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  • Ultra thin body design, it can dig into the bottoms of the furniture inconvenient to clean, such as the sofa, bed, tea table, etc. so using this cleaning robot you can easily clean the bottoms of the furniture.

  •  Ultra low noise, less than 55 dB, which is significantly lower than the transitionally cleaners.

  • Wireless remote, that is to say the control of the cleaning robot won’t be affected by the obstacles, as the wall, the furniture, etc. So you can control the cleaning robot at will.

  • Equipped with static rag and cleaning brush, so the works of dust absorbing, cleaning and mopping can be carried out synchronously. And it can automatically clean the dust, dirt, particle, animal hair and other chips and leavings on the floor.

  • The computer guidance system, which can plan the cleaning route automatically without any manual intervene.

  • Clean automatically, so you can set to clean as soon as the charging is completed.

  • Automatic checking of the rubbish, so it can focus to clean the relatively dirty areas.

  • Anti-fall probes, with front case to avoid collision, so the self-protection is easily real* Changeable operating speed, you can set fast clean and slow clean according to your own needs. ized.

  • Energey Efficient, super-easy, super-advanced and super-efficient – especially when it comes to energy consumption. Tests have shown that the Ceno-Ease robot vacuum cleaners uses substantially less energy and is up to 20 times cheaper and greener than when using a normal vacuum. Now that’s a big difference to your electricity bills.

  • Vacuum Better Than You Do, AND NO CORDS,NO TUBES,NO BAGS,NO MESS..

  • The best way to clean your home,  the robot vacuum cleaner is zero effort, is cheaper than some traditional vacuum cleaners and most importantly will ensure you never need to vacuum again.  No one likes vacuuming and even the most diligent among us only vacuum once a week. It’s time consuming, laborious and in this day and age an unnecessary task

  • Compact and Powerful


Products Φ32cm  H 8.5cm
Packaging conditions
Each packed in a color box
Color Box Size : 460*400*145mm

4 pcs per carton,

20 GP 780pcs
40 GP  1516pcs
40 HQ 1924pcs



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Q:stories with women using vacuum cleaners as a punishment?
Sounds like child abuse to me. I love my daughter and would never do anything to harm her.
Q:I have a math question if anyone would like to help me. Please tell me how to slove it then give me the answer?
He must sell $8000 because if he kept one eighth of it, he would have $1000
Q:why are cars made as little boys toys but boys AND girls grow up and drive?
eh, boys are just into that, as a girl, I don't think most of us ever really cared, I still don't. To me it's a piece of metal you can get places in- for boys there's this whole facination with the actual car I agree, I find the vaccum cleaners offensive, though!! Seriously... it's like household chores, how is that only for girls!!! I see stuff like that all the time.. ugh. There was a guy on wife swap who called it skirt work :( but then the new wife made him see what it was like to do all the work like his wife did!! that made me laugh!! But the cooking ones are a little taboo... it is usually like housework, feeding the family, but chefs both women and men can make a career out of it, it's more like an art for them- like there are some really good cooking colleges and stuff.
Q:Why are cats afraid of vacuum cleaners?
because they are large and very noisy to cats it is like a huge monsterto them which is sucking all things. cars hate noise so they get scared when they hear this
Q:how long have robotic vacuum cleaners been around?
not sure but it has been several years I don't know anyone personally that has one I would like to try one but way too expensive for me!
Q:Does any company still make a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar and brush?
I bought one at sears 9 months ago.
Q:how much did the iRobot Roomba cleaners cost?
Q:Has anyone used one of those robotic vacuum cleaners (they vacuum floor by themselves). How effective was it?
~~My mom has one and raves about it. My step dad even named it Suzette! My mom, who is anal about a clean house says it does better than she can as it goes under furniture, etc. She's made me want one now. Just not sure what my dogs would do to it??~~
Q:I need to buy a new vacuum cleaner - is the Dyson really as good they say?
Oh gosh -- my sister has one, and I ask to borrow it whenever I can. I have a really good vacuum, too, but her Dyson has stuff I really like -- for example, the hose and attachments are right there and you don't have to stop vacuuming to hook anything up if you want to clean the baseboards or edges of furniture. Also, it really does move easily and can get under and around stuff than my vacuum can't. One idea, though, to save you some money -- my sister got hers almost brand new off of Craigslist for less than half of what the new one would be, and the warranty papers and all of that stuff was there just in case. She hasn't had any problems though.
Q:What do I do with my old phones and vacuum cleaner?
I've set old vacuum cleaners out with my garbage, and the collectors took them. I'm not saying that's the best answer, but it works. Look up local recycling centers and see what you can find. Oh yes, make sure you've deleted your personal information from the phones if you can: Some cases of identity theft can be traced to phones that the con harvested phone numbers and similar information from. Good luck!

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