Portland® Hydraulic coupling connecting motor and reducer

CNBM (Hefei) Electromechanical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
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       Portland® Hydraulic coupling used for connection between hoist reducer and motor.

Hydraulic coupling


   "The Portland yox" series hydraulic coupling is designed for the transportation of elevators. Professional design of lifting equipment. From the

 concept of professional design and quality. The material selection and design of elastic plum blossom block, sealing ring and other accessories are

 deeply studied and modified. Metal mold casting; Special heat and oil resistant material seals; Quincunx elastic coupling made of special materials;

 Special temperature measurement alarm protection device.

       "Portland" technology and equipment have been used in most of the domestic cement companies, and the cooperative relationship is great. We

 have established a national professional spare parts warehousing and logistics center for steel cord belt elevators to ensure quality and direct supply

 from stock. Besides,we are establishing the plate chain elevators spare parts center and the flender standard gearbox DH series stocking center.


       For steel cord belt elevators, our company stocks various types of accessories. Including: steel cord belt, belt clamp, rubber plate, various types of

 bucket bolts, head pulley assembly, friction liner, bucket, tail pulley assembly, hydraulic coupling, magnetic coupling and flender gearbox, etc.

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