HK 4016 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK Series

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900000 set/month

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Product Description:

Product Specifications:


Model No.: HK 4016

Brand Name: OEM


Net weight: 0.038kg

Material: Chrome steel

Cage: Brass, Steel


1) Precision: P6 P5 P4 P2

2) Noise level: Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4

3) Vibration Level: V1, V2, V3, V4   

4) Clearance: C2, C3, C4     

5) Hardness: 58-63 HRC             

6) Greese: As your requirement, such as SRL, PS2, Alvania R12 and so on.


1.Industrial packing: box

2.Commercial packing: box then into standard carton/wooden Box

3.According customer's requirement


T/T, L/C, Western Union

Delivery time

About 3 to 5 working days


Warrantee: 1 year

Samples: available

 OEM: available

Free technical support and after-sales service

HK Seal/close type Drawn cup needle roller bearings HK :

1. High accuracy, High speed

2. ISO 9001:2000

3. Can be customized according to your needs

4. Can provide small & miniature standard and non-standard ball berings

5. Reasonable price

6. Technology: low vibration, low noise, high precision and durability

Product Applications:

Needle roller bearings are mainly used in car engines, transmissions, compressors, cranes, etc.

HK 4016 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK Series

Our Advantages:

1. Excellent and high quality control

2. Prompt delivery

3. Competitive price

4. Small order accepted 

5. Customers' drawing or samples accepted

6. OEM service


Q: Are you a manufacturer ?

A: Yes.


Q: Can you produce OEM products or make our brand name on the products?

A: Yes.


Q: Do you have after-serivice or can we return the goods if the goods are defective?

A: Yes, we do. After the goods are shipped, we have one year guarantee. If the shipped goods are approved to be defective, such as rusty, broken, severe deform etc. we will be responsible for the loss.  


Q: What is your main product?

A: We mainly produce Spherical Roller Bearing, but we have worked in bearing field for more than 20 years. We have a comprehensive network of  sourcing and trading all kinds of other bearings including Deep Groove Ball Bearing , Angular Contact Ball Bearing,Cylindrical Roller Bearing , Taper Roller Bearing And Spherical Roller Thrust Bearing , etc .


Q: Where is mainly market?

A: Our goal is to let worldwide customers to love and use our bearings. At present, our mainly customers locates in America, Germany, Franch, Italy, Spain, Iran, India, Pakistan etc.

HK 4016 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK Series

HK 4016 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK Series

HK 4016 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK Series

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Q:How many hrs does it take to replace rod bearings?
Ask yourself WHY this need to be done when your engine should last for 300,000 miles WITHOUT needing ANY internal parts. The answer of course is that you have benn using INFERIOR WAX based engine oils. Even now, you PROBABLY do NOT need new bearings, but you DO need an engine flush and switch over to any of the good synthetic oils with a 0 series rating. Your engine life will extend and your bearings will be protected in the coldest weather, even at START_UP, which is where most engine wear actually occurs. TRUST ME, I know!! You shouldn' tneed crank resurfacing, but take the time to platigage the bearings, or have someone who KNOWS what they are doing repair this thing, Usualy a little crocus cloth will clean the crank surfaces perfectly. THINK AHEAD, and LEARN form this experience. USE DEXOS oil of Mobil One or Amsoil in the future. You will save money and your engine sensors and converter will last longest. GOOD LUCK and HAPPY REBUILDING!!!
Q:is it bad to clean my bearings with DW-40??
Q:Determining if your Brakes or Wheel Bearings are going bad? HELP?!?
The rear knuckle will would desire to come off, and be taken right into a save that would replace the bearing. this is presented it fairly is the outer bearing. the situation is plenty greater in all possibility the axle. CV joints fail greater many times then the bearings.
Q:I am looking for new wheels (bearings) for my roller/inline skates?
for bumpy surfaces bigger softer wheels are good. anything between 56mm-65mm for shorter boards. and for softness, 92-97 is good. meaning 92 is the softess. what kind of tricks are you doing? all these depend on your skating style, beginners should go with a bigger softer wheel. as for bearings, new ones are always better and abec should not matter as much, but a higher abec means faster spin. go with powell reds, no abec rating but a great lasting bearing at an affordable price. make sure you ask about a spacer if you get a bigger wheel, u may not need them but i always prefer 1-2 thin ones.
Q:why do my skateboard bearings keep locking up?
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Q:The difference between spacers in skate bearings?
The difference is the axle diameter that they are for. If you measure the bearing, the opening is 8mm (5/16) Better skates come with 8mm axles and cheaper ones with 6mm axles (1/4) Since 8mm axles fit the inside of the bearings the spacers just take up the space on the axle between them. The spacers for 6mm axles have to have the small ends extending into the bearings to make up for the gap between the axle and the bearing.
Q:Question about 80's 608 zz skateboard bearings?
Those are probably just cheap bearings that aren't any good. I would recommend just getting new bearings. Buy bearings from Bones, they are the best. Bones Reds are the most cost efficient and work really well (~$12). Bones Swiss are the next step up if you have a little more cash to spend (~$35).
Q:How much for rear wheel bearings...?
I replaced the rear hub, which is the rear wheel bearing assembly, and I paid around $80.00 for it. I didn't think it was difficult and figure if you do your own brakes, you can do this. The hard part was getting the hub off the axle, and it what also took the longest time; not because the task was hard, the hub wouldn't come off easily. My car is also front wheel drive, your car shouldn't be much different if at all regardless the manufacturer.
Q:What size bearings does a hoffman bmx bike use?
You may need to be more specific with the question but i assume that you are talking about the bottom bracket bearings. In BMX there are various BB (bottom bracket) sizes there are, Euro BB, Spanish BB, American BB and Mid BB. The most commonly used BB is the Mid which most BMX frames use now days, the American BB is quite old and dated the other BB that you may see is the Spanish BB which is used by various companies one being Fly Bikes (being a spanish company). You may find that your Hoffman frame has a Mid BB and the Eastern frame you own has a Spanish BB the most common difference is the Mid is larger than the Spanish, unless you provide some more information i suggest that you go to your local bike shop and ask for their opinion or help. Good luck!
Q:Can 3m General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner be used to soak long board bearings?
You can clean with gasoline and acetone in a bottle of Gatorade or powerade what ever similar. you shake the bottle for a while when you see that's turning to other color you let dry.

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