High quality Cylindrical Roller Bearing

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Packaging Detail:1. Industrial Exporting Package with anti-tarnish paper/Carton/Pallet 2. Individual Paper Box/Carton/Pallet 3 Wraped by blue tie/Pallet
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Cylindrical Roller Bearing:
1 Heavy radial and impact loading
2 Less coefficient of friction
3 High quality and good service




Product Description



What is a  Cylindrical Roller Bearing?

Cylindrical roller bearing are of high load capacity and can operate at high speeds because they use rollers as their rolling elements. They can therefore be used in applications involving heavy radial and impact loading.


The rollers are cylindrical in shape and crowned at the end in order to reduce the stress concentrations. They are also suitable for applications that require high speed because the rollers are guided by ribs which are either on the outer or inner ring.


More information

With the absence of ribs, either the inner or outer ring will move freely so as to adjust to axial movement hence can be used as free side bearings. This enables them to absorb shaft expansion to a certain extent, relative to the housing position.


NU and NJ type cylindrical roller bearing produce high performance results when used as free side bearings because they possess the required characteristics for that purpose. NF type cylindrical roller bearing also supports the displacement of the axial to a certain extent in both directions and therefore can be used as a free side bearing.


In applications where heavy axial loads have to be supported, cylindrical roller thrust bearings are the most suitable. This is because they are designed to contain shock loads, are stiff and the axial space required is little. They only support axial loads that are acting in a single direction.


Detailed applications

Specifically, our cylindrical roller bearings can be used in industrial transmission, automotive, electric motor, generator sets, elevating machinery, machine tool spindles as well as internal-combustion engines, etc.



These roller bearings can be separated and are easy to mount as well as dismount.


Product specification

NameCylindrical Roller Bearing
MaterialChrome steel
Seal TypeOpen
Precision RatingABEC1, ABEC3, ABEC5, ABEC7,ABEC9
Number of RowSingle Row, Double Row, Four Row

1.High quality and good service

2.Less friction and low noise

3.Competitve price


5.Ability to carry heavy loads

6.Less coefficient of friction

7.High limiting speed

8.Large size range:inner diameter from  20mm-800mm.

9.Variations of structure:NU,N,NJ,NF,NUP,NH,NCL...V,NB,NU...V,NNU,NNCF,NNCL,NNCS,FC,FCD,FCDP...

10  Physical Characteristics: 

      1)  Cylindrical roller bearing can be separated by single row,double rows and four rows.

      2)  This kind of bearing can be submitted to high radial load and some axial load.

      3)  The rolling element of cylindrical roller bearing is cylinder,the two ends of the external lines have the corrective slope which can eliminate the contact stress.

      4)  NN and NNU design cylindrical roller bearing have high rigid and apply to machines such as millings.


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Q:How can we know the spherical bearings inside there is no oil or have what instruments?For example, UCP212 bearings, how to know that there is oil in bearings, without bearing the premise of the pry?
Detection of spherical bearings have no oil inside the instrument? This, as far as I know, spherical bearings in general, in addition to the gap to fill up between the bearing seat and the bearing outer ring, bearing itself is like ordinary with iron cover or cover of deep groove ball bearings, it is testing is not oil, grease is adding a maintenance free but, if that is because of environmental conditions and other causes of oil deterioration failure, this set of bearings also need to be replaced, so the best detection instrument is, if there is noise, Wen Sheng, vibration or friction increase when the bearing life is up, need to be replaced. If it is a short time, or the quality of the bearing itself is a problem, or design selection, the above problems
Q:How much is the center bearing P205?
Hello,UCP205 bearing bore diameter is 25mm, UCP205-16 bearing bore diameter is 25.4mm, UCP205-15 bearing bore diameter is 23.88mm, UCP205-14 bearing inner diameter is 22.23mm
Q:LK bearing LK is what mean
HelloThis LK is the sign of the bearing seatFujian
Q:What is the difference between UCF bearings and UCFU bearings?
There are no differences between the two bearing codes, all of which are square, top and outer spherical bearings.By current standards, it should be UCFU. Square block old code name is F, the new code name is FU, but because the code is combination, often in the FU U omitted, so this omission U name is widely called.UCF bearings are generally used in: insulating glass production lines, engineering and engineering design,Inkjet printer, condiment processing equipment, heat exchanger, sewage treatment equipment, pump, electric welding machine, sewing machine, worktable, sieve, electroplating equipment, polishing machine, rubber molding machine, pelletizing machine,Plastic calender, agricultural machinery fittings, granulating drying equipment and so on.
Q:how to choose the bearing block 10Bearing inner diameter 50, outer diameter 80, width 10, code type 160106000, what kind of bearing seat should be chosen?I should check to insert ball bearings in there?
Does not match 16010 of the bearings of the bearing seat, 6210 of the okay, the inside is also 50, the load is also large.
Q:What are the best brands in the market? Thanks
KF or KFC: Kaifeng bearing factoryTR: Dongguan bearing factoryFK: Nanan Fujian bearing factory
Q:Kazakhstan axis products are bearings such as UCFLU205?
You said the model, Kazakhstan axis needs special customization, ha axis is the production of external ball seat products, to UC and UCP series based, but the production model is not large
Q:when inserted into the bearing hole, so that the top wire bearing on the top into the concave hole on the shaft?
There is no need to open the hole! A small platform is fine, too, if the location is not required! Otherwise, it is inconvenient to install the alignmentAskDoes it make sense that shafts with large torque apply?Chasing the answerIt's fine too! The inner bore of the bearing is interference fit! The screws are tight enough!
Q:General mounted ball bearings can adjust the heart?
Can the general mounted ball bearing outer circle arc
Q:Bearing does not turn tight how to deal with it
Two the bearings are not in the same plane.Try adjusting the level of the bearing seat

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