Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

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It is suitable for offshore platform fire-fighting, thermal dissipation, seawater desalinization, seawater lifting, coastal square fountain, mariculture and attemperation as ground source heat pump in coastal area. It also can lift underground drinking water and mineral water,etc.


QH series stainless steel submersible pump has several kinds of material.

Seawater and strongly corrosive medium: austenitic stainless steel 316, 316L, tin bronze,etc.

Moderately corrosive medium: austenitic stainless steel 304,etc.


CNC lathe precision machining ensures parallelism and perpendicularity of all the castings.

With rigorous testing, well installation and full load performance test, you can feel easy to use it.

Some of our products manufactured by introducing the Germany Ritz technology, improving the pump’s efficiency and making it more energy-saving & environment-friendly.

Motor parameter:

The motor is accord with GB/T2818-2002 pump industry standard, and it is lubricated by water. The motor must be filled with water. The standard length of the extended cable is 3m.

If you need special requirement, we can extend its length. The working temperature should be a little higher than that of common motor because of its poor magnetic conductivity.


The general power specification we supply you:380v/50Hz±5. We also can provide customised specifications at your requirements. The variation of voltage and frequency ratings and its influence on motor performance and temperature should meet the requirements of GB755(National Standard)


We can provide you the suitable products if the actual working condition, the voltage or the frequency are not consistent with above specifications.

Working condition:

The motor should be submerged into water with the depth no more than 70m;

Water temperature: 20

Solid content (mass ratio): ≤0.01%

Refer to the technical agreement to learn more parameters.

