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TIANHE 2 23944-2CS sealed roller bearing are fitted with a large number of long symmetrical large-diameter rollers, capable of withstanding very heavy loads. Special structures of raceway surface as well as the best quality ensure spherical roller bearings the lowest friction including C and CA-bearing.

Compared with conventional spherical roller bearings, tianhe bearings run cooler. They are able to withstand heavier axial loads, or up to a higher speed.


23944-2CS sealed roller bearing Specification



PV limitOil50N/mm2.m/s


Friction Coeff.0.030.20μ
Speep limitOil5m/s
Thermal conductivity2.41Kcal/
Coeff. Of linear expansion27×10-6per 


Q:What's my consideration when I choose a bearing?

 A:- The type and size of bearing you need.

     - The quality or application you prefer.


Q: What's TIANHE bearing's advantage.

A: - Substantial inventory, unified quality control,save much cost and time for customers.


Q: What's your guarantee on quality problem?

A: - Free to change in 2 month and in your next order,10% value of order can be paid after receiving goods and checking out no quality issues.


Q: Can I be a distributor of TIANHE?

A: Of course you can.


Q:What are the benefits of being a TIANHE distributor?

A:-Special Discount

   -Marketing Protection

   -Priority Delivery than other orders.

   -Point to point technical supports and after sales services.


Q:How can I become a distributor of TIANHE?

A: Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.

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Packaging Details:in cartons or as per customer's requirements
Delivery Detail:25-30 days after getting the deposit


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Q:The commonly used sliding bearing materials are divided into metal materials and which two materials
Metal materials and non-metallic materials, non-metallic materials, and engineering plastics, carbon graphite, rubber, wood, metal materials, sub bearing alloy, copper alloy, aluminum base bearing alloy, cast iron, porous metal materials
Q:What are the implications of limiting P and PV for non full liquid sliding bearings, please?
Design of non liquid friction sliding bearingMost of the actual bearing in mixed lubrication (boundary lubrication and liquid lubrication exist at the same time, the state) reliable working conditions is to maintain the boundary of oil film is not damaged, in order to reduce the heat and wear (calculated according to criterion), the mechanical strength and rupture of the boundary film temperature to determine the bearing capacity.
Q:What are the parameters of maximum bearing capacity factor Cp of plain bearings?
Therefore, Cp is the function of the journal position in the bearing, depending on the angle of the package angle (i.e. the angle between the entrance of the oil inlet and the outlet) and the eccentricity ratio, the chi square and the aspect ratio B/d, as shown in table 1.
Q:What are the commonly used journal bearings?
To make the sliding bearing well lubricated, an oil hole and oil groove shall be set on the sodium tile or journal. The oil holes shall be located at the least pressure of the oil film; the oil groove shall be raised in the region where the bearing is not stressed or the film pressure is small; the expansion of the oil tank is required to facilitate the oil supply, and the bearing capacity of the bearing will not be reduced.
Q:What is the effect of clearance on sliding bearings?
Depending on the tolerance between the sleeve and the pin shaft with Jiashan lantalu Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd Sun Huaichen
Q:Selection of rolling bearings and sliding bearings 5
The specific choice is usually to see the design needs. Plain bearings generally consider heavy loads or poor lubrication conditions.
Q:What are the differences between rolling bearings and plain bearings? What are their respective applications?
The second is the movement in different ways, the way of rolling motion the bearing is rolling motion; x0d sliding bearing is sliding, so the situation on the friction is not the same. The general mechanical equipment used in relatively small rolling bearing, high speed, such as motor x0d, Gear box, sliding bearing applications generally in low speed and heavy load conditions, or maintenance and operation of the site maintenance and lubricating oil is difficult, such as ship propulsion shaft x0d.x0d hope my answer to help you.
Q:What are the assembly points of plain bearings?
What are the assembly points of plain bearings?Sliding bearing assembly and bearing must be on the same plane, the same line, the same axis, the bearing must be parallel mutually in the same plane parallel to each other, and the corrected assembly gap, the parallelism and beat meets the design requirements, to ensure the smooth sliding equipment.
Q:What are the uses of sliding bearings and rolling bearings and their classification?
East China bearings for surface and surface contact, reduce friction, rolling bearings for shafts in the hole rotation, reduce friction, classification more, go to 0, 9 kinds, anyway, is a lot of ah!
Q:What is thrust plain bearing?
Thrust sliding bearing: a sliding bearing that bears axial thrust and restricts axial movement of the shaft. Two, the friction surface is completely separated by the fluid film thrust bearings, divided into fluid dynamic thrust bearings and hydrostatic thrust bearings, suitable for high speed operation. Two a thrust bearing whose surface is not completely separated by a fluid film operates under boundary lubrication and is only suitable for low speed operation.

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