HEPA Central Filtration Vacuum Cleaner bagless

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30000 PCS/month

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Brand Name: 

OEM Central Vacuum Cleaner,OEM

Place of Origin: 

Jiangsu China (Mainland)


Any One or Mix




Hepa Central Vacuum Cleaner


One 20FT

Max Power: 



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

Floor Dust Cleaner Packing: Product Size:365x255x265mm Giftbox Size: 400x310x310mm Loading Quantity: 20FT:700 units 40FT:1580 units 40HQ:1800 units

Delivery Detail:

45 Days for One Container Floor Dust Cleaner



Product Size: 380*255*265mm

Gift box Size: 400*310*310mm

NW: 4kg

GT: 6kg

20FT: 750pcs   40FT: 1580pcs     40HQ:1800pcs

Power: 1200W/ 1400W/1600W (1600W motor recommended)

Noise Level: 70dB (Under 1600W motor)

Dust Capacity: 1.5L

Airflow: 2.0m3/min (Under 1600W motor) 

Suction Power: 230W (Under 1600W motor) 

Filtration System: HEPA filtration

Cord Length: 5-6m

Voltage: 100V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V

Accessories & Parts information:

2 in 1 small tool; Normal brush; Hard floor brush;Hose;2 pcs plastic tube or metal telescopic tube

Feature: Nice design, High efficiency, HEPA outlet filter, Shared handle for dust bin and whole unit; Airflow control on handle; 360°swivel hose.


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Q:What sound always annoys the crap out of you?
The song Foot loose by Kenny Loggins
Q:Are there energy star vacuum cleaners?
It's called a broom.
Q:Why are sewing machines and vacuum cleaners always repaired at the same shop?
Are they? Not around here. But if they do that where you live, maybe it's because there aren't enough of either to make a profitable business.
Q:Protecting woolen sweaters from moths . . .?
Things You’ll Need: Dressers Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners Plastic Storage Drawers Stain Removers Cologne Perfume Step1 Keep in mind that the clothes moth mainly fancies wool but has been known to munch, from time to time, on fur, cashmere and sometimes silk. You may find these materials as trims, woven fabrics and, of course, as sweaters, socks, gloves and boot linings. Step2 Spot-clean any food stains from garments, as they may attract moths. Spray perfume or cologne on your skin or cotton garments, but avoid misting wool garments and knits. Step3 Vacuum your home and closets regularly. Dispose of the bag's contents immediately - they may contain moth eggs and larvae. Step4 Dry-clean your moth-friendly clothes regularly to kill any new egg deposits. Place your wool accessories in airtight drawers or containers that include moth balls, cedar blocks or herbal sachets. Step5 Store winter knits in a sturdy cedar chest, if at all possible. The oil from the wood is an effective moth repellent, and many manufacturers offer a guarantee against moth damage. Step6 Hang cedar blocks from hangers that hold questionable garments, or switch to cedar hangers. Check your local home and garden store for moth repellents that you can spray directly on hanging clothes. ______________ Herbs, including lavender and rosemary, offer some protection against the clothes moth. Replace sachets every few months or reactivate with drops of essential oils. Put new cedar blocks or moth balls in your closet and drawers at the beginning of each winter season. Read the list of active ingredients in moth balls and moth repellents in spray form. The chemicals can be malodorous and could cause adverse skin reactions. If you notice bald patches in your carpet, it could be the work of moths or the carpet beetle. Check with an exterminator before the problem spreads and the population increases.
Q:why hoover fusion vaccum too loud?
Vacuum cleaners usually are rather loud. But they're silent when they're turned off.
Q:Has anyone Watched the New Season of Big Love and noticed.....?
I wondered about that one also, and the fact that the brand name is CLEARLY visible in almost all shots. I would have to say yes, it is product placement.
Q:Do people know that dyson vacuum cleaners are ****?
While I've only heard good things from people who have bought DYSONS- I believe that proper maintance is really key... I have an older vacuum a HOOVER-SAVVY which I LOVE.. I've had it for just over 5 yrs. and it works very well. In fact when it came out it was rated as good as, or better than a DYSON and it cost 1/2 as much... I also since the vacuum was a gift I purchased the extended warranty which has been a great purchase and still was cheaper than a DYSON.. The warranty covered pretty much everything except filters.... So, I would take my vacuum in- 2x a year for it's annual clean check ( I would call under warranty and tell them it wasn't working properly) and basically come home with a new vacuum... I believe that anything you buy and use regularly and I vacuum almost everyday needs upkeep and maintanace... So, to anyone that buys a DYSON and finds it to be sub-par I would send it back under warranty and keep sending it back until the problem is fixed or they send you a new one... I have a set of CALPHALON non-stick commercial grade pans... I got them for a wedding present ($200.00)... They have a 10 yr. warranty. I send them back every couple of years and get a BRAND-'NEW set. No questions asked... After the 10 yrs. are up I'll probably just buy some other pans... I don't like them... However, if I can get brand new pans every yr. then why not? Read and use the warranty... good luck
Q:I would like to know which vacuum cleaners are better - Hoover Vs Kenmore?
I have a hoover wind tunnel vacuum. I like it very much except it seems to eat belts. I have had it about 3 months and have gone thru 3 belts. They are cheap so I don't really mind. But overall it is the best vacuum I have used.
Q:What do you call the type of person who buys a vacuum cleaner to use it once and then returns it?
The predator.
Q:Should I vacuum gravel and screws?
The problem with upright vacuum cleaners is the belt drive for the beater bar. The screws will do major damage to the rubber and you'll have to replace it. If you can use the hose without the bar and pick up all of the big stuff then you can vacuum the small gravel and dust as usual.

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