HK 1812 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK Series

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Product Description:

Product Specifications:


Model No.: HK 1812

Brand Name: OEM


Net weight: 0.012kg

Material: Chrome steel

Cage: Brass, Steel


1) Precision: P6 P5 P4 P2

2) Noise level: Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4

3) Vibration Level: V1, V2, V3, V4   

4) Clearance: C2, C3, C4     

5) Hardness: 58-63 HRC             

6) Greese: As your requirement, such as SRL, PS2, Alvania R12 and so on.


1.Industrial packing: box

2.Commercial packing: box then into standard carton/wooden Box

3.According customer's requirement


T/T, L/C, Western Union

Delivery time

About 3 to 5 working days


Warrantee: 1 year

Samples: available

 OEM: available

Free technical support and after-sales service

Product Applications:

Needle roller bearings are mainly used in car engines, transmissions, compressors, cranes, etc.

HK 1812 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK Series

Our Advantages:

1. Excellent and high quality control

2. Prompt delivery

3. Competitive price

4. Small order accepted 

5. Customers' drawing or samples accepted

6. OEM service



1.More than 28 years export experience

2.Strict quality control

3.Delivery in time

4.OEM service are available with good price

5.Low MOQ

HK 1812 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK Series

HK 1812 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK Series

HK 1812 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK Series

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Q:I need help for Pro Scooter Bearings!!!?
ABEC numbers are nonsense for skates, boards, or scooters. It is a number for vibration in high speed industrial equipment at speeds that would be past 200mph on a board. It can actually be detrimental since the smaller tolerances that are required for the higher numbers by the spec can mean more friction. Bearing friction is way less than the drag caused by rolling wheels. The top of the line bearings actually do not have an ABEC rating since the companies are designing them specificaly for human powered motion and have opened up some of the specs to reduce friction while keeping other parts tight.
Q:1992 ford explorer rear axle bearings?
better get a chilton repair manual. most axles have some sort of retainer in the differential. auto zone can be a great help if you get the parts there.
Q:Sdg 107cc front wheel bearings size? any cross reference to which others will fit this hub?
All bearings are made in standard sizes. Take your old bearings to an industrial supply that has bearings and they can be matched with something they have on hand. Typically there are some numbers on the bearing that they use find the replacement bearings.
Q:Why are my new independent skateboard bearings so slow??
Indy bearings take a long time to break in. They use a thicker gel lube. You might want to clean them and lube with a light skate bearing lube. ABEC ratings have absolutely nothing to do with speed. It is a measure of tolerance and it only applies to applications where the rotational speed is over 10K RPM.
Q:what are bearings on a fishing reel?
the bearings are inside of what ever on the reel rotates... what they are are little circles with greese and ball bearins inside of them and what they do is first off act as a lub and second the allow whatever it is taht you are using rotate more freely and smoothly
Q:Could this have caused my alternator bearings to fail?
Jennifer. You didn't hurt the alternator bearings by driving the car to the automotive store. Without the serpentine belt, the alternator and water-pump doesn't turn. Without the water-pump spinning is the reason the coolant temperature got hot. The alternator bearings were stiff or noisy before the belt spun off. In fact, that might have caused the belt to spin off. Too bad there isn't an automotive electrical shop or private mechanic nearby who couldn't split the alternator and slide on new bearings and brushes. The alternator will be as good as new! If you're pushed into a corner and it's necessary to purchase an new re-manufactured alternator call around for the best price with the *best lifetime warranty. Let me know how you make out.
Q:Is it worth $10 to get these longboard bearings?
yah duude you shood seriously get reds bearings i got reds bearings like 3 days a go and there deffently worth ten bucks even tho i got my for $20. oh yah and if u consider my answer and goes out to get them is that they will make no sound at first like they usually make. here is one way that i no how to get them in, ok 1. get a screw driver and a hammer, then put the rubbery handle part on the bearing thats in the wheel, oh yah push the bearing in the wheel alittle first. lol, ok then the metal part that is stickin up you hit that with the hammer then it shood go in fine, well ok there you how to put it in and get the bearings, well peace out homme g.
Q:how to clean skateboard bearings read on!?
No lemon juice. The acid will pit the metal in the bearings causing premature failure and rough riding. What damage the acid doesn't do, the water will in the form of rust. The sugar will attract dirt. Clean them in denatured alcohol. A special cleaning unit isn't necessary. Just use a glass peanut jar. Bones Reds are a decent 'value' bearing, but their quality has slipped. Spitfire and Independent have good bearings in your price point.
Q:Question about bearings?
law the solution I gave is correct assuming C is north of A-B because bearings are taken CCW from N. the solution you are reporting is correct if C is south of A-B — a bit of information not provided. ♣♦
Q:Ball Bearings for pulley?
Ball bearings manufacturers give detailed procedure on how to calculate and arrive to the proper selection. I advise to contact them and obtain their catalogues.

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