2-in-1 bagless stick vacuum cleaner#B4005

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Product Description:

Model: B4005


Model No. B4005(ERP CLASS A:
FEATURE:Nice bagged model
* Unit dimension400*280*250mm
* Color Injection
* Input voltage230V 50/60Hz 
* Nominal power 800W Nom.
* Dust tank capacity3L
* Cable length 4.5M
* Speed control yes
* Gift box: 395*265*280mm
* Master carton: N/A
* Quantity/GB: 1pcs/GB
* Packaging material: Double corrugated cardboard
* loading qty (20'/40'/40H'): 670/1370/1550pcs

Normal Specification: 

* Input voltage100V-240V 50/60Hz
* Nominal power 1200W-2200W


Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC


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It's just a cultural illusion ie. the color 'blue' is popular in Russia<and many countries including the USA but you are just seeing its use in another cultural context. Russian airborne troops were called 'Blue Berets'. Early NKVD/Cheka forces in the early Stalin era wore blue berets... There's a blue/camo used by troops in Russia...BUT it's only noticable really because one is comparing one culture to another ie. why do US police wear dark blue? Why are there so many green uniforms and green berets? Look more closely into Russian things ie. there's a great variety of colors...but blue is a popular color! I hear RED has been popular too. LOL
Q:recommendations for vacuum cleaners?
Get a Dyson. They are the best vaccume cleaners iv'e ever seen. i have one. i've had it for 4 years and it still sucks things up great. it's not all that noisy, and it gets the job done and then some. they are kind of expensive,but it is defiently worth it. I HIGHLY RECOMEND GETTING ONE!
Q:Why do vacuum cleaners make so much noise!?
I would not recommend a Dirt Devil. I bought one and it is forever plugging up. The least little fuzz ball will start the plug and then it gets worse as you use it. It needs to be taken apart every few weeks, all cleaned, then put back together--total pain. I have had good luck with Hoovers over the years (had lots of rental properties then and they sure got a work out cleaning between renters). My all time favorite you would have to scour the 2nd hand stores for. It is the old Kenmore cannister (they came in blue and avocado green). They had a power head that was awesome and had a separate motor. The main motor could suck the hair off a cat (just kidding, it probably could, but I never tried it). I just found one the other day for $10.00 so I am doing the happy dance.
Q:How long do vacuum cleaners last?
Industrial vacuums last about a year. Households brands last about 3 years. You can pay for a tune up or just buy a new one (which might be cheaper.) The belt has nothing to do with the suction.
Q:Who invented the earliest vacuum cleaners?
1907 Ohio inventor Shiban Guerra made cleaner light, he was the administrator in a shop, in order to reduce the burden of the carpet, a vacuum cleaner is made, with fans will create a vacuum dust inhalation machine, and then into the pocket
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner out there?
The X5 VAC is a light weight cordless cleaning machine powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. It is well accessorized with innovative and effective tools to take care of almost every mess in and around the house. It includes an easy-emptying bagless dust cup and washable reusable filter, extension pipes and accessories for cleaning high, low and in hard to reach crevices.
Q:Has anyone Watched the New Season of Big Love and noticed.....?
yes it is. Every thing you see on a TV show that is clearly marked with a product name is a placement.Plus since Bill owns a chain of hardware stores it makes sense his wives would use the best vacuum cleaners on the market.
Q:Which vacuum is best for people with allergies?
A house vac, called a central vac is a great idea but they are expensive to have installed. If it is really that important to you, you should look into it. They are also kind of a pain. I own a cleaning business and I would say 75% of my customers have allergies of some sort. I have three Oreck vacuums now. They are great! I use them in multiple houses and allergies are not being bothered at all. These vacs are light, have amazing suction and they have fabric bags that pull allergens and dust mites out of the air as well as off the floors. They switch from carpet to harwood with no foot work. I bought my first one new from Oreck (expensive), then I realized I could get them in near new condition off craigslist so that is what I do now. I bring them to my local Oreck store, have them cleaned and tuned up and they are good to go. I have tried Kenmore, Eureka, Dyson, I had issues with all if them. The nice thing about the Oreck is when you pull the bag out of the vac, it closes while you pull so there are no dust clouds choking you like bag-less. Hope this helps!
Q:If we turned all the vacuum cleaners on in the world at the same time..?
No but the carpets would be clean :)

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