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  • Efficiently vacuums dirt, debris, pet hair, dust, allergens and more from carpets and hard floors

  • Counter rotating main brush and rubber brushwork together like a dustpan and broom

  • Side brush make the cleaner more efficient at cleaning edges and corners

  • Fine filter traps dust and tiny particulate inside the dustbin

  • Cleans the whole floor, under and around furniture, into corners and along wall edges

  • Gentle touch bumper to protect furniture and wall surfaces

  • Built-in cliff avoidance sensor to prevent from falling down stairs

  • Virtual wall creates an invisible wall which can block the cleaner from entering off-limit areas



  • Automatically returns to the dock station for self-charging

  • Automatically start cleaning when being fully charged

  • Automatically cleaning at a preset time

  • Wireless remote control allows you to conveniently control the robot's functions

  • Can easily know its working status on the LCD screen

  • Tightness, and highly modularization design, easy to do regular cleaning

  • UV lamp on the bottom can effectively kill bacteria and purify the environment

  • With Mop can sweep and mop floor at the same time

  • Fast and slow cleaning mode for your selection



  • Automatic cleaning and charging (before the batteries power run out, the cleaner will search the station and charge automatically)

  • Charging time can be set to clean at a certain time any day or days each week

  • With stair avoidance sensors to avoid the cleaner for falling down

  • With non-marring bumper (when meet barrier, it will rebound, but work still)

  • With touch-sensitive sensor to get out of the tight places, such as sofas, beds and more

  • With virtual wall (if you need clean one room/a certain area only, you may open the virtual wall, the cleaner will never go out the room/area)

  • With remote controller, you use it to set cleaning time, speed, docking and timing cleaning

  • With mop for wet cleaning the floor

  • With UV lamp to kill the bacteria on the floor

  • Low-noise, only about 50dB

  • Easy to clean design


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  • For confirmed product faulty on your approval, we can send you replacement parts free of charge. 


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Q:Vacuum cleaners for pet hair?
We got the smallest of the Dyson ball uprights. They tend to start at $399 but if you find a deal or sale, you might get it for $300 - we did at Best Buy as they had a special coupon... this bag-less vacuum picks up an amazing amount of stuff you don't even see on your carpet. It's awesome.
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner in the $100-$150 range for thick carpet and pets?
I also work for a vacuum shop, and I would agree with the other person above about not going bagless. The hair will definitly clog the filters faster and makes for a real dirty mess. I honestly think it will be hard to find a good quality vacuum in that price range that will last. All vacuums are stong and pick up at first. The Dyson is horrible, simply put. Very heavy, clog often and noone wants to repair them. The Dirt Devil company has made better vacuums as of late, but I would would recommend a Sanitaire vacuum which will give you more longevity and eventually you will want to get a canister. Sanitaire vacuums are made for commercal use, but can be used in residential settings and are very strong and just above your price range. You can check out the source below to read up on these vacuums and compare prices.
Q:PLEASE HELP! What's the difference in these Tristar Model Vacuum cleaners: DXL DXL compact CXL and the IEC?
IEC stands for Interstate Engineering Corporation. This is the original manufacturer of the Compact and TriStar vacuum cleaners. The Compact began selling the C1 model in 1946 and continued with model updates until 1981 ending with the C9. In 1982, it was rebranded as the TriStar and the model was the CXL. The CXL model sold until the mid 1990 s. After that, the model changed to DXL. These sold until 1998. The biggest differences between the CXL and the DXL are the Turbo Brush carpet cleaning tool and the filtration system. The DXL introduced a new, more practical Filter Fresh sub-micron filtration system. These filters can still be purchased today. The older CXL filters are obsolete and cannot be replaced. The good news is... the DXL Filter Fresh filters are reverse compatible and will work on almost any Compact or TriStar manufactured between 1973 - 1998. The DXL also changed the drive of the Turbo Brush from a flat, smooth belt that slips to a geared belt that shuts off automatically with the help of a computer circuit board that tells the motor to shut off if something gets caught in the brushes. The machine was totally redesigned and was released in 1999. It was called the EXL. The only parts that are interchangeable between the pre and post 1999 models are the wheels and the bags. Although both use the same cyclonic dirt bagging system, the machines themselves are almost totally different.
Q:what do YOU love the SMELL of?
garlic and that sorta chlorine smell of an indoor pool.
Q:Why are Dyson Vacuum cleaners so expensive?
They say there supposed to be great work well great suction but I'm going to wait a while before buying maybe by then the price will go down anything new always has a big price tag like those flat screen TVS now they are more affordable!
Q:whats the difference between vacuum cleaners in 1901 and vacuum now?
Back then some of them ran on gasoline. Click below and you can get the full history of the vacuum cleaner.
Q:Who invented the earliest vacuum cleaners?
In 1901, British civil engineer booth went to the imperial Concert Hall in Leicester square, London, to show a demonstration of a car dust collector in the United states. The vacuum cleaner uses compressed air to blow dust into the container, which Buss thought was not good because many dust failed to blow into the container.
Q:who buys commercial used vacuum cleaners dallas, tx?
Pretty much anyone who needs one but can't afford a new one.
Q:Does anyone know of any good vacuum cleaners for kids? Toys or otherwise?
dirt devil brand for kids actualy picks up like a sweeper vac and you can empty out the dirt and everything it picks up.
Q:If we turned all the vacuum cleaners on in the world at the same time..?
HAhA, this is funny. But I believe it won't. UNLESS! Unless there are really BIG, GINORMOUS vacuum out there that are sucking at the same time. LOL

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