Robot Cleaner/hot selling auto recharged robot cleaner 2 side brushes auto vacuum,cleaning robot

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Product Description:

Product Description


1)Manufacturer of robot cleaner
2)Mop function, auto charge
3)UV Lamp Disinfection
4)noise level 45db

2014 hot selling auto recharged robot cleaner  2 side brushes auto vacuum,cleaning robot


lTechnical Specification:


Main Material:



Dry and Wet

Input Voltage of charger:

AC 100-240V

OutputVoltage of charger:


Input Voltage of battery:

DC 24V

Output Voltage of battery

DC 14.8V

Main Body Power:


Suction Power:

3-5 W

Working Low Speed:


Working High Speed:


Remote Distance:

0-15 meters

Temperature Range:

-10°C- 40°C

Humidity Range:

≤ 85RH

Noise Level:


Battery Type:          

DC 14.8V 2200mAh Lithium Battery

Battery Life:

800 cycles

Charging Time:


Working Time:


Dust Bin Capacity:


Outside Diameter:




Net Weight:


Gross Weight:



lWhat’s in the box?

1 X Laborer Robot Cleaner for LR-300/350/400/450/500 Series

1 X Rechargeable Battery for Laborer Auto Robot Cleaner

1 X Adaptor

1 X Dock Station

1 X User Manual

1 X Cleaning Brush

2 X Side Brush (Extra)

1 X Filter (Extra)

1 X Mop (Extra)



One-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty on Laborer Robot Vacuum Cleaner, One-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty on the Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery.


lFeatures on robot cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner:


1. Long-lasting working time due to high energy lithium battery:

Environment friendly, few self discharge rate then Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery, reach 800 recharging cycles, high energy to make sure long-lasting working.


2. Extremely low noise <50dB

Unique & precise mould design and compact structures make noise level lower than other’s robots in the market


3. Powerful vacuum function

Special aluminum fan blades with 8000rpm Speed ensure powerful suction ability, which can absorb not only big objects such as screws, pins, nails, etc, but also the dust, debris and pet hair.


4. Anti-tangle function

   The unique constructure effectively extracts itself when picking up cords carpet fringe or tassels


5. Special material brushes rotate in same direction

Higher cleaning efficiency, main brushes with intensive even hair can effectively clean fine dirt on the floor.


6. Showing work status and functions clearly on panel

   Easily control and operate at any time, Error codes displaying on the LED screen


7. Mopping function

Mopping and cleaning at same time make your home cleaner and bright.


8. Automatically recognize day or night

Automatically enter into mute cleaning mode at night or rest time.


9. UV lamp disinfection

UV lamp removes up to 96% of common household bacteria on the floor, making sure your home get reliably clean with our auto auto cleaner.


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Q:What are some good vacuum cleaners?
Yes, I think dept stores are too expensive and have limited supply of vacuums.
Q:Does your self-satisfying involve vacuum cleaners?
i ttried it once and it hurt super suggestion dnt do it
Q:How many Vacuum Cleaners do you have at your House???
just one1 i have all hard wood floors no rugs
Q:If pizza hut sells pizza, sunglass hut sells sunglasses why does fingerhut sell vacuum cleaners?
bcuz u dont kno the secret password to get the fingers
Q:My vacuum cleaners' brush wont spin when on floor----spins when you take it off the floor, belt is not broken?
Seems to me you should try to take the bottom off of the vacuum and see what is stuck. Maybe something wrapped around the motor. more than likely it's the beater brush that's stuck. Lift it out and take the ends off. They usually screw off like opening a jar. and clean underneath those pieces you just took off. The fact the the belts keep breaking is telling me that the MOTOR is running, that's what's breaking the belt. the belt is stuck because the brush is stuck, the motor however is turning thiis Still brush till the belt brakes. good luck to ya.

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