robot vacuum cleaner high class vacuum cleaner luxury robotic cleaner

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10000 unit/month

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Low price And High quality Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1.Our factory accept trail order and OEM
2. UV vacuum cleaner


1.  Remote Controller: All you need to do is press the button, and the robot will clean your floor automatically.

2. Compact Shape (Thickness: 8.7cm): Allows cleaning under the beds, tables and other furniture.

3. Auto Charging Base: Seek the auto charging dock station once it is starting to run out of power, and re-charge automatically.

4. UV lamp: To kill the bacteria on the floor. To supply you a clean and healthy environment.

5. Stair avoidance detector and non-marring bumper: Automatically senses to avoid stairs, drop-off or damage the object in front of it.

6. Space Isolator: Creates an invisible wall which can block the cleaner from entering off-limit areas.

7. Wireless remote controller: Conveniently control the robot (within 10 meters).

8. Full Go: Press full go button, the robot will restart cleaning when it is full of charging.

9. Speeds choose: You can choose the speed of the robot moving by controller.

10.Mop Cloth: Sweep and mop the floor at the same time.




Black, white

Running Time

Min. 70 minutes


DC 14.4V

Working Area

4.8M*4.0Min 20 min.



Charging Time


Noise Level






N. W




Gift box size


Dust Bin Capacity


Carton Size


 product parts

NO.1 Main body.....1pc

NO.2Charging home base.....1pc

NO.3Remote control.....1pc

NO.4Virtual wall(battery not included).....1pc


No.6Cleaning tool.....1pc

No.7User manual.....1pc

No.8Extra side brushes.....2pc

No.9Extra HEPA filter.....1pc

robot vacuum cleaner high class vacuum cleaner luxury robotic cleaner



What is your packaging of robot vacuum cleaner?

It's according to client's  requests.we can also accept OEM.


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Q:Are you scared of vacuum cleaners too?
Of course, I need a good excuse not to have to vacuum around here ;-)
Q:survey - why do vacuum cleaners suck so much ?
Because that's what their suppose to do.
Q:Itching Skin - no relief help!!?
I'm not sure. I think you should ask your doctor.
Q:What are the most common problems do you face with vacuum cleaners ?
I've had several... Hair gets in the brush attachments of the cleaning tools The belt somehow gets twisted Loose dust and dirt clings to the opening of the bag so when you change the bad, it kinda poofs in the air or falls back on the floor The vacuum runs over its own cord ( doesn't just run over its own cord...obviously...but the cord gets in the way) My old hoover vacuum used to always get stuff trapped in the flexible hose and I had to use a coat hanger to pry it back out Sometimes they smell odd when in old dust or something.
Q:Protecting woolen sweaters from moths . . .?
Lavender is a much nicer scent--- and it will also ward off moths. Another thing to try is to use the new big Ziploc bags to store them in the Summer-- then you can minimize the damage by storing them separately....then hopefully not all sweaters will be damaged.
Q:Vacuum cleaner question ..... Airwatts?
I believe it is similar to mechanical horsepower, which takes into account both speed and torque. In the case of airwatts, it would be the available power to do work, taking into account both the pressure and volume of the airflow, outside of the vacuum motor's fan.
Q:My Uncle sells vacuum cleaners. Each week he earns $200 plus 8% of his sales.?
Call your uncle and just ask him what his check was for. OH!! This is a homework question where your uncle sells vacuum cleaners. I get it. (sarcasm) Just calculate what 8% of $3200.00 is. Then add the $200.00 that he earns weekly. That answer is how much he makes a week.
Q:are all vacuum cleaner spares universal?
um yes
Q:Which was not a consumer good in the 1920s?
The Television. It was invented in 1929, but not sold until the Depression and WW2 ended.
Q:Should I vacuum gravel and screws?
The aquarium vacuum cannot be compared to a regular vacuum cleaner. The motor is smaller as well as the vacuum pump. Also the particles flow through the aquarium vacuum pump where as the regular vacuum cleaners create a vacuum in the container that catches the dust and debris and there is usually a filter between the container and the intake of the vacuum pump that blocks most of the dust and debris. Make sure you check that filter before you start and when you have finished the vacuuming.

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