Cordless rechargeable handy vacuum cleaner#H06

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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: H06


Cordless handy VC

(Transparent dust tank available)


6 ~ 12V voltage

Dust bag capacity 0.6L

Battery capacity: 1500Amh

Charging time: 8 Hours

Using time: 15 Mins.

With a crevice tool

Product size: 140*130*500mm

GB size: 550*150*140mm

Master carton size: 570*310*285mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 840/1752/2040 pcs

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Q:what brand is a good brand for vacuum cleaners other than dyson?
I clean approx 5 houses per week and I have used many different kinds of vacuums over the years as all of my clients provide their own vacuums....and I absolutely love the ORECK. When any of my clients needs a new vacuum, I always recommend the ORECK It is an upright and it comes with a separate small vacuum so that you can use the attachments. The upright is so light and powerful. Great for carrying upstairs (THOSE DYSONS ARE SOOOOO HEAVY) I have a central vac at my house but I I also have an ORECK which I prefer......
Q:What was the top selling consumer product of the 1920s?
Electric stoves?
Q:Vacuum Salesman?
My Good luck
Q:What is so bad about vacuum cleaners?
Sounds like a personal problem. I just don't like how loud they are.
Q:A questions about body lice and vacuum cleaners...?
let him keep it because he is just sick any way really don't think you can get them from that but let hen keep it
Q:Does cordless handheld vacuum cleaners always come in short in duration?
I gave up on those, they always go out fast.
Q:would a vacuum cleaner pick up dust from a rug on the moon?
No, their can be no suction without a fluid to pull and push around.
Q:How come Hulk Hogan never got an endorsement deal with Brother Vacuum Cleaners, Brother?
Because brother didnt like him
Q:What would you do if your child has phobias of water, darkness, cars, vacuum cleaners and dust?
Desensitize her to her fears. Vacuum: Have her sit on the couch and show her the vacuum but do not turn it on. Point out what every visible part of the vacuum is and explain what the vacuum does. Then, have her touch the different parts of the vacuum. After this, show her how to turn the vacuum on and have her turn it on. Convince her to push the vacuum. Go slowly and, eventually, she will lose her fear of the vacuum. Cars: Show her pictures of cars in her favorite color. Show her different kinds of cars, trucks, vans, buses etc. Tell her how important cars are and that they can take her places like the store, school, the park, etc. Have her sit in the car with you and have a picnic. Allow her to honk the horn, turn the wipers on and play with the radio. Then, plug her in and turn the car on. Tell her that cars are not toys, she should never get in one alone and she should never crawl under one or stand behind one. Later, turn the car on and have her stand outside the car with you so she can experience the noise while you explain car safety to her. Water: Play some fun games in the bathtub. Show her the shower and have her use it to make bubbles in the bath. Put colored bubbles in the water and use toys and such. You can even put on a swimsuit and get in with her so she isn't so afraid. Take her to places where she can play in a shallow pool and where you guys can look at waterfalls. Show her video's of water falls on youtube. Darkness: This is a common fear. Try playing games in the dark, leaving only a night light on. Try eating dinner by candle light and going outside at night to look at the stars. This will help her feel more comfortable with it being dark but she may still need a nightlight at night. Dust: Show her how to draw pictures in the dust. Explain to her that it wont hurt her. Then, show her how to get rid of the dust.
Q:I have 2 vacuum cleaners, both need new electrical cords! How do I replace them?
I ran over my cord one time and had to take my vacuum cleaner to a repair shop to have a new cord put on. It was cheap. Maybe it was about 12 or 15 dollars.

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