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Function:Dry or wet dural dust absorption,American cigaret end with safety fuse.dust collection 120w,filter net,Length of wire is 4.5m,Weight:1.25kgs,Package:colorful box,12pcs/ctn,Accessories:flexible pipe,hairbrush,flat nozzle


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Q:Can poor people own Dyson vacuum cleaners?
Not yet, but I pray to the Scandinavian gods every night that IKEA will formulate a Dyson vacuum for the masses, perhaps called a Suctionflugen or a Vacuumuum.
Q:uhh so this is a weird question but i want an answer...?
It's called childish. Grow up. The vacuum cleaner isn't going to suck up your feet.
Q:If we turned all the vacuum cleaners on in the world at the same time..?
No but the carpets would be clean :)
Q:Will future vacuum cleaners have a small black hole to improve suction?
Hah! Do you know that back in the 1940s people were saying that one day all our cars would be powered by little nuclear reactors. Look where that went, especially after Chernobyl and Fukushima. People tend to go all foamy at the mouth with their enthusiasm for any new discovery and imagine all manner of applications, thinking it is going to be electricity all over again. Nowadays we don't even wait for a discovery. Just some fanciful speculative piece of math is enough to get the hyperbole organ activated. ELectricity DID find all manner of new applications. But note carefully that electricity is readily available all around up at essentially zero cost. All we had to do was learn to manage it. Dangerous levels of radiation are not all around us. Generating it is a great risk. Hypothetical black holes are light years away, require far more energy to make than the entire history of humanity has ever generated many times over. And frankly if some fool decided to start bringing them to Earth, the result would be disasters that would dwarf Fukushima. Perhaps it would be better if we simply started to get over our cleanliness fetishes and go back to using a broom. Cheers!
Q:What happens if I suck up a spider in the vacuum?
Dump the canister into the garbage and take the garbage out.
Q:What is the development status of vacuum cleaners?
Nowadays, the vacuum cleaner not only functions more and more, the appearance is becoming more and more beautiful, and its price is more and more cheap. It is loved by many people.
Q:What would you do if your child has phobias of water, darkness, cars, vacuum cleaners and dust?
Desensitize her to her fears. Vacuum: Have her sit on the couch and show her the vacuum but do not turn it on. Point out what every visible part of the vacuum is and explain what the vacuum does. Then, have her touch the different parts of the vacuum. After this, show her how to turn the vacuum on and have her turn it on. Convince her to push the vacuum. Go slowly and, eventually, she will lose her fear of the vacuum. Cars: Show her pictures of cars in her favorite color. Show her different kinds of cars, trucks, vans, buses etc. Tell her how important cars are and that they can take her places like the store, school, the park, etc. Have her sit in the car with you and have a picnic. Allow her to honk the horn, turn the wipers on and play with the radio. Then, plug her in and turn the car on. Tell her that cars are not toys, she should never get in one alone and she should never crawl under one or stand behind one. Later, turn the car on and have her stand outside the car with you so she can experience the noise while you explain car safety to her. Water: Play some fun games in the bathtub. Show her the shower and have her use it to make bubbles in the bath. Put colored bubbles in the water and use toys and such. You can even put on a swimsuit and get in with her so she isn't so afraid. Take her to places where she can play in a shallow pool and where you guys can look at waterfalls. Show her video's of water falls on youtube. Darkness: This is a common fear. Try playing games in the dark, leaving only a night light on. Try eating dinner by candle light and going outside at night to look at the stars. This will help her feel more comfortable with it being dark but she may still need a nightlight at night. Dust: Show her how to draw pictures in the dust. Explain to her that it wont hurt her. Then, show her how to get rid of the dust.
Q:Vacuum cleaners...When it comes to maintaining suction, being leight weight, and low noise level, ...?
for the best suction you can get i would stay away from the uprights and get a Henry i have been a cleaner for 12yrs and have used all the different cleaners you can think of and the best one i have ever used is the Henry
Q:vacuum to clean interior of oil burner?
Hi, you need a good shop vac. with a flexible wand to do a good job. Also use one that you are not planning on using for anything else after you are done.
Q:What is a good, inexpensive hand-held vacuum cleaner?
I work in a vacuum sales/repair shop and I believe the Dirt Devil classic or ultra vac are your best choices. They are bagless/bagged units. They are NOT cordless. They only corless I sell, is a high power unit for about $70. The DD will run about 40-60.

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