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TIANHE 2 23944-2CS sealed roller bearing are fitted with a large number of long symmetrical large-diameter rollers, capable of withstanding very heavy loads. Special structures of raceway surface as well as the best quality ensure spherical roller bearings the lowest friction including C and CA-bearing.

Compared with conventional spherical roller bearings, tianhe bearings run cooler. They are able to withstand heavier axial loads, or up to a higher speed.


23944-2CS sealed roller bearing Specification



PV limitOil50N/mm2.m/s


Friction Coeff.0.030.20μ
Speep limitOil5m/s
Thermal conductivity2.41Kcal/
Coeff. Of linear expansion27×10-6per 


Q:What's my consideration when I choose a bearing?

 A:- The type and size of bearing you need.

     - The quality or application you prefer.


Q: What's TIANHE bearing's advantage.

A: - Substantial inventory, unified quality control,save much cost and time for customers.


Q: What's your guarantee on quality problem?

A: - Free to change in 2 month and in your next order,10% value of order can be paid after receiving goods and checking out no quality issues.


Q: Can I be a distributor of TIANHE?

A: Of course you can.


Q:What are the benefits of being a TIANHE distributor?

A:-Special Discount

   -Marketing Protection

   -Priority Delivery than other orders.

   -Point to point technical supports and after sales services.


Q:How can I become a distributor of TIANHE?

A: Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.

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Packaging Details:in cartons or as per customer's requirements
Delivery Detail:25-30 days after getting the deposit


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Q:How many times does the clearance of the sliding bearing take the diameter of the axle?
The range of sliding bearing clearance according to the use of precision parts to determine, for example: grinder and lathe dividing head main bearing with the accuracy of H7/g6, agricultural machinery bearings with accuracy of H11/d11.
Q:Are magnetic drive pumps static and sliding bearings a thing?
A) the types and characteristics of sliding bearing sliding bearing according to the 1. loads are divided into: (1) sliding bearings (radial sliding bearing); mainly bear radial load; (2) the thrust bearing, main bearing axial load. 2. sliding bearings are suitable for low speed, high precision, heavy load and structural requirements. It is also used at low speed and impact.
Q:Are the motors sliding bearings at both ends?
The electric ball of a small gasoline generator has only one end of a roller bearing, and the other end is supported by an engine shaft
Q:Which life is longer, rolling bearings or plain bearings?
Compared with plain bearings, rolling bearings have small coefficient of friction, high accuracy, low wear and long service life
Q:How is the oil groove of the plain bearing processed?
1, with the processing of internal thread processing. 2. Pull out with a broach. 3. Pull out with special machine tools.
Q:Service life of plain bearing --- ask
The service life of a sliding bearing can theoretically be infinite, but this is not necessarily the case because the conditions of use can not be ideal. I want to know how long the actual life of the sliding bearings is The longest sliding bearings that I have come into contact with are the bearings (dynamic lubrication) of two Japanese roller mill spindles, which have been used here for about 30 years without any repairs.
Q:How does a sliding bearing work?
the sliding friction can be greatly reduced, and because the surface of the moving pair is not directly contacted, therefore, the abrasion is avoided.
Q:How is the normal operating temperature of the sliding bearing bush determined?
By rubbing test, simulation test can accurately know the normal working temperature, the temperature limit according to the general material temperature limit, the general theory and practical than the poor.
Q:Sliding bearings, according to their friction state, why bearings and what bearings?
Sliding bearings, according to the friction between the surface of the friction, the friction state is divided into the following1. dry friction. Two relative motion surface direct contact friction, without any lubricant called dry friction (Figure 16.1, a). The dry friction will be accompanied by a lot of friction power loss and severe wear in sliding bearing will lead to severe temperature rise, and even burn the bush. So, not allowed to appear in the dry friction sliding bearing.
Q:The sliding bearing consists of several parts. What are the parts?
I understand that the so-called slip is the relative motion of the two contact surfaces. The contact surface can be flat, spherical, or otherwise.

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