Vacuum Cleaner BAGLESS High Suction Power Cyclone Dust Bucket 1200W/1400W

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Item specifice:

VACUUM: >20KPA NOISE: <75dB POWER: 1200W/1400W

Product Description:

Features of FJ132X 1200W/1400W Vacuum Cleaner

Muti-surface accessories for carpet and bare floor cleaning

Low profile nozzle reaches under furniture

Easy empty dust cup

SPECIFICATIONS of FJ132X 1200W/1400W Vacuum Cleaner (BASIC SET)

Input Voltage:220-240V

Body material: PP,ABS

Vacuum: ≥20Kpa

Power wire length:5m

Collection bin capacity:1.8L

with speed control, with cord rewinder


Pictures of FJ132X 1200W/1400W Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner  BAGLESS High Suction  Power Cyclone Dust Bucket 1200W/1400W

Vacuum Cleaner  BAGLESS High Suction  Power Cyclone Dust Bucket 1200W/1400W

Vacuum Cleaner  BAGLESS High Suction  Power Cyclone Dust Bucket 1200W/1400W

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Q:Is the an effective way to clean out laptop fans?
Dust cans and vacuum cleaners on reverse work well. The vacuum will be more powerful, so it's preferred, the only trouble is that in order to make sure you don't re-infect with more dust than before is to use a water based machine, such as a rainbow. I highly recommend that you DO NOT use typical filter/bag based machines with electronic equipment. Anyway, once you have your air-duster of choice, use an extended paperclip to reach into the vent and hold the fan still. Blow from one side, so that the air pressure forces the dust out the other side of the vent. Depending on the make of your laptop, it's often advantageous to simply take it apart for a good cleaning every 3 months or so.
Q:Decent vacuum much?
You can get a very good vacuum cleaner for about one hundred thirty dollars this would be a Panasonic Upright vacuum cleaner, it is lightweight easy to maneuver powerful suction twelve amp motor and last long best yet reliable, you can get a cheaper price than quoted if you go to vacuum stores and beat their price down by acting as if you are interested in several brands then ask to try one out ask for price of demonstrator and if it sounds too much money then say I am going to check out another dealer and start to walk out door the salesperson will not want you to leave and will make you a better deal Good Luck !
Q:what are some good cheap~ish handheld vacuum cleaners?
Q:Are the kirby Vacuum cleaners really a good investment?
Even the people I know that love their Kirby's say that it isn't worth the expense. Yes, tell them to f off. That kind of pressure is not ethical and I would report them to the Better Business Bureau.
Q:best vacuum cleaners?
Oh boy, open a can of worms. Kirby lovers swear by theirs, Miele swear they are the best, Dyson lovers, ditto. Consumer Reports does not like any of those three. The Sears one (which one I don't remember) got good reviews. I've had an Oreck, it was OK for quick jobs, but dog hair did a number on the brushes and in turn tore the rubber belt. I got real good at replacing them. Eventually the machine fell apart as I was cleaning dog hair so frequently. I have a Rainbow which I like for baseboards, walls, etc and some carpet cleaning. However, my new Dyson does outdo the Rainbow on the carpet but I hate it for walls, area rugs, etc. (it is super powerful but awkward) The Dyson clogs with dog hair and their instructions aren't real good about finding the wasn't where it said it was but when I discovered where it was and super easy to access, Dyson 28 is back to being a good friend.......for awhile.
Q:does a vacuum cleaner pick up as much dirt while you pull it backwards?
Yes. Direction of movement has no effect on the suction.
Q:Handheld battery vacuum--is there one?
Hi, Hope this helps.
Q:What would be the best vacuum cleaner to get for both hardwood floors and carpets?
I use a dyson on my floors and it works wonderful, though i don't use the power head on the hard wood floors and the rotation on the brush can cause damage but the normal head that comes with it is fantastic. Some vaccums have ranges where they are suited for pet hairs I am not sure about dyson as I don't have pets in the house, but with 2 girls in the hosue with long long hair it helps to have a good vaccum and my choice is dyson!
Q:Which came first, wall-to-wall carpeting or vacuum cleaners?
Thee are paintings in the 1700's showing upper class families with fitted carpets, so the fitted carpet came first.
Q:Have you ever run over your OWN toe with the front of the vacuum cleaner?
let me tell u a story about me and vacuum hubby and i have been married for 10 yrs, and i've had to buy a new vacuum cleaner for EVERY year we've been married, cuz it aint just my toes I'm runnin' over!!! <<<me and the vacuum, DON'T GET ALONG!!!

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