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1) Material: ABS

2) Input: DC 12V, power: 150W

3) Max vacuum degree: 4Kpa

4) Cord length: 4m

5) Cyclone function: dust still rotated on the top of vacuum cover, don't easy block up your machine

6) Color: different colors are availble

7) With different cleaning accessories (180 degree swing brush head, extension pipe, crevice suction tool, 360 degree round brush, bed brush)





1pc/color box, 6pcs/ctn, 45*32.5*46.5vm


2502PCS/20FT, 5100PCS/40FT, 6000PCS/40HQ


CE, ROHS approvals



Q:I am looking for two vacuums... One so I can clean around the house, and a hand held with a hose for the stairs. I don't want to pay a fortune, and I would rather not pay over $50.00 for a handheld. I would like to stay in the range of $150.00 for the regular vac. Thanks.
I have a little hand held dirt devil dust buster. It is the greatest thing! There are no cords, so you can take it anywhere. It is so great for vacuuming the car!! As for one around the house, you are going to have to look for one based on your specific needs. There are ones for pet owners, deep steam cleaners, etc. And if you really don't want to do it yourself, there are the roomba's that do it all for you!!! Walmart has a ton of vacuums. I posted a link on here. You can also search by price.
Q:the one I have now is very noisy. thanks for any info on this
Try the Sensor 12, or Sensor 15, German made HEPA vacuum cleaners that trap 99.97 per cent of all the dust/dirt it vacuums up. I bought mine at a janitorial supply store. One is 10 years old and works like new, the other is 1 year old and is left on a job site where it is used 2 hours every day. Wonderful machines. Hospitals, hotels, motels, use this vacuum extensively.
Q:I want it to be easy to use.
If you would like to have a new cordless drill for your birthday, get your hubby a vacuum, or maybe a new toilet brush or better yet some bubble bath from bed bath and beyond.. Cook him a good meal and pamper him a bit he will like it a bunch better than a vacuum cleaner.
Q:for the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner. But when I find one that gets good reviews, a little more searching uncovers absolutely horrible reviews for every machine I've looked at! Except of course the ones that cost over $400.So...has anyone bought a vacuum cleaner that doesn't have a ridiculous price-tag, that has actually continued to work well after you've had it for a year or more???
You get what you pay for. You can buy a cheap vacuum, then buy another one in a few years or less, or you can buy a really good one to start with and buy fewer of them over the years. I bought a used Filter Queen in 1988 for $500, it still works great, and it's had hard use including construction clean-up. It's had one $75 tune-up in all that time. It might outlive me. Around the time I bought that one, I also had a $50 vacuum. I bought two of those in a year.
Yes, okorder /
Q:I got this book on spiritual housecleaning and it says to remove any object that may be associated with the devil - and I have a dirt devil brand vacuum cleaner - is this evil and do I need to remove it from my home? The only thing I do with it is vacuum the floor - and I don't have any other use for it.
only if you frequently use the hose attachment
Q:crazy. Although I empty my bags or canister frequently, my vacuums only seem to last a few months. I just got a Dirt Devil about 2 months ago and its suction is just horrible now. Can anyone recommend a vacuum for under $500 that will last? Thank you.
Dirt Devil vacuums just seem to be low quality. I have never liked those. Kenmore makes a great vacuum. The ones that I have had are very high quality, last a long time, and the price is very reasonable.
Q:My mother needs a new vacuum. I told her I'd research for her. She's 84 and doesn't use a computer.
Q:A little old lady answered a knock on the door one day, only to be confronted by a well-dressed young man carrying a vacuum cleaner. quot;Good morning,said the young man. quot;If I could take a couple of minutes of your time, I would like to demonstrate the very latest in high-powered vacuum cleaners.quot;quot;Go away!said the old lady. quot;I haven't got any money!quot;, quot;I'mbroke!and she proceeded to close the door. Quick as a flash, the young man wedged his foot in the doorand pushed it wide open. quot;Don't be too hasty!he said. quot;Not until you have at least seen my demonstration.And with that, he emptied a bucket of horse manure on to her hallway carpet. quot;If this vacuum cleaner does not remove all traces of this horse manure from your carpet, Madam, I will personally eat the remainder. The old lady stepped back and said, quot;Well I hope you've got adamned good appetite, because they cut off my electricity thismorning.What part of broke do you not understand?
Old joke but still funny...8/10
Q:how is bagless an improvement over the old fashioned vacuum cleaners with bags? I hate having to deal with the filth that comes out of the bagless machines. What was wrong with the bags? Am I missing something here?
I love mine! I will ABSOLUTELY NEVER own a bagged vacuum ever again! I do understand the dust issue, but I've found that dumping it out creates a minimal mess, which is contained in a small area around my garbage bin. That gets cleaned up when I sweep the kitchen floor. What was wrong with the bags? The one in the machine was always full, and I never had replacements. Buying them was a huge process, because they were never available in anywhere near convenient. I always had to go to the department store where I purchased the vacuum cleaner, or a specialty store to find them. And making sure I got the right ones was also a hassle...did I need type J, or was that the last vacuum cleaner we had? Maybe it's type I. For me, the small amount of dust created in emptying the can is well worth the opportunity to vacuum whenever I need (as opposed to whenever I could, depending on whether or not the bag was full). The good news is that bagged vacuum cleaners are still readily available. If the bagless doesn't work for you, then shop for a bagged option that does. :) Edit: Hmmm...I was just reading the link that AdamG provided. It, too, suggests that bagless machines create a horrible dusty mess if emptied inside. This makes me wonder if it's a brand-specific issue, 'cause I have definitely not had that problem. There's a small (less than 2-feet across) dust cloud that's created when I bang the filter against the inside of the garbage bin, but most of that settles inside the garbage bin (and again, the rest is easily cleaned up later). Do y'all find that you're getting more dust than that?

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