PDC Thrust Bearing used in downhole dynamic drilling tools

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1.PDC thrust bearing is widely used in downhole dynamic drilling tools, it is with high hardness and longer life charateristics. It can be in operation at super high temperature (currently the highest temperature is 233℃)and it can hold higher axial load. One pair PDC thrust bearing includes upper ring and bottom ring,one piece PDC thrust bearing includes two part: tungsten carbide ring and PDC compact.PDC material friction coefficient is very low so that it can not be affected by chemical material.

2.PDC thrust bearing is made with standard brazing technology, its compact surface hardness is very high, the contact surface flatness of PDC compact is very low and difficult to manufacture. Few factories in China could overcome this problem.

3.With many times improvement Research and development, we use more advanced welding and grinding technology, has overcome the flatness problem of PDC compact contact surface, make the contact surface flatness less than 0.02mm so that strongly improved PDC thrust bearing service life. Our technology for manufacturing PDC thrust bearing has reached the international advanced level in the industry.


PDC Thrust Bearing used in downhole dynamic drilling tools

PDC Thrust Bearing used in downhole dynamic drilling tools


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Q:Analysis of the problem: when other conditions remain unchanged,
When the other conditions are constant, the bearing life will be 0.125 times as much as the equivalent dynamic load suffered by the ball bearing. (0.5^3).When the other conditions are constant, the bearing life will be half of the original when the speed of the ball bearing is doubled.To read, ah, there are formulas, ha ha.
Q:Feroform what bearing material, metal or nylon, or anything else?
It's made of toughened and wear-resistant nylon, which is more high-grade. As bearings, there are generally PA66+30GF/CF, PA66+PTFE+GF/CF, PA66+, molybdenum disulfide, of which the most cost-effective is PA66+ molybdenum disulfide. Our company has production, and if necessary, you can contact me.
Q:In addition there is no other original bearing high speed bearing deposit in 50 seconds or more for the name?
If love childrenhealth don't buy flat shoes, FSK shoes, skate, play special brake, running and jumping. Well, if you like something more exciting, limit your shoes.
Q:A one-way bearing keyway hole can connect other parts of the shaft, driven by cylindrical rotation? How much speed can I expect?
You are not allowed to say this, with thick shaft, what types of bearings, preferably a drawing can be discussed, or that is not clear
Q:Hello, excuse me, could you tell me if the disc of a clean water pump is broken and the other two must be changed together?
Hello, according to your description:Water pump bearings only a bad disk, then only need to replace a plate of bearings, the other two plates do not need to replaceI hope my answer can help you, what questions please continue to ask questions, thank you for your adoption!
Q:A bearing assembly that can withstand greater torque (other requirements are not required and the axle is cantilevered)
Torque? Bearings are not used to bear torque, mainly to bear axial or radial load
Q:Since what year did NSK begin to provide bearings and other related components for the aircraft industry?
Look! How strong is our motherland! But we can't be content with that.
Q:How are the double seal bearings and other pattern bearings on the specifications and models?
Angular contact ball bearings - 7;Cylindrical roller bearings - N;Needle roller bearing - NA;
Q:What are the five types of bearings? Like F~G...? What else? Who knows?
6 categories: angular contact ball bearings, four point contact ball bearingsThe 7 category: tapered roller bearingsThe 8 Category: thrust ball bearings9 category: thrust roller bearingsPure hand-made, adopt landlord
Q:Characteristics of cross roller bearings
4, substantial savings in installation spaceThe size of the inner and outer ring cross roller bearing is miniature minimal, especially ultra-thin structure is small size close to the limit, and has high rigidity, so the most suitable for industrial robot joints or rotating parts, machining center of the rotary table, the robot rotating parts, precision rotary table, medical instrument IC, measuring equipment, manufacturing device widely used.5., high speed capacity6. reduce the shaft length and processing costs, thermal expansion leads to limited changes in geometric size7. 、 adopt nylon separator, low rotating inertia, low starting torque, easy to control angle division8., optimize pre tightening force, stiffness, guide roller running high accuracy9. carburizing steel provides excellent impact resistance and surface abrasion resistance

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