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Function:Dry or wet dua-purpose dust absorption,American cigaret end with safety fuse.dust collection 120w,filter net,Length of wire is 4.5m,Weight:0.68kgs,Package:colorful box,20pcs/ctn,Accessories:flexible pipe,hairbrush,flat nozzle

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Q:especially for philips brand vacuum cleaners
try it in Mock Kong ( may my spelling is wrong ).. near hong kong.... been once where u can find any thing .... it very cheap... there... buddy just try and write to me on this.... bye !!
Hi There... this site might help you...
Q:How many people worldwide have vacuum cleaners?
who cares really
Q:Ive got a dog biscuit stuck in it.. if i take those two little screws out will i be able to get it out? will it be easy too put back together? i hate taking things apart because sometimes they just don't want to go back together!
How far up is the biscuit? Can you fit a utensil (fork, knife) in there and break up the biscuit instead? Then you just tap it out, or vacuum it in.
Q:My son just started crawling and of course tries to pick up every little thing on the carpet...heres the problem, he is terrified of the vacuum and too heavy for me to hold or keep in a carrier as I do it. How often do you do these chores, does anyone have a way for me to help my son not be afraid?
all wood floors here, sweep maybe twice a day, plus spot sweeping a couple times (to control the crumbs from cherios, fishes, etc) but i have a dog and get hair on the floor rather fast i HATE sweeping now!!!! ps for vaccuming, hell get used to it, i have swiffer vac, and my son was scared of it too, now he doesnt care. Turn it on and sit with him beside it, touch it, get him to touch it stick your feet on the floor beside it, and his, let it run and show youre not scared and nothing will happen.
I have bought different vacuum cleaners both cheap and expensive ones but some cheap ones out performed better in some areas than the high tagged ones. You can check out the link below for better reviews.
Q:Or any type of love theme? I'm trying to be a practical while at the same time being very romantic.
Woudn't that be kind of hard to use?
Q:I have waited a year or so to finally get my hands on a hand vacuum cleaner because my mom said we needed to get a good one. Well she finally bought one, but she only bought it because it was ON SALE. I don't know much about hand vacuum cleaners, except this one SUCKS.It's by Sunbeam and it's called quot;Star Elite.It doesn't have a lot of power, only has a small opening to collect dirt etc (1quot;x 1cm) and is horrible at picking up stray pieces of hair. It only also works for 15 minutes and then it has to be charged for 15 hours.The main problem out of all that I have is the lack of power and horribly ability to pick up stray hair off the ground.Does anyone know a hand vacuum cleaner that is certainly better than this?
a Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum is the best i could find.
Q:...brooms have been replaced by vacuum cleaners??Is it that difficult to ride on a vacuum cleaner ?
They aren't extinct...they simply changed the first letter in the word to go into hiding. I lived with one for some time I know...
Q:I am planning to start working for Rainbow vacuum. Any warning that I should know about? Any helpful hints? Anything?
The vacuum cleaners are hard enough to sell in a normal economy. In a lousy economy like what we have now, the job is vene more difficult. Folks don't buy a $1300 vacuum just because. They have to be fully convinced it is worth the money. It is very heavy, especially with the water in it, and you should not try to dismiss objections about carrying it up down stairs - that is really not recommended, and not to be advised because of the risk of injury. They either empty the unit of water, and refill on the second floor, or they buy a second system for the second floor - and you can double your sales! If you every find such a customer, give them a good discount on the second system, OK? Good Luck; but in case things are slow, I suggest you have another part time job ready.

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