby. (imagine if you do open your incision up and have to have a stay in the hospital). congrats and good luck
Q:hubby wants a car lift - lol - cant afford one - i have about 400.00 to work with - i need something that he can use to get the car off the ground about 2 feet - any ideas??? plz hurry - his 40th bday is in a week!
those are your two options, ramps or a lift. or just a really nice hydraulic jack and a nice set of jack stands, which you could easily get for less than $400. or just dig a trench in the backyard and drive the car over it ;) ...kidding on that one!
Q:Hey guys,im in a pickel right now because it is time for me to get a new (used) car in the near future. I will buy used, btu i am stuck in between a coupe (such as a v8 mustang) or a sports sedan (charger srt-8) and a lifted truck (ram 1500, chevy 1500 lifted)could you guys tell me the pros and cons of eachinsurance, costs, etci need help because i love both kinds nad i can only get which would it be for you.
I suppose when you say coupe, you mean two-door vehicle. Because there are 4-door coupes (no B pillar). Check out the 4 door Mercedes coupe. There are probably 2 door sedans, just like there are 2 door SUV's. As mentioned by many, the inconvenience of a 2 door vehicle, except a convertible, doesn't over ride the sportiness for most, for very long.
Q:A mobile mechanic (like one who looks at a cars for sale on e-bay) cannot put the car up on a lift - how important is this in an inspection? Thank you.
nicely, reckoning on your motor vehicle weight even a million HPs could make a distinction, given your particular motor vehicle, sure it is a great benefit. in case you prefer to do mods on your motor vehicle, you may verify the effect (0-60,a million/4, and so on) on overall performance employing a motor vehicle overall performance simulator attempt at source link under

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