Rechargable handheld vacuum cleaner#HR02

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20000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: HR02



Cordless handy VC


4.8 ~ 7.2V output

Dust bag capacity 0.6L

Battery capacity: 1300Amh Ni-cd/Ni-MH

Multy function button 3 in 1

35W working power

2.0/2.2kgs(inner box)

9.0/10.0kgs(master box)4pcs

Charging time: 10 Hours

Using time: 10 Mins.

Product size: 400*120*100mm

Inner box size: 480*150*160mm

Master carton size: 495*330*325mm(for simple charging station)

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 2200/4560/5200 pcs


Big charging station

Inner box size: 460*205*155mm

Master carton size: 640*480*230mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 1680/3500/3800 pcs

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:As per customer's requirement


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Q:which is more powerful for suction, 2 amps motor or 15.6 volts motor for vacuum?
Don't buy the cordless.
Q:thinking of buying an LG compressor vaccum cleaner, does anyone have reveiws of this product?
Vacuum cleaners are very cheap at the moment and L G have a very good name in lots of products. We have always stuck to Hoover and use one called The One,good for picking animal hairs up.
Q:Cat is terrified of the vacuum cleaner...?
Two weeks isn't long enough for him to get used to the new sites and sounds. Let him hide where ever he wants when you vacuum. Let him come out in his own time, but talk to him and let him know you are there for him. Patience is very important, it may take a year, or he may never get used to the loud sound. Do your normal activities and don't be quiet, this might help him get used to normal everyday things going on in your home.
Q:Is kirby vacuum cleaners an MLM?
No. It is a franchised single owner business.
Q:my parakeet tweety doesn't like baths why?
sometimes running water and vacuum cleaners and heavy metal makes birds want to take a bath. my cockatiel will land on my shoulder when i wash dishes and by the time i'm done with the dishes she is all worked up croaking and fluffing out her feathers that when i give her a spray bath with warm water she opens her wings and turns around and fluffs out for me! but at any other time she would not like it. buy a bird-bath spray in a pet store. you don't need to keep using it, you just need a spray bottle that never had chemicals in it, you can re-fill it with water. put the bird in the cage and take out all the food to keep it from getting wet. The spray the bird, but try to make the water fall on top of the bird, so spray over the bird to give it a rain shower, don't spray AT the bird. i think this sort of spray-bath is least painful for the bird in that the bird won't hate you too much. give your bird a treat of millet afterward. some birds will bathe themselves if you just leave a dish of water out for 'em. try leaving one out for a month or 6 months and see if the bird uses it.
Q:How do Dyson vacuum cleaners actually maintain their suction while others do not?
I bought this thing because of their exceptional advertising. I hated this ridiculously expensive vacuum so much that after 3 months, I went out and bought a Kenmore for less than $100. This vacuum works 100% better and the chord has a button and retracts into the machine. I love it and am getting rid of the Dyson. *** I wouldn't buy it.
Q:Don't dogs make the best vacuum cleaners.?
Yeah. My dog will pick everything i have up and eat it. Especially during dinner time. He's like a Doggy Hoover. LOL. it's awesome. You don't have to even bend over and pick anything up.
Q:does anyone own a refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaner? do they work well or break down within months?
Personally I would stay well away from ANY Dyson vacuum cleaner refurbished or not! I had one and it was the worst cleaner I've ever had. Dyson's 'no loss of suction' claim is just not true, it got easily clogged up and I was forever taking mine apart to get it to suck properly. There were so many bits of pipe you had to unclip to do this it was a real chore. It also had a sponge filter which would affect the suction when it had the smallest amount of dust in it. The motor went in mine after 2 years, it cost £80 to replace but it never really worked properly afterwards. I threw it out eventually and bought a Henry which is really simple to use and sucks like a demon all the time.
Q:Are tornadoes nature's vacuum cleaners?
well they do go after a lot of trailer parks!!!
Q:What makes vacuum cleaners work?
They suck

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