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Hydraulic Cylinder bushing (SF-1D)
1.steel backing,sintered porous bronze,PTFE layer
3.low wear


Hydraulic Cylinder bushing (SF-1D) introduction:

1. Hydraulic special bearings is a new type op material, which in basis of SF-1P and designed in principles of oil and shock absorber. it become more wear-resisting under breaking off the lubricating oil .these products also particularly suitable for the frequent reciprocating motion besides having the advantages of SF-1P.

2. Its properties is similar to that of the foreign product designated as DP4,Currently the product gradually replace SF-1P,applying to auto shock absorber, hydraulic cylinders and other various fields.


Load capacity                                   120N/mm2

Max Speed                                       2m/s

Friction Coefficient                            0.04~0.20

PV Limit (dry)                                    3.6N/mm2 m/s

PV Limti (oil)                                     50N/mm2 m/s

Temperature Limit                             -195oC ~+270oC


Why use Cast brass Bearing?


long service life and maintenance-free

High load capacity

High wear resistence

low coefficients of friction

Good heat conductivity

High corrosion resistence



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Q:What are the main structures of radial sliding bearings?
Radial sliding bearings are split type, integral type, flange type and self position typeSplit bearing bearing cover can be opened, for loading shaft neck
Q:What is the selection principle of grease for plain bearings?
2. Selection of grease for sliding bearingsLoad 1-6.5MPa, shaft neck circumference speed below 1m/s, the maximum working temperature of 50-100 DEG C, the No. 2 lithium greaseLoad > 5MPa, journal circumferential speed 0.5m/s, maximum operating temperature 60 DEG C, roll No. 2 calender greaseThe load is less than 1MPa, the circumferential speed of the journal is below 1m/s, the maximum working temperature is 75 DEG C, and the No. 3 calcium base grease is usedLoad 1 - 6.5MPa, journal circumferential speed 0.5-5m/s, maximum operating temperature 55 DEG C, and use No. 2 calcium base greaseLoad > 6.5MPa, journal circumferential speed 0.5m/s below, maximum working temperature 75 DEG C, choose No. 3 calcium base greaseThe load is less than 6.5MPa, the shaft neck circumference speed 0.5-5m/s, maximum working temperature of 120 DEG C, the No. 2 lithium greaseLoad > 6.5MPa, journal circumferential speed 0.5m/s below, maximum working temperature 110 degrees, choose 2 calcium sodium base greaseCalcium base grease should be considered when the temperature is 75-120 degrees centigrade in humid environment;The working temperature should be below 75. The calcium base grease No. 3 should be considered. If not, the aluminum base grease can be used instead;The temperature at 110-120 DEG C, available barium grease or grease, lubrication, consistency to be smaller.
Q:How is the axial clearance of plain bearings large?
The sliding bearing has a barrel type, has several pieces of tile type, the barrel type general outer circle has the taper, adjusts the back cap to complete the gap adjustment, monolithic tile's general to a tile adjustment can eliminate the gap.
Q:What is the transmission efficiency of plain bearings and rolling bearings?
The oil film also has a certain vibration absorption capacity. But the starting friction resistance is larger.The coefficient of friction of rolling bearings is smaller than that of sliding bearings, and the transmission efficiency is high.
Q:What kinds of plain bearings can be divided into?
(2) the bearing material and the bush structure have a great influence on the performance of the sliding bearing. The bearing material and the bush structure should be selected by considering various factors.(3) non liquid friction sliding bearing calculation and checking, limit pressure P, to ensure that the lubricating oil film is not destroyed; limit value of PV, in order to ensure the bearing temperature is not too high, because the temperature is too high, easy to cause the rupture boundary of oil film.
Q:What are the causes of high temperature of plain bearings?
What is the actual temperature? The bearing tells the rotating part, and the more than 100 degree is normalIf it is too high, it is possible to confirm the load and lubrication of the bearing
Q:The greater the fuel consumption of a sliding bearing, the greater or smaller the heat?
How can bearings burn oil? It's not an engine
Q:What are the differences between rolling bearings and plain bearings?
4, for the same size of the shaft diameter, the rolling bearing is wider than the sliding bearing, so that the axial structure of the machine is compact;5, a high degree of standardization, mass production, consumption of lubricants less, easy to seal, easy to maintain, do not need to use non-ferrous metals, low cost.
Q:Tilting pad radial sliding bearing which features
Composition of tilting pad usually consists of 3 ~ 5 arc Babbitt pad or more blocks can freely tilt on the fulcrum of the pad. When working with speed, load and bearing temperature of free swing, forming a plurality of wedge in diameter around. Each piece of tile is supported on the bearing sleeve through the back the ball pin and pad, pad can be around the spherical support pin swing; surface upper pad, the back bearing are respectively arranged in the spring, from the end of the pad pad compression, artificial establishment of oil wedge.
Q:Establishment of oil film bearing capacity of dynamic sliding bearing and several conditions to ensure full liquid lubrication
Establish three conditions: relative speed, reasonable wedge, adequate lubrication. This is a necessary condition.There is only one condition for complete liquid lubrication: the minimum oil film thickness is greater than the sum of the roughness of the shaft and bearing table.

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