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What are the factors that affect the screening efficiency of vibrating screens?
Thickness of material layerThe use of plane screen, such as through the vibration sieve surface material layer is too thick, the upper layer material of small particles through the sieve, sieve will cause the error rate, which will increase in raw material cleaning net loss of raw materials, in the classification of particles will reduce the yield (in the upper sieve material layer is too thick, affect the quality of the finished product (lower) the sieving layer is too thick). When the material layer is too thin, the sieving output is too low and undesirable. The suitable material layer thickness should be determined by experiment. When the screen angle is small and the sieve amplitude is large, the material layer may be slightly thicker. Theoretically, the thickness of the material layer is determined by the output, but in actual use, the material may be concentrated on one side of the screen due to uneven feeding of the screen surface, resulting in the excessive thickness of the local material layer, thus affecting the screening effect. The cylindrical screen and the conical screen have similar problems, and when the material flow rate is too large at once, the sieving effect is also affected.
How does a feed vibrating screen work?
Is to filter the impurities by vibration
How does the mine vibration sieve do not do?
The gangue can be rolled several times or rolled for a longer time and can be screened. In addition, the amount of screening is reduced and the slag can be fully shaken and screened on a vibrating screen
How to adjust the vibration frequency of vibrating screen?
The tester uses a power frequency micro motor, whose rotation speed determines the vibration frequency. You can change the speed of the motor in series with a governor of a ceiling fan in the motor power supply.
What is the required opening rate of the vibrating screen?
You mean screen or something?. In fact, each kind of vibrating screen is different, each has its advantages and disadvantages. You can search Xinxiang for major materials introduction.
Vibrating screen is 3 meters long, 80 cm wide, rubber particle sieve, sieve with rubber particles less than 300 kg, with the vibration motor much? How many?
It seems that you are doing a linear screen, the machine is not too reusable, 10-6 can be, exciting force 10KN, 6, 0.75KW. Do you 156 weight.
Domestic ultrasonic vibration sieve power supply transducer, which is better?
Are almost the same, not to do any good, because the work principle, there is to see which in the selection of electronic fittings, ceramic pellet, materials and so on is good things, responsible attitude and workers in the installation work. At present, there is no home to do is unique, more distinctive, or stability is better
Application of vibrating screen in cement production process
Cement clinker shaker is used to cement clinker screening vibrating screen, as in the production of cement clinker by crushing machine broken below 5mm, and then grinding, can improve the yield of about 30% of the cement mill, and saving about 18%, so the new technology is adopted by many cement production enterprises. In order to ensure the grinding clinker size less than 5mm, will need more than 5mm clinker particles and re elected finely, so must be equipped with vibration crusher in clinker and cement mill sieve, this machine can also be used for grading and screening of raw materials.