Stamping outer ring needle roller bearings

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Stamping bearing also known as punching needle roller bearings or stamping outer ring needle roller bearings, needle roller bearings are used for supporting the design of radialload, reduce the friction between the rotating parts, stamping bearings with smaller cross section, can provide the load capacity of the largest in the smallest space, installed only when press in the bearing seat, very convenient, stamping needle bearing with full needleand frame with two design remain, both with stamping outer ring needle roller, as the outer raceway, full needle type stamping outer ring needle roller bearing has the largest number of needle, by stamping outer ring maintain, low cost, radial load carrying capacity is big, the standard to maintain a chip holding the steel frame comprises a frame type stamping outer ring needle roller bearings, needle roller guide for and maintain, which is characterized in that the running speed, the oil film retention capacity.



Outer ring needle roller bearings is formed by thin steel plates, precision stamping, small structural space, and has a large load capacity. Applicable to the installation space is notrestricted and hole as raceway. And press in the bearing seat hole without further axialpositioning.

The main structural form:

Bearing code

Structure characteristics


Keyhole stamping outer ring needle roller bearings

HK... RS

Keyhole stamping outer ring needle roller bearings with single sealing ring

HK... 2RS

Keyhole stamping outer ring needle roller bearings with double-sided sealing ring


Keyhole stamping outer ring needle roller bearings

BK... RS

Sealing type stamping outer ring needle roller bearings with seals the side


Keyhole stamping outer ring needle roller bearings are filled


Keyhole stamping outer ring needle roller bearings (oil filled limit)


Sealing type stamping outer ring needle roller bearings are filled


Sealing type stamping outer ring needle roller bearings (oil filled limit)

The needle roller bearing without inner ring general. If you need to use the ring, you can select the IR inner ring.

DF stamping outer ring needle roller bearings for the two ends of the bearing pointsperforation (HK type) end and a bearing closed type (BK type). Compared with the keyholestamping outer ring needle roller bearing, one end sealed bearing as closed, suitable for shaft end, and can withstand the axial travel power small.

The 2 seal type stamping outer ring needle roller bearings


With the sealing ring to seal the sealing type stamping outer ring needle roller bearings, in general working conditions, can protect bearings from impurities from intruding and greaseleakage. Therefore, in the use temperature range of -20 DEG -120 DEG inside, the long term operation. If can timely supplement of suitable grease or short-term use, can be used for +130 degrees centigrade.

The sealing ring using synthetic rubber lip, good elasticity, and using the steel lining core,mechanical rigidity, in addition, the sealing ring gap to maintain axial guiding role.

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Do what i do put in the bearing and push it in slightly with your fingers. Then get a screw driver turn it upside down (sharp side facing up) get a hammer and gently nail it in it will stay in and shouldnt even be dented or scrached!

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