Q:I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6 cyl while driving home the other day my check engine light came on ,then I noticed my battery was loosing its' charge ,then I noticed my temperature gauge rising very fast.I stoped to see what the problem was.The vehicle had over heated and the serpentine belt was partially off Iet it cool down then I put water in it and drove it home which was about a quarter of a mile.I noticed no problems with the fan hitting the water pump pully until I put the belt back on .My water pump pulley appears to be off line how do I fix this?
your water pump bearing is probably worn out, unfortunately if this is the case replacing the water pump is the only option take the belt off again grab the fan if you can wiggle it forward and back its no good if its ok go to the belt tensioner, Its the next most likely culprit if it get out of line it will throw the whole thing out of whack good luck
Q:I am having overheating issues with my 1993 3.4L V6 Camaro,Once I start the car with no AC or Heat on while at idle or driving the car will overheat, almost to the red line. When I get onto the highway it will slowly drop all the way down to operating tempeture.Also if I turn on either the AC or Heat while driving around town the car will not overheat.On my way home I turned everything off and let the car overheating, when I got home I opened the hood and the fans are going but still overheating.Also the major sympton is that the water pump will click on and off when I have AC blowing. It will click on and off every 10 seconds or so.New waterpump?
I should change the water pump. The vains or fins in the housing are probably worn. You will see that they are when you pull off and flip it over. Those fins is what keeps the water moving......Steve
It is exactly what it sounds like-a water pump that you put in your well under water. It pumps the water into the house directly from the well, and uses the water as a coolant. Usually they are about 18-24 inches long, about 3-5 inches around, and weight about 40 pounds; and cost a small fortune (if you ask me anyway). Depending upon who you ask they are also the most efficient way to get the water from your well to the house, and do not need anywhere near as much servicing as above ground or in-house pump. Ask your local pump dealer which pump is best for you and the needs of your household-they should be able to give you several to choose from.
Q:Okay my well water pump keeps turning on and off, i can hear it click on and off. Then the water stops running completely! What is wrong with it?? It has been doing this since last night.
Because water does not compress and air does when working properly your storage tank is largely filled with air until water coming in compresses it to around 60 psi then switch cuts out pump and then as it is used water drops pressure to around 30 psi then pump switch cuts in.. so it sounds like you have all water and no air in your tank making pressure shoot up immediately to 60 then shut off then drop to 30 then turn on all with in seconds or minutes whatever you have. Could be couple reasons as stated above tank should have air pressure even if it has no water in it
Q:Hi. This car is 66 chevy but the motor is a 1984 chevy 350 4bolt main stroked to 383. I think its an '84, might be an '85. I need to replace fan clutch and water pump.... the fan clutch is bad but manufacturer of the replacement parts says you must do water pump and fan clutch together. Is the pump a 66 chevy pump or a 350 small block pump? What about the fan clutch? Ok, and please help with motor mounts. do I use mounts specific for 66 model or specific to the motor?
You want the pump specific to the engine. And the motor mounts specific to the vehicle. I have never seen a fan clutch that cannot be replaced separate from the water pump.
Q:I would like a website that has pictures but any info would be helpful...
Even if you put the auxiliary water pump on its still going to leak. The water will still circulate through it. All you need to do is buy a gasket and some silicone, spend a total of $50 and fix it.
Q:This was asked a year ago, so just wanted to see if there were any new answers for me. And any detail of how it can be a quot;do it yourselffix would be great. We are having major surge lately and the tanks pressure gauge reads 50 if that helps. Thanks!
So you have been fighting with this for a year? And you haven't been able to fix it? And you want to keep trying rather than hire an expert? Well, you are stubborn I have to admit that. Hire a well guy. In 10 minutes he will tell you what the problem is and what it will cost to fix it.
Q:I have a 1996 Volvo 960, wagon. I need to replace the steering and water pump on my wagon, and I am wondering if any how can give me instructions on how to do so...
that's a TOYOTA and not a GM vehicle!! in case you're fortunate you will in no way ought to replace the two pump ata ll!!! B U T <<< you need to do preventative maintenance here. AT this mileage, have all your fluids replaced, yet basically at a TOYOTA dealership! this could preclude the water pump and ability guidance pump to pass undesirable for you ALL fluids ruin with time and age on the line. Even the BRAKE fluid gets extremely poisonous and reason CALIPER and grasp cylinder mess ups. in case you FLUSH AND FILL with clean fluid it truly is going to shop a majority of those issues for you! THE NOISE popping out of your pump might merely be telling you that some fool at a QUICKY LUBE HAS used the incorrect fluid int here!! in case you pass directly to TOYOTA< they are going to use precisely the superb FLUIDS< filters and ALL components. and supply you a real guarantee you are able to pass decrease back to on!!! have confidence ME in this! A TRANS fluid employing a NON TOYOTA fluid will smash the trans. same for directing pump and WATER PUMP! basically genuine TOYOTA coolant could be used in that engine or HEAD injury will effect. sturdy success!
Q:Ok, simple question, on a 1992 Jeep Cherokee 4.0. The water pump sucks water (not push) through the heater core correct? So the flow of water goes from the block, through the heater core, into the water pump, right?
If you have air pockets it will block water flow, usually to the heater core, since this is the highest point in the system. To remove air pockets, do the following. Make sure engine is cold. Jackup front of car, park on a steep incline or drive on ramps to raise the front of the vehicle. Remove the radiator cap. Run the engine a bit. This should move the air pockets out the filler neck of the radiator. Turn off engine, top off fluid and put cap back on.
Q:My 1998 Dodge Dakota V6 heater only gets warm, I have replaced the thermostat. I have back flushed the heater core. The heater hose coming from near the thermostat gets hot, but the hose coming from the heater core going to the water pump only gets warm. The large hose coming from the thermostat is hot near the engine, but is only warm near the radiator. Is the water pump bad? If I open the radiator cap there is no signs of circulation. How do I check the water pump?Thanks,Gene
to answer your question directly, you can check a water pump the same on any car. water pumps have whats called a weep hole there is a small hole that is designed to leak coolant when your water pump seal goes out. find the pump and see if there is a trail of white from this 'weep hole' then yes your pump is bad. if not, i dont know the layout of the hoses for your car so i couldnt diagnose it for sure. but check your water pump for the signs i gave you. its a tell tale sign

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